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It’s complicated here, there are pebbles everywhere. Tomorrow I’m canceling canyoning! We’re arriving at Lovers’ Falls. We’ll go two by two. Who’s next? Go ahead. Go. Louna, you’re going with me. Dad, it’s Lovers’ Falls. You don’t love your father? Yes, but Games You’re my father, you know? It’s beautiful! Seriously! Come on, Louna. Are you ready? Let’s go. Come on, Louna. That’s perfect, good positioning. Push off with your legs. That’s perfect. Everything’s alright. It’s ok, it’s ok. Look carefully where you step. Something detached. Trust the equipment. I don’t trust it. It’s fine, it’s fine. Wtach out, it’s a little slippery. It’s slippery Games Ok, ok. Are you still behind me? I’m here. No, calm down. Calm down. Calm down, calm down. I’m here, look. Look at me. Look me in the eyes. It’s fine. Ok? We’ll continue slowly. Slowly. Let’s go. I’m here, relax. Are you ok? No! You feeling good? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah. Not me. Are you holding me? Don’t worry. One more effort Games Ok. Ok, we’re good! Ah, damn! You were magnificent. I’m very impressed. So, for you, making a point means spending the holidays separately? That’s about it. Well, yes. I mean, in the dictionary, “Making a point” is not defined as: “Spending holidays separately.” No, but I’m asking you Games And what’s this Ibiza business? What’s this Ibiza business? So you had already planned to leave with your girlfriend. You’re taking vacations behind my back, you know. And I’m alone, dealing with Louna at my father’s house, thank you very much. What’s up? You chose the right moment. There’s no doubt. What, I’m exaggerating? Are you there or aren’t you? Well then, I’m not exaggerating. I’m not yelling, I’m explaining! Come on, Dad, tonight is when there’s a full moon. You didn’t have to go out last night, like a ” you” to us. Coming back completely smashed and dressed like a Games I’m begging you! We’re not leaving for three days. Don’t do this to me. The best DJs on the beach are there, DJ Snake Games and there will be , people. That’s not reassuring. Marie’s right. It sucks. Laurent. Yes? Marie’s going out? Look at her, she’s legal. There you go. You, no. In eight months I’ll be legal! In eight months, there will still be full moons. You disagree? Not really, but it’s not a big deal. I have to play the bad guy. Wait Games who’s over there? Is that the chick that you liked on the boat? She’s cute. Yeah, definitely cute. Louna! What? Come here. If Laurent accompanies you, I’m ok with it. Really? Yeah. Thanks, Dad! Thank you too Games Are you serious? Why? I don’t care about DJ Snake! We can’t leave them alone on the beach, or on scooters. We at least have to control that. Ok. Take my car. I’ll manage. You aren’t playing the victim anymore! Are you kidding me? What a hypocrite! I don’t believe it. Too cool. Seriously. Oh, no Games We’re leaving, this sucks. Can you give me euros, please, Dad? This is for both of you. Don’t get drunk. We couldn’t do much with that. Check-in is in one hour. One hour? I didn’t say we were leaving. I want to make sure you’re not drunk. Ok. Come on. You have to stop following me, or else I’ll call the police. It’s you who’s following me. What do you mean? It’s been minutes since I saw you turn around. That’s because I was thinking Games I hesitated between jam, chocolate Games You’re greedy. Oh yes. Why’s it always the y men who don’t want to talk? I thought, “I’ll finish my drink and then I’ll feel her up.” Can I have two gin and tonics, please? Thank you. Did you come alone? No, I came accompanied. By my daughter. I’m on guard tonight. How much do you charge? Why, are you interested? Yes. I didn’t understand Good evening. I ordered you a cup. I gotta talk to you. Not now, I love the music. It’s your dad, I swear! Huh, my dad? He scored a chick. Who cares? You have to cover for me, I’m going to Romain’s tonight. She’s old, she’s Games old and ugly and she looks annoying. What the is it to you? ! off! Please, can we leave? Huh? Come on, let’s leave. We just got here. They got me drunk! Huh? Please, they got me drunk. My friends.

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