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for you right now. Maurice, where’s our model. The twins fired her on Wednesday. We’re not twins. Stop saying that. Well, who’s going to try on the dress for us? How about Kate? Me? I’m not really a model. Absolutely it should be you, Kate. Yeah, we need to support her right now. Yeah, she just had that humiliating fall. We all saw it. Excellent idea. Come on, Katie. Okay. Um, excuse me. There’s a screen right there. How hard is it to change into something. Yeah. How hard? We have a good variety of fabric. Where is it written that every piece must come in five colours? On the requisition orders you signed. No, I only sign those things for the pieces I like. But you signed them. Well, I like it better already. Okay, as instructed by the powers that be, I stripped down the design. That’s what happens when you take away the fun. We’re not focusing on fun, Maurice. Our customers are worker bees who shop… during their lunch hour. Girls, I’d like you to come up with something better so go back… to the inspiration board and for everyone else, we’re done. Bye-bye. I want the two of you to supervise Kate. I thought she was too good for retail. She is. I don’t think she’ll like it here. Why not? Why wouldn’t she like it? There’s free coffee and donuts… Tannis, she’s saying she wants us to get Kate to quit. Oh, yeah. Um… I’m-I’m Daniel by the way; From Shoes. Hi. Hi. Is it always like this? Oh no, normally it’s really tense. Kate? Forget him, honey. He’s been single so long I think he’s forgotten how. Kate. Now. I left my stuff back there. Do you guys think I could change out of this? Why? Way better than what wearing before. And this room hasn’t been sorted in years. Okay. How do you want it? Uh… sorted. Yes. That will do. Be nice cause she’s nice and you’re not. Hey. Um, I have some ideas for this dress. It’s very nice already, Maurice. Please, I hate it. Elise noted it to death at sample. Um, okay, well, there’s-there’s two darts at the back. Um, if you left out a panel the waistline is… Oh, I love this. Very Twiggy. Yes, s, right? And with these buttons I found… we’ve got thousands of them. Kate, if I wanted you to have an idea I’d give it to you. Yeah, where’d you think I get all of mine? So, is the accessory room all done yet? Uh, no, nope. I should… well, I just, I should get on that. Yeah. That was not nice. Tannis? What? Get in here. Okay. Kate, you’re seriously wearing those overalls to work? Is it bring your shame to work day? I’m sorting buttons and I needed the pockets. Sorting buttons when you should be designing and they know it. Right now I’m just paying my dues. And I don’t wanna give Elise a reason to tell him… that I’m not working out. Just remember to push for what you want. All I want right now is a cab. Yes. Um, Elise needs to speak to you. And she’s the boss of you. I understand but I’m gonna show them this… in the meeting. Hey, Dad. Kate. Kate. Hi. Hi. Look at you. I’m, um, Elise told me that you accepted my offer. I’m so pleased. Uh, well, you’ve, uh, um, you’re taller. Ah, I’m exactly the same size.

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