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No, no, no, we’re not going to do that. I’ll need somewhere private to work, Lee. Don’t worry about that. Well, it’s a little late to turn back the orders from China. Well, why not do it in-house? Put those dusty machines to use. Excellent idea. That’s a big risk. Ah, Colin, I hope you washed your hands? You know I don’t carry germs unless I can accessorize. Well, Lee, it looks like you have a hit. We’ll see how the numbers add up, Colin. Please keep my offer in mind. Kassel Frost has a nice ring to it. Like breaking glass. By way this is my new designer, Nate. Nate, Colin. Oh, well you’ve always had an eye for talent. Oh, look at the time. I have an o’clock with the Pope. Needs a new hat. He is funny. I’ll give him that. I wonder what the hell he’s doing here. Who cares? I have the perfect place for you to work. A runner? How could you let this happen? This is a serious setback. Just play your part. Let me worry about bringing Kassell down. Who was that… Nate? I don’t know him. I know everyone. Relax. Nate has convinced Lee to produce his line in-house. It is so risky that even one slip up… and we are back on the shopping block cheaper than ever. That is the moment to close the deal once and for all. Woo. Wait, wait, wait. This Nate has his own line. Don’t worry. It will be useless if you have it first. I love the way you say useless. The moment’s over. So here we are. Every piece we ever made. We have one copy here including the first… and I was the only one with the key. Ah. Amanda and I did something right at Kassell. Once upon a time. But then she passed… and I haven’t been able to find it since. But maybe you can. Here I want to show you something. It was in London. I was at a party. A really rather dull party… and then I saw her standing in the doorway. She was wearing this skirt… and cherry red Doc Marten boots. So tough but pretty at the same time. I’d never seen anything like it. So I knocked off the skirt and I, and I married the woman. Even now, there’s not a day that goes by… that I don’t think about her. Do you know that my daughter is just like her? Almost exact and lives, breathes fashion. Of course, I was hoping… that she’d take over the business. Really? Yeah… but… she hates me. Deep down I think it’s probably my fault. Are you close with your father? Yes. Yes, I am. The fact is every time I saw Kate, I saw her mother and I couldn’t stand it, so I pushed her away, But I wish I could make it right. Maybe you can. It’s complicated. Anyway, let’s talk of other things. Yes. Are you all right? Yeah, it’s just, uh; It’s a very moving story. Oh, well. Now… it’s all yours. Perfect. I’m expecting great things from you, Nate. Right, right. Nate. What a great sight. Ha. Making our own clothes again. Monday trades are going to read… ‘Kassell brings production back home.’ Just lovely, isn’t it. It swells the heart. Yes, it does. It certainly does. Of course, it also swells our expenses, But let’s hope your idea pays off. Of course it will. Bravo, gentlemen. Of course it will. Can you see anything? No. Can you? No. What’re you doing? Nate is totally hogging the archive. Can you speak to him please? Nate. Yes? Well, may I come in? Yes, please. Oh. Shoo, shoo, shoo. These are very preliminary… but I think that you get the sense of it. Oh. What do you call it? ‘Girls Will Be Boys.’ Fantastic. I have an idea. We’ll drop the name at the Fashion Ball tonight. Oh, you’re just going to have such a great time doing that. It will be when you introduce it to the press. Oh, um, no. I’m not going. Did you say you’re not going? Yeah, I can’t, I can’t make it. You realize you have an interview… with Women’s Wear Weekly. The girls told you that, did they not? Yes. Well, no. They… I didn’t really hear that. Hear them saying that. Well then let me explain something to you. That interview sets up the whole year for Kassell. It is a tradition and it is key. Let me repeat. Key for our marketing. I would, oh, I would really love to but I just… y’know I’m just in over my head here. Nate, you’re the new designer for Kassell

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