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Miss Flint? I never promised to marry her. She has her high salary and her pension. I’m serious. Come off it now. Just think about it, then. What in the name of God? What is going on here? Don’t disturb us. We’re redecorating. You call that redecorating? We’re just going over the details. I won’t accept this. This is immoral. How dare you rape my secretary? I’m the one raping here. Shame on you! Go to your room at once! With pleasure. Come along, my little architect. Out! You old heartbreaker. How dare you speak like that? That’s none of your business. This is no house of scandal. I have an innocent daughter. Imagine if she saw you making out here. I don’t think you should be speaking too much of decency and innocence! Those are both lacking in this house. What are you implying? Just what I’ve seen and heard. Are you still wet behind the ears? At least I’m not a dried out husk. And I’m not chasing married women like a certain old merchant- in the panic age. You! Come here! Go for it, gramps! Cheers. What’s going on? Things are about to explode. I’ll leave before the dam bursts. You should do the same. Not at all. I’ll set things straight. Even if it’ll cost me my job and Wenche and the lot. Good luck, and thanks for the good company. I’ll beat you to a pulp, you architect bastard. Be my guest. That is, if you can catch me. My most expensive painting. An H.C. Hansen. You got framed. Tor? Get in! Wenche, I have to go. Would you mind coming out and bidding me farewell? You’re leaving? I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Nothing else matters. Now I’ve had it. Are you two in on this as well? I love your daughter. Love my daughter. Get down, Wenche! Go down to the living room. This next part is not for you to hear. What do you think your wife will say to this? I don’t have a wife. You don’t But what in the I just told you to get that job. I’ve deceived you, Rustad. I will tender my resignation. Resignation? I won’t hear it. So you’re not married? You are phenomenal, Lund. Where is she? She’s gone to Horten. I must tell you something. Say it quick, quick, quick. I can’t say it quick, quick, quick. I understand. Of course I’ll appoint you head of office, Lund. Congratulations. That wasn’t it! Carl, you mustn’t. There’s no point doing it. Don’t interfere with me. He’s going to kill you. Kill me? Why, I never Honestly, Carl. You, there! Are you lying here as well? Can’t you get enough? Apparently you can’t either. Hold this a moment. Here you are, Mrs Lund. You should know that I’m a middle weight champion. I’m the table tennis champion of last Easter. It was her husband. I’m through with women forever. Will you marry me? That’s it, poor you. Yes, poor me. What’s your name? Bjorn. A final kiss we’ve seen so many times. Let’s gaze into the future. The future that looms in a rosy glow and which we hope will bring us many and great joys. Oh, did I say joys? Very good enough, and they saw and possibly going to hit whoever wins Tom. No! God! Tom! Wake up, you hear me? What the hell have you done? You can not hear me. I’ll get some ice. Remove the basket. I got it. Al, Al you hear me? When you hear me? Al? Our father, heaven, earth. What did you do? I’ll hit you now know I heard son? Sixth Commandment, Thou shalt not kill. Desmond! Tom just please, a second peace for the child. He has had enough. Very well fill it with kisses, tell him that the world is a soft and gentle place. When it will be fine. I could have killed him. If you could. The killing is the worst of all Taking the life of another person is most degrading in the world Nothing hurts more than his heart. What the hell’s going on. You do not walk unless I say walk. What the is what happens! Mind your own business I hate it. Mom. Because he hates us so much? No, he does not hate us. He hates himself, sometimes Your father did not used to be like I wish they had known as before the war. years later Desmond we sound like? Like a celestial choir of angels mom Now, you know it’s a sin to tell a lie especially in this place Well I never said that angels sang What’s going on out,

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