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I have so many ideas. Just remember, you’re the CEO’s daughter. So always be a team player. Absolutely. Everyone, Katie Kassell. Yes, that Kassell but no special treatment. That’s your place. Girls? Well, that was a quick promotion. Yes, well, she’s here to help. Aren’t you Katie? Dad, I found the most amazing restaurant for dinner tonight. No student dives. This is my treat. We have dinner with the mayor tonight about that tax thing. Took us forever to get. Right. Tomorrow then. Tomorrow, you’re in Laval. Why don’t you let me arrange it? I know his schedule. Let Elise arrange this. She, uh, arranges things. Okay, girls. Daddy Lee, are you ready for our pitch? So you know how we hate to see clothes go to waste? No, I didn’t know that. Exactly. So, um, when Maurice’s designs flopped… we wanted to find a frugal solution. Yes, one that didn’t cost a lot of money… and so we came up with this. Show him. Buttons. Buttons. Well, well, well. I like it. Now a simple design with a bold concept. Exactly. In my day, we called that a runner. Who knew? Um, guys? That was… I came up with that. There’s no I in Kassell, Kate. Except at the end. What? After the ‘e’. Duh, but you write them like ‘I’s’ Simone. Google it. It’s called grammar. We pride ourselves on being a holistic creative team. So why don’t you start by just putting our designs… into the computer. Can I just go get my stuff in Accessories? Oh, yeah, no. I’ll get that for you. It’s kind of like an inputting emergency. So… Okay. Bye. Nice buttons… Oh, we should totally upload dirty pictures to her Instagram. Mom told me exactly what to do. Don’t mess this up. I won’t mess this up. Mom told me exactly what to do. I wrote it down. You need to take these to… the flagship store. But before she does that… you need to upload the designs to the company FTP. Take these to the flagship store. Before that, upload the designs. Have you ever done that before? Get a pen. I’ll give you the address. No, ‘I’ in Kassell. Are these the new pieces? Yeah. Um… I think what they’re going for… you don’t like them. Yeah. Um, not so much. Hold on. Just need you to sign something. Okay. What do you think? I don’t like it. Sweetie, you look beautiful. It doesn’t make me feel special. Come on. You look gorgeous. No, I want that one over there. Honey, we talked about it. Remember, it’s too expensive. Please. C’mon. We can make this one work, right? I guess. You’ll look beautiful. I promise. Whatever. You should’ve seen her face. She was so disappointed. It was such an easy construction though… and then she had to settle for a dress. A boring, rigid, Elise inspired dress. I don’t get it. What happened here? Well, Elise wanted to focus on bridge, day-to-night wear. You know business casual. Yeah, business boring. I don’t get it. Why aren’t we using the cutting room? I mean, I could’ve made that dress… and it could’ve been affordable. It would’ve been so easy for me to transform it. You know what? What? You’re going to do great things. I’m sorry. There you are. Come with me, Kate. Now. Okay. No problem. Hey, Dad. Something wrong? Katie, did you upload the dress designs… to the Kassell FTP server? Yes. Did they not go through? They did. To a public FTP server that anyone can access. And minutes later, Frost Apparel… downloaded those designs. How would they know that they were there? I don’t know. I mean, what are you saying…? Someone would have to tell them wouldn’t they? I guess. Simone gave me the address. Is this your writing? She dictated it to me, Elise. Tannis told me that you were upset. That you felt that you contributed to their collection. I did and they took my ideas. I would never do something like this. May I see your phone? Oh. Our samples. Let’s hope they have gone nowhere else. I didn’t take those. But they’re in your phone. Clearly, I’ve been set up by somebody. Who would set you up? I cannot have this kind of behaviour in the workplace. Do you understand me? I cannot tolerate this. I’m sorry. Oh, Katie. You have to stop hurting your father. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

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