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All right. You go first. Go on. I knew it. Lee. Lee, come here. I think you are right to worry about Nate. Just got off the phone with Angela at Dior. Never heard of him. Yes and then Stan called me back. He’s not registered with us. There’s no personal information. We’re not even paying him. How can this be? I told you no to… I’ve been thinking. This Nate Ganymede is a real find. Where did he come from? I don’t know. Well, his new fall line up is absolutely stunning. How do you know about the fall line-up? Oops. Oh, honey. I’m so sorry. That little bastard. Nate. Lee. I have to tell you something. Too late. I know everything. I need to speak with you in private. I know that you lied about your training. I know that you lied about your experience. There is no Nate Ganymede. None of that matters anymore. It doesn’t matter? You’ve been working for Colin Frost all along. She’s the one conspiring with Colin. That is your defense? Stop. Stop. Both of you stop. We’re taking Colin’s offer. Enough. You cannot sell Kassell. He has our fall line. Kassell’s finished. You, you’re quite the actor. You had me believing that Kassell could be great again. Oh, honey… I am so sorry. Oh no you don’t, boyfriend. Sorry. Ah. Ow. Kate. Kate? Kate. Hey. What’s wrong, sweetheart? They’re showing my line. The one you saw Elise give to Colin… last night in the storage room. Damn. Bloody, thieving spies. Oh my God. Spies. Spyware. Yes, they’re spies. Kassell Clothing. For not much longer. Maurice speaking. Yes. Hello, Maurice. It’s Nate. I need your help with something. Security is just insane around here today. Right. After The Ball. Okay. I’m on my way. Where’s the computer? It’s just in the back. Um, I didn’t see you leave last night. I love the grand entrances but I prefer to slip out unnoticed. Um, I need your help with something. Y’know, Daniel. I’m kinda in the middle of something. It won’t take a moment. Please sit. Maybe I… Sit down. I’m experimenting with the feeling of a shoe. So don’t look, okay? All right. All right. I won’t look. I don’t want you influenced by… how you think it’s going to feel. Perfect fit. Stand up. How does it feel? Uh, a little tight in the toe perhaps. Good for a night out but not a hike in the woods. Precisely. I… I, you know I haven’t shaved and… I thought you were into girls… one particular… Kate. Hi. What the…? Daniel? Hmm. That’s ridiculous. No, Maurice. It’s Kate. It’s Kate. Kate? You know, you’re the first woman I’ve been attracted to… since Hilary Swank. I’m sorry I lied to you. Hey. Oh. Here we are. Last night. Elise. Ow. I don’t see anyone. Do you? Yeah. The two of us. This changes everything. Lee has to see this before he signs the merger papers today. In half an hour. Let’s go show him right now. Wait. He won’t talk to Nate. Yeah but this is important. What would I say? I mean, he doesn’t believe me. Either one of me. Just because you assumed a fake identity… and have been living a double life? Put the video online and call him. How will we know that he’s actually seen it? No, we need to physically show it to him. He needs to know that Elise is the reason why… my designs were leaked and it wasn’t Nate. I mean me. Except those weren’t your designs. Maurice, I saw Elise hand over a drive. Frost Apparel is doing the preview at the press conference. No one’s touched your work. They have the decoy; Alien Chic. Genius. I know. Yes, hi. It’s Nate Ganymede speaking. Nate, this is Tannis. I am calling to tell you that Lee is selling the company. I doubt that’s why you’re actually calling me… and I’m kind of in the middle of something, girls. Hello, Nate. Hello, Kate. Huh, I have to admit I never imagined you two… would be the ones to figure this out. Well, we did and you aren’t. Right. Well, good for you. I’m actually… Don’t you want to know what we want? Want? To stop us revealing to Lee… that his daughter is actually a boy. Uh, okay, yeah sure. What do you want? Well, Nate has to ensure that we become head designers at Frost. By turning down the job when Colin offers it to you.

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