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Yeah. Do I know you? Uh, no, sorry. Um, you don’t know me, we — we haven’t met but I, I live in the neighborhood or I guess, you live in mine. Cool. Berkeley. Yeah. Yeah, I — I live in the big blue house um, with the white trim on it. Oh, I know that house! Yeah, that’s a great spot. I walk past it every day. Yeah, it’s a great neighborhood. I love it. I live off of JoLa’s coffee. Ah, it’s the best coffee in the city. Right? I love their pastries. They’re super buttery, but my God, they’re delicious. I think it was last week, I saw you there. I was, I was just waiting for my order. I — I couldn’t help overhear you talking. You know what, you’re right. Justin and I were there celebrating some good news. What better place to do it, than JoLa’s, right? Yeah, it’s perfect. Justin’s your boyfriend? Uh, yeah, if you mean the guy with the beard, that’s him. Oh, my name’s John, by the way. Elizabeth. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Likewise. So, how long have you lived on Berkeley? Uh, about years now. I got you beat. I’ve been there . It’s such a beautiful neighborhood. Yeah, I like it. Isn’t it crazy though that we’ve lived on the same street for , years, and here we are just meeting by chance? I blame the internet, you know that whole online dating thing? Hm, my friend Marty’s into meeting people online. Me, I could never do it. It kills the romance for me. Yeah, well, for some of us shy types it’s kinda one of the only ways to really get ourselves out there, you know? I hear you. So, any luck? Ah, no.. [chuckles] No luck. But they say, the fun is in the trying, so.. Hm, I don’t know it just always seemed like such an awkward way to meet people. Then, I’m the kind of person I don’t even like to send e-mails. I actually still have one of those old answering machines from the s that my parents used to own. Really? Mm-hmm. -Does it still work? Oh, yeah. I remember those. Justin calls me analog. He thinks I’m that old-fashioned. I think that’s cool. I mean, you know, everyone these days is so obsessed with their phone and texting. There’s no eye contact any more, you know? I know. Not me though. I like to see the world around me. Well, hey, it was nice to meet you. Likewise, John. It’s always nice to meet a neighbor. Maybe I’ll see you around. Yeah, that’d be great. Have a good one. [instrumental music] [dramatic music] [music continues] [door opens] [door closes] Elizabeth? E? Elizabeth. You home? [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] Holy shit! I’m almost happy to see you. [instrumental music] [Elizabeth chuckles] Stop. [dramatic music] [music continues] [Elizabeth moans] [music continues] [Elizabeth moans] Oh, God. [music continues] So was that make-up or break-up ? I don’t know yet, haven’t decided. Fair enough. You’ll never guess who I ran into? Hm. Professor Renwood. Apparently he’s heading up the new agricultural division responsible for documenting my research. Wait, not the same Professor Renwood who denied you a referral? The same. Now I’m his boss. You’re kidding. How ironic is that? Perfect example of poetic justice. This is delicious. Thank you. You’re welcome. None for you? I’m not hungry. So, have you given any more thought of coming to London with me? I can’t go. Not right now. Why? It’s not up to me. But it is up to you, it’s your project. And that’s why I can’t leave just now. I know this trip is important to you, to your career and I think that’s why it’s been so crazy for both of us but if I leave now, I could be jeopardizing the future of my research and of my project. And if you don’t go to London.. Games you’ll regret it the rest of your life. No, it’s worse than that. I could lose my seat with the orchestra. And I could lose my tenure at the university. I’m sorry. I know how you had your heart set on us being together in London. Well, I should have expected this, right? This is what happens when two ambitious people fall in love. Look, E.. Games I’ve been thinking and maybe we should think about moving

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