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Nuff said. You will sense that I am transported by the gravity of this matter. These words are meant to express the company’s gratitude for your effort in the past year. Dad? Furthermore Dad? What is it, Wenche? The head of office. Certainly, certainly. My daughter, who is now a grown woman, and who is here for the first time, reminds me of the office head. It is a very important position, and having such skilled employees makes it seem unnatural to look somewhere else. As matters are now, I will make no decision until after the holiday. Ladies and gentlemen. I ask you to lift up your glass and drink to a year of high spirits and a happy future for the company Rustad and Co. Cheers. I didn’t know you were your dad’s daughter. Whose daughter would I be, then? I certainly wouldn’t know. You seem a bit distraught. What might the boss mean by that? I haven’t a clue. He never confides in me. It must be nice being newlyweds. I’m not really used to it. I mean, it’s the first time that I’m spending time with my wife. In the company of others, that is. Oh, I see. Lund? Cheers. May I join you? Certainly. Cheers. You have an enchanting wife. You’ll be having plenty of children? Children? Loads of them. My husbands loves children. Isn’t that right, honey bear? Yes, we love children. And that is a benefit to the company, isn’t it? Mr Lund, telephone for you. For me? Thank you. Excuse me. I’m actually jealous of you. Jealous of me? My husband is so much into his work. He talks and thinks of nothing else. Even in the middle of the night. You have no idea. You have no idea how much she exaggerates. There must be a limit to happiness. It’s nothing but “honey bear”. I can almost see her before me. But there’s one thing you have to be careful of: She can’t stomach liqueur. Only one glass. If she has two, she’ll go bonkers. Give her three and anything can happen. I’ll take good care of her. Just one glass of liqueur. A tad more liqueur? Please, I love it. Oh, I feel so good. Good, great, gorgeous. Cheers. Cheers. Are you standing there by yourself? Say, did you go to church? Church? Tell me all about the wedding. Oh, that. No, we went to town hall. A church wedding is so festive. But the result is exactly the same. Excuse me, but I’d better Let your wife enjoy herself. You’ve had her incarcerated. I hadn’t imagined, I would never have thought that Lund would get such a charming wife. Really? He’s a fine gentleman. Absolutely. But you’re something quite different. A different beat, a different pace. He’s like a quiet little horse. He may be at the office. At home he breaks into a gallop, like a wild mustang of the prairie. You haven’t been on your honeymoon yet? No, but we’re going to. You must go to Rome. It’s so wonderful with those squares, the fountains and St Peter’s, the Colosseum, Forum Romanum Monte Pincio and all those things. No thanks, I’ve had two already. Well, here’s the mustang! Your wife is Games She has only one error: She doesn’t drink enough liqueur. She’s not allowed to. Nonsense. To know so little about you wife after sharing a table and a bed. I love liqueur, and I love you, honey bear. And you too. Magnificent. Do continue. Such vivacity, such intelligence. Cheers, my little temptation. Cheers. Careful now, Anita. I’m very careful. Honey bear must look after his sugar. Put your arms around me and give me a kiss. Can’t you save that for when you get home? I’m certain I’ve seen you somewhere or other, Mrs Lund. Impossible. Let’s go inside. You’ll catch a cold out here. I’m not freezing. It suddenly grew a bit nippy. You seem to be in heat, though. Yes, lovely food, lovely wine and lovely Don’t get out where it’s too deep. Not with you as my anchor. Thank God we’re not married. My sentiment exactly. Everybody would understand that I’d divorce you. You ought to be grateful. Everybody will laugh at me. What are you laughing at? Answer me. We’re arguing as if we really were married. İt’s no good for a man to be alone that’s the way it’s always been since the time of Adam to stand abandoned on the grave scene of life may

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