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No, I might as well get up. Nice weather. Would you care for a walk? Certainly. Let’s see what happens next. There they go. A young man and a very young girl. And the sun is shining, birds are singing and hearts are beating. Now is the time. Be brave, seize upon this opportunity. Remember: Who dares wins. What are you thinking about? Nothing. It’s warm. Yes, it is quite warm. Look, it’s a reed warbler. So that’s a reed warbler? Have you seen anything that cute? No. And it’s got fledgelings. That usually happens. Pull yourself together, Lund. Otherwise you won’t get anywhere. Tell me, Wenche, have you ever been in love? Oh yes, many times. You have? Does that strike you as odd? Not odd, no. It’s just that I’ve never been properly in love. Aren’t you in love with your wife? Yes, so to speak. Of course. Honestly, Lund. This won’t do. You have to get it across to her. Wenche, you are very sweet? I am? You’re so sweet and pretty. I don’t know what’s gone into me. Wenche, I love you. I beg your pardon? But if you only knew But you’re married. You fancy me as well, don’t you? Don’t you, Wenche? I don’t know. We have to think of your wife. She has no say in this. How can you say that? Wenche, listen to me. Leave me alone. You’re horrid. But, Wenche! Wenche! Mrs Nilsen? Postpone breakfast. The director wants to take a swim. Anita! Anita! What’s happened to you? It’s no laughing matter. Good morning. Did you sleep well? Lovely, thank you. You look so sprightly. May I take a picture of you? Lift your arm. Move left a bit. And smile. That’s it. That must have been a she-gull. Oh my. This is becoming more and more mysterious. And she’s crying. I have to get to the bottom of this. Concentrate. Concentrate. There’s no reason to get so upset. I’m sick and tired of this. I’ve had it! Rustad might hear you. Why is this Rustad so important? You had better show up at the hotel one o’clock sharp,- or I’ll call Rustad and reveal this. You promise to wait that long? Yes. Just let me get out of here before it’s too late. The coast is clear. There’s a rope by the hall window. Concentrate. Concentrate. I knew something would pop up. Here it comes! Here it comes! You, there! Hey! Now I get it! Now I get it! You come along with me. Come on, then. Sit down. Just a moment! What have you got to say, architect Reinert? It’s a mighty fine photograph. And what will Rustad say? Postpone breakfast. I’m going for a morning swim. I also know how to play a double game. Good morning. Who are you? This is architect Reinert. Welcome. Weren’t you supposed to come tomorrow? It was better today because of personal engagements. Very personal engagements. We were discussing the redecoration. You agree, don’t you? Absolutely! That door should be boarded up. Have you gone mad? The wall has to go. We need space. Explain it while I go for a swim. I’ll breast the waves with a wonderful woman. He’s very fond of your wife. What a coincidence. So am I. Mrs Lund. Hello, fair lady. The salton waves await us. The North Sea swells like the violin of the fields see how it reflects our love and the sun I am always prepared. Hurry up. I’m awash with longing. Now, there’s a sight. That’s nothing. Are you suggesting No. No, you’re telling it straight. Hello. A sight for sore eyes. Thank you for tonight. My, what a bang. What did he mean by that? I don’t know why you accept this. I’m not going to. I’ll teach him a lesson. No. I won’t let him get away with it. Sweet revenge. How so? I know just what to do. Take your clothes off. You look so crestfallen, Lund, but don’t be sad. Tell Wenche the whole thing, and everything will be fine. Come on in. No, I got ahead of myself. Let’s see then. Go on and knock, man. Well, if you haven’t the guts That was a very long swim. Here they come. Very romantic. Well, now it’s our turn. Let’s drink first. Cheers. What do you say? This sounds like a proposal. That was my intention. But I’m married. But I don’t think you’re as happy with your husband as you should be. I heard you arguing. Did you, now? And my name was mentioned. So I’m right, then? What about miss Flint?

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