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busy with his work and his career. Holsen as head of office. It’ll be unbearable. It’s your own fault. Rustad doesn’t trust bachelors. I’ve told you that you ought to Games That’s just nonsense. I wouldn’t say that. Imagine having a manager’s salary. Having a manager’s car and a manager’s tax benefits. But the boss has to choose between you and Holsen. Would the director care to see some pictures of my kids? That’s my wife. Most appealing. Well, the kids as well of course. We have a third one coming. Attaboy! You have always proven to be a bit of a hard worker, Holmsen. You know how to get them. Lots of children are a blessing. Enter! And marriage is the be-all and end-all here. I’ve never trusted a bachelor in this profession. You wouldn’t let a teetotaller sell beer! That’s a good one. Hear that? Let a teetotaller sell beer. This is the birth statistics of the Ostfold. Let’s see, then. It’s gone up per cent. Most notably in Halden. The Haldenfolk are industrious people. Fredrikstad: births, of which were illegitimate. Indeed? They’re busy in the bushes. You know how it goes: “Go, Frekstad! Sarpsborg isn’t too bad, either. It’s risen from to . They’ve nothing else to do in Sarpsborg. Only Moss seems to be behind. That’s odd. The saying goes: “Those of Moss fought their best.” I’ve been wondering I’ve discussed this with some people. What have you concluded, then? Well, you see My wife believes that it’s due to Due to what? Your wife? Did you say What kind of wife do you mean? I got ahead of myself. It wasn’t supposed to get out. What a shame. Let it out, then. I got married two months ago. But I didn’t want to say it here. They’ve got this gift list. Everyone has to give five kroner. It’s not too popular. What an excuse to have. It may sound a bit silly. But the thing is that now that I’ve married I was going to say it later on once I was sure it would last. I was going to let it slip that “oh, by the way, I’ve married.” In an offhand manner. Very amusing. Most splendid. Yes, indeed. It’s been fun for me to pretend to be a bachelor, but not always easy. And I thought you were such a dry stick. Well, then, congratulations. Even if it is a bit post festum. I hope you will be as happy as I was with my wife. Are you getting married? He has. You can’t keep it a secret now. No, there no point in that. I was sure there was something. When we were having lunch. You blushed, and there was something about you. An aura of eros. Eros? What did you want, miss Flint? I just wanted to remind you of the board meeting. I haven’t forgotten. Thank you. So, we were in the middle of the birth statistics. I hope that you will make a personal contribution to it. Yes, I shall do my best. By all means do. I am looking forward to meeting your wife next Thursday. Next Thursday? Yes, on the founding day. The annual dinner for employees and spouses. I bet they’ll all be looking forward to meeting your wife. I don’t think It’s no good. You can’t keep her locked away. No. Thanks a lot for the invitation. It was a most confused Mr Lund who walked home that day.

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