WGEA 1150 AM Geneva

WGEA 1150 AM Geneva, Online WGEA 1150 AM Geneva Radio internet, WGEA 1150 AM Geneva USA Radio

Come on! ! Where’s Marie? Marie’s drunk too. Come on! Let’s go, please! Let’s go, Laurent! I can’t go back, I’m drunk. Let’s go, please. Come on. Let’s go, let’s go. Please, Laurent! Come on! Go find Marie. Good, I’m going. I thought, as we kiss, Why not right away? Yes! Right away, let’s go! You’re sure of yourself. Well, yeah. You too, incidentally. I don’t know you well enough. What do you mean? I don’t know, maybe you’re married. You wear a wedding ring. Yes, well Games My wife and I, right now, things are cold. All married guys say that. For me, it’s true. Would you want your wife to be in a cafe kissing someone else? She wouldn’t do that, my wife. You think your women aren’t like you. I know my wife. They’re good, your women. Wisely waiting at home, while you dredge the cafe terrace. Dad, can I leave Games I can’t drive. We’re taking a taxi, and I won’t come home late. Please, please, please! You’re going too? I can’t leave you alone in this state. Go ahead, I trust you. Yes, thank you! Buy me a drink? A drink? Well, yeah. Hey! Sorry, I didn’t see that you called. Where are you? Huh? What are you doing in a bar ? No, but anyway Games I doubt you’re alone. Who are you with? Who are these new friends I don’t know? No, I’m not spying on you. But when you ask, I answer you. Fine, I’ll tell you. I brought the girls to eat a crepe. I’m taking care of Louna while you’re at the bar. Well, when are you coming? I said, “When are you coming?” I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you anymore! Damn, what is Games ? That’s your wall. It’s the boars. Damn it! Look. It’s the wild boars. Damn it! critters! Damn it! Your wall Games I don’t believe it, my wall! How many were there? Oh, damn! Come on, let’s go swimming! No, I’m drunk, I’ll sink to the bottom. Ooh Games I’m not sober, but it feels good to dance. Seriously! Really, it feels good. Yeah. You coming? No, no. Let’s go! Come on! No, I’m telling you, it’s cold. Don’t act old, you’re not credible. But I am old! No! What are you doing? Stop. If we don’t do it with the full moon, when will we ever? No, no. Come on! Hey, I’ll do a little dance for you? But I don’t want Games Just for you. Hey, hey! Stop! Don’t look at me like that. What? Come on, move your ass! No, stop. Am I annoying you? It’s not that, but Games Hurry up! What are you doing, Louna? Stop! Stop. Let’s go. No, really, I can’t Games It’ll do you good! It’ll sober you up! Come on! Come on! Come on, Laurent! Don’t leave me alone. No, honestly, there are jellyfish. Laurent! We only have one life! One life! Are you shy? What’s your problem? Laurent! Laurent, Laurent! Come on, don’t leave me alone! Ok! Attention! Laurent is undressing. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Laurent is removing his pants! Laurent is undressing! What’s with that underwear? “Where’s Waldo?” Stop! Marie gave them to me. Oh, the shame! You’re going to swim in your boxers? You think I’m going to strip naked in front of you? It’s all good, who cares? Look at me! But take off your boxers! It’s good, it’s good. Hey! Stop, stop! Stop! Are you crazy, or what? Stop, stop! What are you doing? Are you crazy? I’m cold. . You can’t do that, Louna. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry. Are you mad at me? No, it’s not that I’m mad at you, but Games I can’t Games It’s not you. Between Mom calling me and saying not to tell Dad Games my head’s all ed up. I don’t know where I am. No, hold on. My head’s ed up. I know, I know. I didn’t pick up on it immediately. I should have put myself in your place. You surprised me, you know? I was really surprised. It’s ok. I can talk to you, you listen to me. You don’t judge me. No, I’m not judging you. It’s not that. But Games Put yourself in my place, you know? Yeah, I know. When I’m with you, I feel like nothing can happen to me. I feel good. Don’t you? Yes, yes, I feel good. I’m cold. Oh, damn Games Come on. It’s ok. Ok, let’s go. Louna, stop. Hold on Games Stop. No, no, no. Louna, stop. Just let it happen. Please, stop. Louna, please, stop. Please, stop. Louna, what are you doing? Stop. Stop Games You know, this

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