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I mean, bro? I mean, fella? Yeah. I-I need a tie for a date. I just can’t decide. Um. You know, they both are pretty. You know, uh, I mean, pretty badass. That’s terrible. Be me. Um, you know, on second thought. Don’t be so boring, buttercup. This-this is absolutely the, um, tie for you, right here. Oh, lovely. Uh, I don’t know. Of course, it shows that you’re comfortable… with your masculinity. We like that. I mean, women like that. Heteroual women. Or so I’ve heard. Oh, bravo. Bravo. And you sold the tie twice what I would’ve asked for. D’you think he could tell? Not a chance. He was utterly convinced you were a man. A weird awkward man. Well, I am imitating you, Richard. Opa. Go. Okay, so, um, I called in a favour… with the head of recruitment at Kassell. I told him that I had a lead on a fabulously talented, new designer named Nate. Who’s Nate? You are. It’s what your mom would’ve called you… if you had been a boy. And sweetheart, you have an interview with Lee in hours. What? You can do it. No. I can’t do this. Yes, you can. You just did it. Don’t-don’t be scared. Don’t… breathe. Kate is scared. Nate is not scared. He is fearless. Nate is fierce. Fearless. Nate is fearless. You can do it. You guys know that I’m Nate, right? Hi, I’m Nate Ganymede. Oh, wait. Excuse me. Oh. You will stop for me. Hey, cool. Kate? This is one of Kassell’s early designs and the first runner. Your dad loves this jacket. This is insane. Good luck. This will work. Oh, yes. Well, I think we should at least consider his offer. I hate Frost Apparel. Colin Frost has been stealing my ideas… since we were students together. Well, that is what competitors do. What the hell happened here? I don’t know, honey. Online shopping, yoga pants. People used to smile at work here. Designers used to stay up all night working together… just to get one piece perfect. It felt like family. Is this gonna work? Okay, stop it. Do what Richard would do. Do what Richard would do. Kassell Clothing, one moment, please. Kassell Clothing… please hold. Kassell… Good afternoon. Nate Ganymede. I’m Lee Kassell’s two o’clock. Actually, I believe you’re meeting Elise. I don’t think so. Um… Lee Kassell, please report to reception. Your two o’clock is here and looking fabulous. Give me that. I’ll be needing a security pass. Nate Ganymede. Take off your glasses. And ruin this ensemble? Forget it. Due diligence. Last I checked the eyes were the windows to the soul. Darling, we’re in fashion. You don’t want me to have a soul. Hmm. So you trained at Parsons. Interned at Dior and two years in house at Zoom. Why’d you want to work at Kassell? Because you’ve lost your way… and I’m the man to help you find it again. Your customers are bored. So am I. Ah, Nate this is the CEO of our company, Lee Kassell. Pleased to meet you, sir. Hello, Nathan. Hello. Nate is, uh… I know it. Autumn Expressions collection. Right? Right? Yes, the jacket. Vintage, uh, Kassell. What they used to call a runner. Yes. This is Nate. The one Serge called us about. Have we met before, Nate? Not in this incarnation.

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