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me a bit of joy and intimacy. Secretary and partner in bed. Practical and cheap. Practical perhaps, but cheap? No, that you are not. What is she doing? I can’t stand being late. You’ll get used to that once you’ve been married to her a while. It’ll be a while. This is terrible. Don’t be so nervous. Drink, it’ll help. She could have started earlier. Beauty takes it’s time. I told her to do a good job. Bjorn’s wife has to do him credit. Here I am. Good grief. Bravo! You look as if you’re going to a royal ball. Lord have mercy. You’re much too bare. So, what do you think your boss will say? He’ll appoint you on the spot. Anita, you have to wear the scarf. I can do that, but then you won’t get the job. No director in this world can resist Anita’s broadside. Super stuff. The guests are here. If only they were this precise at the office. My, you look pretty. Is it okay? You’re much too pretty for this sorry bunch. I’m looking forward to it. This is your first time. If this wasn’t a family tradition from granddad’s time Well, hello Mrs Holmsen. How is the appendix and the rest of your innards? Welcome. Well, another year has passed. Your tie. Now you’ll have to pretend that you’re in love. In love? We’re newlyweds. You have to look deep into my eyes as if no one else was here. There, we’re all alone in this world. Only you and This will be difficult. I’ll call you “honey bear” and you’ll call me “sugar”. That’s the dumbest I’ve ever heard. Get a grip. And once in a while you’ll have to steal a kiss from me. I will not. Tor is my best friend. No kissing. When I offer my lips, just do it. Just a word of advice from someone in the know. Maybe we should have a taste of the goods. Have you met Mrs Lund? No, I haven’t had the pleasure. Maybe it isn’t much of a pleasure. Hello. Nice weather today. Sure, but not as good as in Rome. Nothing beats Rome. I love Rome. Do you, now? Nothing beats a dry Martini. Can we be seated? The Lunds haven’t come. That’s not like Lund. I’m sure it’s his wife’s fault. There they are at last. Mother of God. Welcome, welcome indeed, Mrs Lund. This was certainly Thanks for the invitation. I’m the one who’s grateful. Well, this is my boss, Rustad. And this is Mrs Rei Games Anita Lund. Yes, I’m aware of that. Your husband is a trickster, keeping you a secret. But you don’t let a jewel out on public display. You’re exaggerating. No, absolutely not. Min husband told me so much about you. What has he said? I got a fine impression of you. It might become better. Good evening. Good evening. This is my secretary Mrs Flint. What a pretty wife you’ve found. It was I who found him. Right, honey bear? I guess I played a part in it as well, sugar. Honey bear and sugar. Cute. You’re a happy man. Haven’t we met before? No, absolutely not. You remind me of someone. I can’t recall who. Maybe you’d like to meet the rest. Have you met his colleagues? Miss Flint, would you care to show her around? I just remembered something. Excuse me. I’m quite certain that we’ve met somewhere before. How can Lund afford to dress her like that? What if I wanted a dress like that? You? But you haven’t Ladies and gentlemen. Be seated. Will you escort Mrs Holmsen? And Holmsen will escort Mrs Jensen. And then it’s the two of you. And miss Flint will have her fun with Knutsen as usual. How clever of you. I hope you’ll escort me. It’s too much of an honour. The honour is all mine. Hello. Cheers. Good evening. I guess it’s us, then? It is? We’re the only ones left. Forgive me, I was a bit absent. Come on, then. Ladies and gentlemen. It’s a great joy for me to meet with my employees on this special day. And not least their wives who seems to be taking great interest in the company. On this occasion, on this delicious occasion,- there are two things that naturally come to mind. Two things, topics may be a more appropriate word, that I cannot help paying attention to. The first point is the effort made by the staff. A magnificent effort in the past year. Your effort. The second point It’s very much like the first one. It’s just opposite to it. In brief:

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