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This is full of not completed training. No sir, respectfully sir I did. Expected this three weeks ago, I’m going to marry. This afternoon. It says here that you’re not qualified for the rifle. Well it not required to carry a rifle me Colonel Games The colonel said it should be allowed to work as a doctor. Whenever approved in all other areas of your workout And he has not qualified in testing the rifle out. Quite clear. Show me you know how to handle a rifle. And sign your departure. Soldier Cannon. Mr. Give the soldier his gun. Do not touch that rifle sir. I’m not asking you out. That’s an order from your commander. Dawson holy God let this nonsense, and resignation. He refuses to do so and have no choice To ask for court martial. And you spend the rest of the war in a military prison. I can not sir. The more you want to wait dear? I think it has already been enough. Sorry, sometimes men have cold feet Some men could, but not my Desmond. You probably think I’m a bastard Who cares more rules than their men. May l? I believe in this book as much as any other man. But like any other man fights with my conscience but. What do you do when everything you value is under attack? I do not know sir. I can not answer these questions. But I also feel that my values ​​are under attack. I do not know why. I do not care about your principles that the Japanese not When you see a wounded soldier or attack you? Hit him with your Bible? I am ready to give my life for my men. You do not always win just by giving your life. Look, you’re here because I do not want to see you in a cell. Declare yourself guilty and have the mercy of the court, and you can go home to celebrate. Let the brave men win this war If I do not come, maybe her if I was not allowed to call you. I knew it was not your fault. What have you. I’m fine, it’s fine just had a fight with the walls and lost. They will send you to prison Desmond There must be some other way. I do not know what could be. I have done everything I have asked me, except everything they’ve asked me. And I’m going to court because I do not kill. You tried, and nobody can say you did. But you’ll be safe in prison. Perhaps no one You can not take a girl and play around with it You do not have to do it, just open your way out. But I can not do that. This is pride, and foolishness. Do not confuse your will with the Lord. I am a proud fool. Maybe I am a proud and silly. But it will not hold me but I begin to believe what I believe. Less if you could live with me. I’ll never be the man I want to do to your eyes. I fell in love with you. Because you’re not like the others. I need you to. Do not think for a moment, you disappoint me I will love you, no matter what. I do not know what else to do. He loses no matter what. They want to plead guilty and disenroll from dishonorable. Otherwise it will refuse insurance to prison in any way be called a coward and can not live with that Thanks Dorothy, if you talk to the tell him we love him and we will pray for you two I will, thanks bye. I can help you sir? I want to talk to the general. No, without an appointment it would be impossible. And if you would be kind enough to tell that Colonel Thomas Dawson wants to talk to him? He is in a very important appointment. I peel off with him in France, he was my captain. Please Miss is vital. You end up in a moment, you are safe as if nothing had happened This is a hearing concerning after Desmond For disobeying direct orders of his commander of his commander in chief His defense Cape Hass Cabo Hass You want to submit a slogan of not guilty. I thought you wanted out some kind of deal agreed Yes sir, but changed his mind. Just like that, he wants to proceed with a court martial. Yes sir. Well then put your hand out. Forego. Your Honor, Corporal deploys its morality as if it were some kind of Badge of honor, he spends disobeying direct orders from their commanders. When the best of our young people are sacrificing their lives. You’re good? and They are still out? Yes sir. OK, take this in. I can not, strictly only military personnel.

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