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than they say. Bollocks! In what bloody plane of existence does four of a kind lose? Too, too bad, Constantine. Have you gained weight? It looks good on you. What say you let your soul mate play a few hands, Jason? Maybe he’d change my luck. He’d definitely be less mopey than you. John Constantine, the man who perfected the bad idea. The only reason I came to this dung heap of a casino is to find a relic to keep that monster locked away forever. Boys, boys! You’re boring me. Let’s play, shall we? My luck’s running as hot as me naughty bits. Oh, but our next group of friends is due to arrive, so it’s time to bust you out. Copperfield’s coming. Presto Changeo! Woman in a box. In a box. Yeah, he’s classy, unlike you. Are they implying David Copperfield, television magician, has true power? Owns a chain of islands and dated Claudia Schiffer. What do you think? No cards for me, and… Oh, looks like you can’t call my bet, Constantine. By my rules, you lose. I raise. With what? Your ratty soul ain’t worth two bits. Not two bits. I’m betting the house, the house of mystery. And since I’m including everything inside, it looks like you’re the one that can’t call, Abnegazar. Well, what do you say, boys? I like the action. I call. Really? A chipped dreamstone? I’m out. Broken knick-knacks for the house of mystery and its contents? Are you mad? I’ve got a working soul catcher. That’s Ogid’s eye spiker, eh? And the Garazi. So even if that very magical dreamstone doesn’t work, it’s still a big-ass Ruby. I’d be a poor sport indeed if I didn’t accept your fair wager. Hell. Now, that’s a losing hand for the ages. Now, read them and… What? Do they have an eye doctor in hell? I’d make an appointment if I was you. You cheated! Technically, we both cheated. I just did it better. I’ll rip your bloody heart out! Sorry, mate, I’m using that. Situation here, Jason. It’s time to call your better half. Sorry, John, you’re on your own. Oi, I’m gonna roast your nuts and feed them to you, Constantine. Gone, gone, the form of man. Arise the demon, Etrigan! Once more with words of metered rhyme comes Etrigan the slayer just in time. Easy now, brother. We’re on the same side, right? Let’s use our words. Are you having a laugh? We’re the demons three. Kill everyone! You will pay, Constantine. Your soul will be ours. Get in line, you prats. Your ass is grass, Constantine. And we’re the lawnmower. Since the battle’s fought and won, Jason blood with me is done. For years, I’ve been bound to Etrigan, fighting to keep him from coming forth, and you forced me to summon him. Everything got sorted. He could have gone on a killing spree. You don’t think. You don’t consider the cost. Yeah, I did. Weighed it against my being eaten alive and thought, “yeah, totally worth it.” You’re a world class bastard, John. And for my finale, I will make this terrible trio of terrifying Tantors vanish before your eyes. I hope those elephants survived. You don’t want Peta on your back. You’re assuming they were real in the first place. How are you, Bruce? I’m fine, Zatanna. Busy. You know where I can find John Constantine? No. You must have some idea. We don’t keep in touch. I know you two have history, so I… Z, Batman needs to talk with John. You’ve got to come along, too. It’s important. Is that you, Boston? Yeah. Everything is… Boy, this guy’s mind is tough. Can’t hold… What is going on? I’ll tell you on the way to John’s. Okay, but I call shotgun. I don’t even think his kid could fit back here. Sorry, Boston, but life is for the living. Boston brand. He was a circus performer. Batman’s heard of me. Sweet. Tell him I’m a fan of his, too, but, you know, be cool about it. Yeah, that’s him. Ask him if he caught one of my shows. He was a trapeze artist who loved being famous, especially with the ladies. Husbands, not so much. You’re killing me. He had a knack for irritating the wrong people. Then, about five years ago, Karma caught up with him. It was a weekend show, full house. Boston was in the middle of his death-defying act when… He died, and that should have been that,

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