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So you guys must have talked a lot. This is how people are. As the time goes, and looking back, all those fights seemed nothing. Just that during the moment, it’s hard to keep calm. It’s only different thoughts and positions. The difference between these things can result in totally different choices. Life is the process of endless choices. I didn’t expect to hear such a story today. I am feeling a lot better. You were still crying when you just got here. Well, I was having a fight. You feel better now? Much better. Just different thoughts and positions. And I realized, we all have similar adolescence. But different lives. Well said. I have to go and face my own life now. Thank you. Good night Hi. “Similar adolescence.” “Different lives.” “To Xin-Yi Cai.” “For once every week, it’s fun or die time.” “Bo-Zhi Xiao.” Zhi, Sorry I stood you up anyhow. This letter, please read it calmly. I never feel like I am a weak person. Even though I am raised by a single parent, I never feel sorry for it. But I can’t forgive myself of my mom’s passing. When we get older, we will change. And you look like Games you forget to get old So Games do we still have a chance? If we can grow up together, things might be different today. Of course. We can go to school together And leave after school together. Having dinner together. If we have any problem between us, I would still have a chance to solve it. It’s beautiful. That night under the beautiful sky full of fireworks, I saw the most beautiful face of Xin-Rui. I held her hand all night. She didn’t refuse me. She said it was a familiar feeling. A sense of belonging. You know, Zhi. You have a familiar face as well. If possible, I would like to ask you for a favor. Xin-Rui once said, if she could own a café, that would be wonderful. Can you help me with that? You can open it anywhere. Just don’t make your cappuccino too sweet. “Good bye” Zhi. Are we bros? If so, take good care of yourself. You know how much I want to have a chance to grow up with you together. Studying and fooling around together. Getting girls together. But life is so hard. Min-Lu Guan. Little Lu Weatherman’s promising a huge storm. Standard Oregon fair. Well, then, I should let you go. You’ve got to concentrate on the road. No, I can, I can talk for a bit. Oswald’s here. Marty’s cat? Is Marty okay? Yeah. Yeah, she’s fine. Good God, how long has she had that cat? Seems like forever. [instrumental music] Uh, hello? What are you doing? I’m staring at a piece of lint behind the water heater. What? I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re doing a security check, aren’t you? I should have known, you’re such a little girl. Maybe I am. What for? Something got you spooked? Ah, yeah, no. No, it’s fine, it’s nothing. Do you remember all those stories that dad used to tell us when we were young? Uh, dad told us a lot of stories, E. Yeah, but I’m talking about the scary ones. Uh, I know, I remember. Do you think he enjoyed watching our imaginations squirm? Absolutely. [intense music] I just found Rusty. Your old teddy bear. Yeah, he was hiding under the bed. [alarm blaring] Oh, Jesus Christ! What? Elizabeth? My alarm.. My alarm went off and scared the hell out of me. Listen, it sounds like you have everything under control over there, I’m gonna, gonna go. It’s, uh, treacherous driving out here. Okay, maybe you’re right. I think I’ll have another glass of wine. I’ll see you at mom and dad’s. Uh, talk soon. Okay, drive safe, bye. Bye. [thunder rumbling] [intense music] [music continues] Here we go. [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [dramatic music] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [toilet flushes] [intense music] [music continues] [dramatic music] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [birds chirping] [instrumental music] Ozzie, behave. I’ll be back in a jiffy. [music continues] [intense music] [music continues] [cello music on headphones] Hey, is, is your name Elizabeth?

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