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is the first time. For what? Well, the first time that Games I’ve been in love. Louna Games I love when you speak my name. The words that we say with our eyes Talking seems ridiculous to me I jump forward and then step back In front of a useless sentence Which would break the fragile moment Of an encounter I’ll tell her the blue words The ones that make people happy The motherers! What are you doing with that gun? These mother boars are trying to eat the garden and my father’s grave! That’s creepy! Yes, it’s creepy. Where’s Marie? Marie went with Games She went with Games She went to a club, with friends of hers. With her friends. You let things go completely to hell when I’m not there! Why do you say that? Because you’re too kind! Stop! Definitely too nice. Well, good night, hunter. Bisou. Good night. Good night. So? What? At the party! At the party? How was it? The party, it sucked, lame. Lame, really Games Me too, very lame. You coming? What you hell are you doing? I’m coming. Hello! Stop! What? Louna, last night Games It was monumentally stupid. Really. Really. When did this start? No, Louna. Listen to me Games Hello. They’re nice, your pajamas. Did you get Mom? Is she coming? Yes, yesterday. She won’t be long. Hello. I love Corsica, Dad. This air, this sky Games The sun! That makes me happy. Not bad, right? Among family? Yeah. Well, what is it? It didn’t go well with Romain? Yeah, it was cool. So, tell me! You slept with him? None of your business. Are you ignoring me? Why? Do I have a reason to? No, that’s why. I don’t understand. There are also things that I don’t understand. Yeah? Like what? What are you doing with my dad’s boxers? Oh, they’re your dad’s? I found them in your stuff. That must be it. So, you have volts. It’ll shake him a little. Otherwise, we have the same in . This, to warn you, will burn the boar. But at least you’ll have peace and quiet. . Hold on. It may not kill them? Kill them, no, but it’ll smoke them. They won’t come back. No, no. , right? No, frankly, I think it’s a bad idea to have that in the garden. There are children, animals Games The neighbor’s dog Games They won’t with me anymore. Wild boars are like women. Eh? With a full moon, they go crazy. I don’t see the connection. When the moon comes out, worms emerge from the ground. And the boars trash everything to eat them. Just like women. Yes Games It is true that women Games . Come on. Loads of little asses! If I weren’t married Games It didn’t stop you last night. I didn’t do anything. What? She didn’t want it? Hey, look. There, the black two-piece. Ah yes. Oh, wow. Oh, that ass! That ass! Oh la la. It’s a festival. Where are these chicks in the winter? They work. They’re in an office in Seville. In Paris, you don’t see them. Here we are. So? So what? So, the boars? . It’ll grill them like a barbecue. My father is a psychopath. Will you rub lotion on me? I can’t reach. Who, me? Ask your father. Oh no, I’m reading. Here. Come on! A lounge chair with an integrated umbrella! For the beach, it’s brilliant. I’m going to buy it. Blue, green, or red. It’s awesome. A zen chair. Red, blue, green. There’s no yellow. Where’s Marie? It’s been a while since I’ve seen her. I don’t know, over there. Where? I don’t have GPS. Isn’t that her talking to that little asshole? Who’s that person? What’s the deal? I’m not responsible for others’ actions. He’s much older than her. It’s alright, he’s only Games He’s at least ! You realize he’s old! Ok. I’m going for a dip. What did I say? Wait for me, I’m coming with you. Can’t I swim alone? I like swimming alone. Hey, remember, it was in the same ocean that we kissed the first time. Yes, but hey! This isn’t a movie, it’s reality, you understand? Go back to the beach. Wait, wait! What? I’m peeing. Marie! Huh? I’m talking to you. Yeah. I said we can have an afterparty at the house and have some drinks. Piss off! A collapsible wheelbarrow. This is great. I’m going to buy it. You don’t have anything else to look at? Why? You’re right, your catalog is the most important. Listen, Louna. Yesterday evening wasn’t

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