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Nice euphemism. I’m a good man. ♪ knocking on door Yeah? Whoopi? Ms. Goldberg? Hi. Hi. I just wanted to come in and brief you on your interview, but before I do that, I want to introduce you Games Is this to prove to me you know black people and have black friends? Oh, no, no, no, no. We’re not friends. I’m Malik Walker, publicist. We met at the Met Ball. Six years ago. Okay, I only want to talk to you. Me? You. Okay, well, I’m just going to leave my card right here. We’ll be in touch. clears throat sighs Look Games I don’t know how to even begin this conversation. When I came in, everybody had those, you know, cornrows in their hair and I was feeling really uncomfortable and, you know, looking around and thinking, “What, are you making fun of me?” ‘Cause you couldn’t get it together with the dreads so you got cornrows? You got me the watermelon. It’s a whole thing. But then this guy comes in and tells me that you have a lice infestation. A lice infestation. What the hell? That is the most disgust Games it’s the nastiest. It’s like Games It’s like coochie juice on the chair. Tell me honestly. I just Games I just Games want somebody to talk to me honestly. Are you racist, or do you have a lice infestation here? I can’t say it any clearer. Oh, okay. We Games We’re Games we’re Games Rrr Games Racist. gasps Yes! Oh! Oh, my God. I can’t believe you were so honest with me. You know, I work in television, and no one ever tells you the truth. You know, you get these big networks and they know what they are, and they pretend they’re not, but you know. I just love that you’re honest. As matter of fact, it’s blowing my mind. And I think I would like to make “Nightcap” someplace I come, you know, whenever I have something I need to do. I got to tell you something. I like being racist. ♪ Penny. gasps Staci. I have been looking everywhere for you. Listen, the lice story didn’t break. Whoopi thinks we’re racist, which is so cool, so it’s going to be a great show. Um, no, it’s not. I just got off the phone with Dennis Leary’s manager, and he’s not coming tonight. What? He says you gave him lice. Well, that is on us. All right, tell the ventriloquist and that dummy they have two segments on the show tonight. Ezra’s going to be so excited. He’s gonna get a woody. What? A puppet erection. I’ve just read about it. It’s very interesting. Enter. Good day, here I am. Hello, Knutsen. How was your trip? Fine, thank you. A record-breaking bottle order in Kristiansand but a curious lack of interest in paper diapers in Mandal. Miss Flint, haven’t you finished your morning gymnastics? It’s yoga. Concentrate. Would you be so kind as to continue concentrating in the reception? Sit down, Knutsen. There’s something I’d like your opinion on. Since our friend Hansen died, we have been without an office head. This is another employee, secretary Lund, an expert on statistics and analyses. Not a child is born in the country of Norway that isn’t registered by Lund who calculates it’s needs for the company’s specialties, be it diapers or pacifiers. But now it’s half past eleven. He always has his lunch now. Two with goat’s cheese, one with Gouda. I’ve heard that they’re deciding on a head of office. Really? I have certain aspirations. Do you think you’ll have a chance? Why not? What do you say? What do I say about what? Who will be appointed head of office? My lips are sealed. Makes it difficult to have lunch. The boss will prefer a married man. That doesn’t leave too many. Oh, you? Now that you mention it. He won’t choose any idiot. I take it you’re talking about me. Bon appetite. Did the boss mention me? He did, actually. He said that Holsen, that idiot, had taken his umbrella. Spit it out. Are you nuts? It’s Swiss cheese. You ought to have a chance. Well, I do have my education. Yes, but you’re not married. No. Bon appetite. Bjorn, why haven’t you married? You’re such a neat and handsome man. Haven’t you met the right one? No, bon appetite. He blushed. I’m sure he must be in love. But Lund is not in love. He doesn’t think of such matters. He is just

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