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Let’s start thinking about that midnight kiss. Special occasions are not our forte. Lee? Yes, well unfortunately that is true. But, um, I think we should take a shot at this. You’re hired. Lee, are you reverting to impulse decisions? We worked on that. Everyone, that’s it. Let’s get back to work. Nate, do you know there’s something about your work… that reminds me of the way Kassell used to be. Hmm. It’s quite wonderful. So let’s get you a station so you can get to work. This is Nate’s resume. Look into him. Dig up dirt. If we’re lucky we’ll find some leverage… that can pry him out of Lee’s favour. What? Don’t talk in unison. It’s creepy. Sorry, Mom. Hey. We weren’t planning anything. Do you know where I might find some buttons? Well, this is just… this is just spectacular. What an exquisitely ordered room. Whoever did this should really get a promotion. Well, she doesn’t work at the company anymore. Well, what happened to her? Same thing that’s gonna happen to you. All right. Look, sugar tits. I know that your mom… runs the company… and all but I don’t take crap from anyone, especially two mediocre talents who are in way over their heads. Now if you want war. I’ll give you war. But trust me, you don’t want war. All right. That was weird. You are my hero. No one talks to those two like that. I just say what I feel and regret it later. Please, don’t regret, sugar tits. We should do something to celebrate. To welcome you to Kassell. Oh no. That’s just… it’s really. Just leave it with me; Drinking, dancing. We’ll blow the night away. Oh, Daniel. You should come with us for drinks? Welcome me to Kassell. Maurice is organizing. Oh, Daniel doesn’t like to go out. I’m in. Just don’t let him choose the place. Oh, it’s a shame he’s straight, isn’t it? If you’re into that kind of thing. French, gorgeous. Trust issues. About five years ago, he caught his fiancée letting someone else… dip his fork into her fondue. And by fondue I mean… Yeah, I get the idea. He hasn’t dated since. He hasn’t even put the train… Yup, yup, yup. I, uh, I figured it out. See you tonight? Isn’t this great. Told you not to let him pick the place. To the bar. What? Vodka. All right. To the font of all inspiration. Cheers. Cheers. Another round. Yeah. Cheers. Cheers. It’s cool, Nate. It’s alright… It’s okay. It’s cool. Ah. You’re home early. Uh oh, what’s wrong? I’ve installed some spyware so, if somebody steals your design, you’ll know. And I’ve hidden your folder on the network. Wonder what’s in this… Don’t open those. It’s a decoy design as a precaution. Just please, don’t look at it. Hey, hey, hey. What is it? A hideous idea from my older years at Kassell. Alien chic. No. Ohh. What happened? What is that? That-that was the ‘s. Everything was shiny. Okay, I have no defense. Hey. Um, nope… I… bye. You ignoring me? Nope. You’re totally ignoring me. Nope. Just really gotta… Come on, Nate. Gotta skedaddle. You’re not the first guy to think I’m . I wasn’t ignoring you. I’m usually very good at telling. Well, you’ve put yourself out there.

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