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in together when you get back? Shacking up? Really? You’ll have a contract position at the Philharmonic. I’ll have tenure at the university. We’ll have enough money, and we can be workaholics together. Alright. I guess I’m officially accepting your bad news. I love you. Hm. Whatever. [Oswald mews] Hey, Oswald, good buddy. I heard you were in town. Hm. Did you go by your house, or did you come straight here? Nah, I came straight here. You gonna go home? Yeah, I gotta make sure Charlie didn’t tear up the place. You remember Charlie, don’t you, Oswald? Hmm. Be careful, you know, what they say, dogs get jealous. Yeah, right. I’m gonna go take a shower. You’re gonna let yourself out? Yes, I can. Speaking of letting yourself out, young lady.. Games maybe it’s time you find another hiding spot for your spare key? Like where? Like nowhere. Under the flower pot went out in the ‘s. Why don’t you keep it? [intense music] So, are you coming back tonight? I don’t know. You want me to? Hmm, honestly, honey, it’s okay. I think I’ve already moved on. [music continues] So we’re officially calling that make-up then? I guess so. Lock the door on your way out. Right. Oh, Justin! Yeah? Don’t forget about dinner with the parents on Monday night. Uh, this is the first I’ve heard of it. Well, can you make it? Your mother would never forgive me if I didn’t. Of course, I’ll be there. Okay. See you tonight. [music continues] [chuckles] Hey, E, I forgot I picked you some wildflowers. [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [instrumental music] The usual? Yeah. Turkey, cranberry sandwich and an Americano. Do you want an extra shot with that? It’s only a buck. Sure. Cool. I’ll have that up in about minutes for you if you want to go take a seat. Thanks. Yeah. [music continues] Hey, Dakota. Hey. What’s going on? Hanging out. Yeah? Yeah. Where’s your mom? Over there. Oh, yeah? High five. I’ll see you later, alright? Yeah. Bye. Bye. [intense music] Your food is ready. That was quick. Yeah, I threw in a chocolate chip cookie. I know that’s why you like to come back. Thanks. Yeah. See you tomorrow. [instrumental music] So you wanted to see me? Yes, I wanna ask you for some advice. Let me guess, you’re having second thoughts about going to England. Perhaps. You are such a disappointment to me. You have so much talent. You actually have so much talent that I envy you. And now you’re asking me to stand here and bear witness to you throwing your life away over some stupid person, over some stupid situation? I just wonder if there are other priorities to take into consideration. No! This is your only opportunity! Don’t squander your potential! [intense music] [cello music] [cello music] [intense music] [music continues] [thunder rumbling] [intense music] [music continues] [knock on door] John? Surprise. What are you doing here? Uh, did you loose this? My wallet. Hold on a second. Hey. Hey. Thanks. Come on in. Oh, great. Come in, come in. Oh. Hey, you must have dropped it when you were at the Laundromat. I found it when I was going to dry my clothes. It’s all there, I promise. Wow, I can’t believe I.. Yeah, it was on top of the washer. Your address was in your ID, it’s on your license, so.. Oh, right. Uh, uh, thank you. This is great. I, uh.. Uh, thank God it was you who found it, right? Yeah. You’re soaking wet, let me get you a towel. Oh, that’d be great, thanks. I figured since were neighbors I might as well just bring it by. Of course, thank you. Do you mind if I take my coat off? [indistinct] Stay a while, it’s the least I can do. Oh, thanks. Really. I lost my wallet once too. It was such a pain in the ass getting everything replaced and canceled. Yeah, I need to be more careful. It must have just fallen out of my pocket or something. Yeah. It’s a cool pad. Thank you. It’s cozy. [intense music] You’re a musician? Yeah, I’m actually with the Portland Philharmonic. Really? That’s interesting. How so? I don’t know, I guess I just have never met a classical

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