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when everything just goes right. Yes, a kind of lucky day. Yes. Sorry. That tasted great. Was it cold enough? It was perfect. There you are. I thought you’d run off with her. He’s better at bowls than you. Dad just fools around. I’m allowed to do that with my own balls. Doff that tie, Lund. You’re not in the office. The mosquitoes really like me. They never bug me. Mosquitoes have good taste. Give us a smile. Stand still. That’s it. Thank you. Yes, so did they spend the day until night softly veiled everything and it was time to go to bed. Good night, my little Wenche You sense that Lund fancies you. But don’t dream too much of him. He’s married. You don’t know that he isn’t. Good evening, architect Reinert. So you’re out on a late drive. Well, it certainly is a lovely summer night. Bless you. Poor you. Dear me, that hay fever. It’s no laughing matter. Whoops! You forgot your nasal spray. Hey! Can’t you hear me, man? He should have been here. This is terribly risky. Well, I never How very decent. Tor bought it for me. He probably thought my nightgown was too light. I guess he was afraid you’d have a few rebel hormones. Keep my hormones out of this. There he is. Don’t sneeze! You’ll wake up everybody. Ivy is the worst for people with hay fever. Never. Have you gone to bed? What is it, miss Flint? I just brought you a bit of fruit. I suddenly thought of something. You haven’t gone to bed yet. Then I can come in. It’s so good to have some fruit to eat in this heat. What was I going to say? Now I remember. The KNA Christmas ball, isn’t that where we’ve met? The KNA? No. Impossible. We’re not members. You weren’t married back then. Maybe you went with someone else. Did you catch a cold? Hay fever. Summers are the worst. Poor you. I react to certain things. Jasmine, for instance, and Then it wasn’t KNA either, but I will remember eventually. Good night. Sleep tight. I hope you’ll get better. Try yoga. You have to convince yourself. I will not sneeze. I will not sneeze, I will not It really did go away. There you see. Concentrate Lund, concentrate. I will sleep. I will sleep. I’m already asleep. I’ve slept for a long time. A long time. I won’t be able to sleep. I think I’ve fallen in love. Not with me, right? No, not with you. Hello? Are you awake? You have to get up. What is it? Thunder. We’re having drinks. Wenche, don’t be scared. Come downstairs and have a drink. There you go. Don’t bang like that. I need to sleep. How it rumbles. It’s right over us now. Take it easy. Good evening or good morning. Here you are. Thank you. Here we are again. Cosy. It’s not the least bit cosy. There’s no danger as long as we have liquid. Here you are. Thanks. I certainly is loud. Like New Year’s Eve. This is no laughing matter. I’m scared. Don’t be scared. This will chase your fears away. Knutsen, tell us one of your ghost stories. No, they’re horrendous. Then turn off the light. Oh no. There’s no reason to be scared. Go on, Knutsen. Oh dear. I’ll tell you a true story about the body that disappeared. I hate such nonsense. It isn’t nonsense. Have you seen a dead man on a bike? No, never. But I have. I used to live with my uncle. The house lay by the graveyard, and every night I awakened to cries from amongst the tomb stones and the owls’ hooting above the bell tower. Hell no. Get it away. Don’t you curse while I’m speaking about my dead uncle’s body. One night he played cards with the gravedigger. He was a gloomy man. He bore the mark of misery. He was in a state of torment. My nasal spray. That damned nasal spray. Of course. I suddenly heard my uncle crying for help: “Help! Help!” I was paralyzed. I could not move. But the cries cut through the raging elements like the end of days. Suddenly I heard screaming. I clenched my teeth, stalked to the window, and there he stood, horribly beaten. See for yourselves. Uncle? You’re dead What’s this? Concentrate. Don’t take me. You saw it too, didn’t you? I didn’t see a thing. Did you? You were imagining things. I’ll go and find out what your uncle is doing on my property. Morning. Morning. Can’t you sleep either?

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