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Sergeant You’d be! I realize that some of you might have strong feelings about this That’s what we’re fighting Nuestrosderechos defend and protect Our women and children. Although the beliefs of the oacionar could die So I hope that everyone in this company. After Dawson give the respect it deserves For the short time he will be with us. I was clear? If Sgt. Dawsy you got there? Do you know what that is? It seems a little small. Half of the Bible for half a man. Let SPICKY regrésale your Bible. I am not talking to you. So you do not fight, you think you can be better than this? No. If you were attacked? Did you like that? It says that you must put your other cheek is not it? You see I do not think this is a matter of religion friends. I think it’s a matter of cowardice. Simple and easy, is not Dawson? You’re a chicken is not it? Come on, do something. You see, I will give a free blow right there we go Hit me, let Dawson No? What is this? Give me that! It’s quite a package. Now this is the kind of package that deserves a real man. Give me that Smithy Please Please. Please give it back Smithy Please give it back Smithy Hearing voices Dawson? No sir From what I understand have communication with God, is it? Lord I’m not a crazy person This is how you think it takes people like crazy? I know I’m different, but not pretend to be someone I’m not, I am what I am. It sounds lonely. You are alone? So do not hear voices? No sir, I pray to God And I like to think he hears me, but it is not a conversation. Since we’re pretending to have at this time. Faking out? Yes sir, I know you put me in section eight For me out of the army but no, I will not I just believe in what I believe. Well, I’m trying to understand, it was God who told you you will not take a rifle? God says thou shalt not kill. That is one of the most important commandments Most people take it, You shall not commit murder. war are totally different circumstances And Jesus said, and give you a new commandment They love each other just as I love It is the real demon with whom we are fighting, sure as a good Christian can see that. I can see that, sir, that’s why I joined. But sorry, I’ll carry no weapons. Their religious beliefs are unique, but they do not entitled to dismissal As is supposed to maintain discipline with a man in my community? I do not know, but he is a conscious object capable of Play a role as a combat medic If you qualify in other areas where train. Maybe we can do to stop this idea. Well restríngelo the barrel and KP, if God throws you You will throw him hell. I want him out of here. Dawson tubaria is a disgrace, it is a pig pen. That was funny out? No sir Did you on your head? No sergeant What they can not recognize, it is that the unit is as weak as its weakest member. And if they do not learn this election, there will be this weekend passes. All will be in KP Now everyone ready for climbing miles, come on! Come on! Put your feet well, you do not start feeling sorry for yourself It sickens me to feel sorry for themselves Still do not know what it means to be tired, we go forward until dusk. Hey, just, I’m trying to sleep. Get behind me, out. Why the hell are you still here? Above! Where is Dawson? This is not good for anyone. It sure is not what I joined It is not because you joined. It is the lives of each of the men here. And your son, it’s time to give up on this. Ends, and you debístete and shut up. Okay, Dawson no shame in this. Let’s move on. In fact I have my duties, I am now KP so Games I can not. Okay Dawson Cape Dawson You can identify the men who beat you? No Sgt. He is saying that you can not recognize those who beat you? I never said I was attacked Sgt. But what the are you saying Dawson? You’ve left bruises while you slept? I, I sleep very hard. Very good. And when they leave this weekend I want to put a hat. I do not want to return well the cream. A little cream for Sgt. I have a show right now Smithy He’s on sangento experience? You should ask your mom about that child. Following. Rest. Cape Dawson I’m afraid I can not authorize exit pass.

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