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the time in the world. It’s almost too hot in here for one man to bear. Listen, my enchanting Mrs Lund. I’ve had an idea. How would you like to have a drink with me when you’re done? That would be lovely. You husband can come as well. Say, what do you use those sheets for? You know, I may be old fashioned, but I’m actually rather shy. I don’t like being watched when I undress. Not even by honey bear. Is that so? You have a chastity complex. I’m done now. Charming as always. Honey, honey bear? Director Rustad is here. Good day, Lund. I dropped it in the sink. Don’t worry. Life is full of glasses. Well, cheers again, then. Cheers. Call the office at nine if you’re out of bed at that hour. I’ll do that. I have to hurry up. Or miss Flint will get flinty with me. Your husband will be very busy the next couple of days. I’ll miss him every second. Keep the change. There was one thing about our catalogue. Would it be an idea to Games Anita, look Games Hello, have you got sunstroke? No, it’s just a thing we have. Just a load of rubbish. Well, I hope you get over it. No, stay seated. This was most pleasing, madam. I’ll see you one of these clays. Adieu. Thanks for now. Hello, Tor. Who was that old shark? That was my boss. Boss schmoss. He was on the prowl. You saw how he ogled Anita. Nonsense. Have you caught a cold? It’s just that damned hay fever. Why have you come? Am I not welcome here? Sure. But it just makes our story so complicated. My silly sweetness. You wouldn’t mind if I borrow your wife tonight, would you? We’ll have so much more space when we get that wall knocked down. The amount of space will be the same. But we’ll have more light, air and elbowroom. Call an architect tomorrow and have him take a look at it. Can’t it wait until Monday? Knutsen is here tomorrow. Knutsen will be here, indeed. I just had an idea. Shouldn’t we invite Lund and his wife? Well, you can’t invite Mrs Lund all on her own. How can you say that? I would never invite Mrs Lund without her husband. There’s something odd about her. I’ve seen her somewhere. If only I could Games I have to concentrate. Poor thing, she’s merely shapely. There’s nothing odd about that. The god-awful hay fever. Poor you. It’s those flowers. Carnations won’t harm you. Even parsley can trigger this. Yes? Yes? Lund? There’s no Lund here. It was the old shark. Are you nuts? He’ll probably call again. Hurry up and fetch Bjorn. What are you looking for? My slippers. Go barefoot. Don’t push me. Hello. I didn’t get to finish. I got cut out. Give me the same number again. Hello, miss? I asked for manager Lund. No, he wasn’t alright. He was mad. You put me through to a madman. Finally. Hello? Yes, that’s me. No, I’ve been here all along. Out of breath? I just did a little gymnastics. Yes, I’ve caught a bit of a cold. It’ll pass. I hope so. I wanted to invite you and your wife over for the weekend. The weekend? Well, it’s nice in the countryside. Have you gone mad? Say no! Have you gone I think we’ll have to pass, but of course we’ll come. No, no Games Hello? Could you please stop fighting and tell me what to say? Say yes, damn it. Yes, damn it. I’m sorry, there’s a lot of noise from the street. It’s the Salvation Army. I’d better close the window. That would be a sight. A weekend in bed together. They probably have two beds. Do as I tell you! Don’t you dare. I’ll rip your head off. It wasn’t the Salvation Army. It was a bulldozer. Yes, we would very much like to come, but we’re going to see my aunt. Hello, good evening. You know, we really want to come. My aunt? I’ll have to kill her. Brilliant. Excellent. But tell me, what are you two doing? It sounds a lot like Games Oh, it’s the Games? A Games drama? I see. But I’ll be seeing you, then? How kind of you. We know we’ll have a good time. Yes, my husband sneezed to that. Bye, then. Yes, it’s lovely out here on a day like this. You look wonderful in that dress. You are like a summer’s dream of cornflowers and poppies. Don’t get too flowery. Would you like a cold drink? You won again. That was pure luck. You know, there are days

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