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What was he getting himself into? He had never done anything like it. That’s how little we know about our future. Life has its traffic jams. Watch where you’re going. That was a close call. You can’t do this on your own. This wasn’t in the curriculum. Have you no one to ask for advice? Talk to your friend Reinert and his wife. They may give you a drink. Long live the “bride” and “groom”. Now there’s no turning back. What am I to say when Rustad finds out that this is all a lie? Say you’ve been divorced. That takes time. If you get divorced through the court. I’ll testify to having fooled around with your wife. You haven’t heard the worst part. You’re having a baby? Next Thursday there’s a dinner for the employees and their wives. Oh dear. You’re in a bit of a pickle. Just say she’s ill. The Aisa-fever should do just fine. It won’t do. I can’t keep lying. No, you’d need a doctor’s note. There must be a way. Couldn’t we Games No, that won’t do. But if we No. I have it! No, that’s too far out. I’ll just have to tell the truth and take it from there. Anita is thinking. You don’t fraternize with your colleagues. No. So it’s just this one time? Alright, then find a nice girl and pretend that she’s your wife. Bravo! Anita has her head screwed on right. But that would be fraud. Sure, but aren’t you a businessman? Just make sure you don’t get caught. Now we’ll just have to find a girl who can pretend she’s desperately in love with you. That won’t be easy for her. I could do that. You? You? No, I can’t take any more of this. You and Bjorn? Good Lord. If I’m good enough for you. Yes, clear me. But will you really do it, Anita? Hey, you have to ask me. It’s my woman. People can borrow your bike but not your wife. Bjorn won’t become a manager if he shows up with your bike. Imagine if people found out that my wife was available for loan. No, no one must find out. What a joy. To suddenly have two men. I’ve always dreamt of being a bigamist. Well, do you mind, Tor? The things people do for a friend. Go on. Take my wife. Just remember: Return her in the same condition. And one more thing: You’re not entitled to loan her out. Cheers. And good luck. Cheers. Long live assistant secretary Lund and his wife. May they live may they live may they live until they die and may you have a lot of children and may you have a lot of children and may you have a lot of children It is my pleasure to present you with the twelve enamelled spoons. Thanks a lot. That’s very Games Rattle, Lund, how mean to keep it a secret. A premonition of pregnancy. Here you are. Thank you, thank you so much. And from my wife as well. She will have the opportunity to meet several of you. She is looking very much forward to it. You take Mrs Holmsen as usual. This year as well. I’m so sick of hearing about her trips to Rome and those ruins. She’s had her appendix removed so you’ll have a new topic to discuss. The last time she had her kidneys and liver removed. And you sit by Knutsen, he’s the oldest. I’m sort of the hostess. And my treasured secretary. Who occasionally grants

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