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WZYP 104.3 FM Athens, Online WZYP 104.3 FM Athens Radio internet, WZYP 104.3 FM Athens USA Radio

I’m worried about Justin, he was supposed to come over tonight but he’s a no-show. He hasn’t even phoned. There’s still time. It’s early for you young types. You’re still a spring chick, yourself, mum. Give yourself some credit. It’s not me you have to convince about that it’s your father. Well, he’s still with you, isn’t he? Good point. I talked to David yesterday, by the way. Oh, good. What did he have to say? Anything interesting? No, not really. He’s just giving me a hard time, as per usual. [thunder rumbling] Great. Hang on, mum. Having a bit of a minor disaster over here. You want me to have your father come over? You think he’d mind traipsing across town to rescue his little girl in the rain? Please, he lives for that sort of stuff. Especially for his little girl. I don’t think dad would ever let me live it down if I couldn’t even change a light bulb. Neither would your brother. Okay, hold on a sec. I’m not going anywhere, take your time. [intense music] Okay, I’m back. So Carol is coming on Monday. I forgot to mention that on your answering machine. Who? David’s girlfriend. You remember, she came for Christmas briefly. Oh! Oh, the biology major. Yeah, I liked her. Good. Should I be expecting Justin as well? I hope so, if he can make it. He’s just so absorbed in his work. [bulb shatters] Mum, I’m gonna have to call you back. Things are getting pretty hectic over here. Domestic difficulties getting the best of you? Yeah, you have no idea. I can wait. Go do what you have to do. You sure? Believe me, I’ve got nothing better to do as pathetic as it may sound. Okay. [intense music] [music continues] Well, what is going on over there? Oh, nothing, I’m just taking care of a juvenile cat and cleaning up bloody mess. Well, maybe I should have sent your father, after all. Oh, I’m glad you’re enjoying this. Immensely. Okay, oh, voila. That may be my cue to say goodnight. Okay, night, mum. Love you, and so does your father. Let’s chat tomorrow. Okay. Bye. Goodnight, honey. [intense music] It’s late. Justin, where are you? [music continues] [cell phone rings] [intense music] [ringing continues] [ringing continues] [ringing continues] [ringing continues] This is Justin. Leave a message after the beep. Justin? Justin? [cell phone beeping] [beeping continues] [music continues] [beeping continues] [thunder rumbling] [instrumental music] [intense music] [music continues] [sneezing] Bless you. [intense music] [music continues] [instrumental music] Hmm. [exhales] Rusty. [intense music] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [dramatic music] [music continues] Somebody! Help me! Anybody! [instrumental music] Help! [intense music] Here’s your food. Thank you. Yeah, you’re welcome. No cookie? No, not this time. By the way, I, um, I just moved into the neighborhood. [instrumental music] [music continues] Any friend interested in buying a car? Here’s my business card. Call me if anyone is interested. Wait! What are you doing, Miss? That’s my scooter. My scooter Games Ok Games I got it. Please come down. No! Put it down now! We have rules here. Please don’t do it. Hsiao-kang. Hsiao-kang. Where are you going? Why aren’t you at the tutorial class? My scooter was towed. All right. Hop in the car. Damn it! I can’t eat this much. C’mon, eat. We are not there yet. I heard the forth floor is haunted. It is. Hey! Where am I? What street is this? Kenang Street Where are you goingto? Can you give me a ride? Where are you going? Ximending. OK, Hop on. Hsiao-kang, let’s go to the movie this afternoon. Then we’ll pick up your scooter after the movie. Just skip class this afternoon. I haven’t watched movies for years. Your mom and I took you to the movies when you were little. Do you remember? What’s wrong with that guy? He’s honking at you. What’s wrong with you? You just cut in from the side. Your are the one who swerved right, then left. That’s none of your business. It’s my business because you hit my car. Your car moved over. I did it because you turned right first. Your turn signal

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