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Desmond? Get him. And. We’ll call an ambulance. There is no time Joshua, wake up, fast. You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. What do we have? It seems an artery can have scissors? Yes doctor. Put some pressure on, you put this tourniquet? Yes doctor. Good job, you may have saved the life of this boy. Stay with us, you’ll be fine. Yes, stay with me, you’ll be fine Medical examination is there, here’s to donate blood. You’re good? Oh no, it’s not mine, I’m fine, thanks for asking Miss. What do you need? My belt. I put it to the boy the accident, my pants are not well without it. Well, I have not your belt. Yes, I know Miss is there in the boy. Ok, I’m here to take blood. I’ll give you mine. Ok. See that room with us, I’ll call. That, that room. He had already sounded before blood sir? Dawson My friends call me Dawson but never in the first time. I always wanted to be a doctor but I did not have much school. I’m like my father. Someone will pick you up? No miss, walk back. Where do you live? Four Miss Hill. It’s far. Five to six miles, but short in the woods. Seven out there. Must much to like the forest. Yeah right. Ok, put pressure there. You’re good? Yes. Where will you also dressed and handsome? I met someone yesterday A woman named Dorothy in the hospital, I’ll marry her. God Does she know? Not yet but by learning. Have you ever talked to a woman? One that is not family? Tell her. Well then, come and give your brother a big hug. Take your dirty hands on me. Wish me luck mom. Good luck. Next, take a seat. It has already donated blood before? Yes Miss I’ve already done You’re the boy’s belt. Desmond, if Miss. Desmond Well, we can not take your blood two days. That’s fine because I want mine back What about you? My blood, I need it back. Well not work that way, we can not only regresártela. Well you have to, since you sting me with that needle my heart beats very fast. Every time I think of you beats even faster I had never heard that before, it’s very corny. It is. But how shy I am, I practiced all night. It was not good? I did not say that. What is the difference between an artery and a vein? What are you talking about? The boy from the accident. Spit blood arteries. And veins? bleed I think you should practice your conversation boy and girl before coming Probably yes. I’ll give you a book if you are interested. About dating? On blood. Another medical question perhaps? No, I was just thinking that you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen It must be because you see me in the dark No, just’re beautiful You need to see where we go. Sorry, I did not think you care. No wonder. I thought you might like. It could be if you had requested. Viennese? Why did not you tell us anything? Because I know they had said no, and I know that what I do is good And what about your command? Not kill in a war. It protects many guys who leave the church. There is a war, and need men, working in the newspaper did not save this country. It looks like a movie star My boy. Nice uniform, good hand. It reminds me of when is the uniform and went to France You remember? Do not talk about what? I’m just saying how good I looked in that uniform You guys all seemed to think that. Your mother I flirted with him Not so good when you have a hole in the front of your jacket A trigger input, on white. Arty was wounded in the back, with all its organs and intestines outside front Unpleasant everywhere She clung to his uniform for a moment He was lucky to be dead not to have seen his bloody uniform Get out of my sight. What are you? Part mountain goat? You’re going to help Desmond? Or will you leave me stranded? I’ll help you but it will cost you. What. A kiss. That is pure blackmail. If Miss so, but still it will be. Last step, I will hold you too. Wait. You’re not going to slap me right? Why I’ll fall and take you with me Kiss me and find out What? I must enlist I can not stay here while they’re all going to fight for me. If you can. I do not have to. I’ll be a doctor, I’ll see how to save people not to kill I have to go to work be late Dorothy, Dorothy.

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