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Can a cat swim? Oh my god. “Welcome to Taipei County.” I am so tired. Take a look. Where is that kitten? Someone bought it today. Oh, it’s feeling cold right? Get over there. Damn, you really know how to share after sharing your exam experience you try to share other’s girlfriend as well? Xin-Rui, this is Games This is his boy friend. You can beat it now. What’s wrong with you? Get out of here. I don’t like your tone. Zhen-Ting, please go now. Come on, let’s step aside. Come. Tell me if anything happens. Just beat it, will you? He gave you the cat? Don’t be like this, Lu. Is it still called little Lu? Here, this cell phone is for you. Happy Birthday. So you Games “Xin-Rui calling.” Our cappuccino is really too sweet. When did it happen? Hmm? You and him. You don’t want to talk about it? The problem between us is more important. Don’t be like this. Then how can you do this to me? I’ve worked so hard just hoping that the distance wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not about the work or the distance. Then what’s the problem? The long distance only surfaces our differences. What differences? Our thoughts, our values. But we were ok before, weren’t we? The reality can make us more mature. Yes, the process might be tough. But, it can’t be refused or denied by working hard. What did I refuse? What did I deny? You denied the reality. You refuse to acknowledge our differences. What does that suppose to mean? Lu. The fate of long distance relationship is not favoring you or me. I saw your hard work. But I really tried. I really did. I know you tried. I really tried. That’s why I never blame you. I just figure out things earlier than you. That day the tape I gave you. What did it say on the sticker? I am here with you Games I am here with you Games Do you understand the meaning of it? I am here with you. Right, I didn’t notice you are helpless. But did you see my effort? I am here with you. I am here with you. I’m sorry Games I’m sorry Games I’m sorry Games “Xin-Rui.” “You’re not here.” He’s been like this for a while. What should we do? There’s nothing we can do. Min-Lu Guan. It’s the last chance for taking the exam. Are you going? Whatever. Let’s go. Go Games “The Funeral of Mrs. Guan.” The host paying respect to the deceased. Please take a bow. The family returns the salute. Guests paying respect to the deceased. Please stand by your positions. She’s been ill for quite some time. I told her to take care her health. Her face is getting pale lately. She kept saying it’s fine. She’s been to the doctors and it turned out she didn’t. When the doctor found out, it was too late. She only has her son. Let’s help her take care of him. What’s up? “A new message.” “Xin-Rui.” “Lu, sorry to hear about your mom.” “Be brave.” She’s not the only girl in this world. Be possitive and let it go. It’s just life. All the shitty things would pass eventually. Would you stop blabbering? I am not blabbering. I am comforting you. Shut up. Why are you acting like this? You are not alone. Please just shut up. No. Shut up. No. Just shut up. ” months later.” ,, , Rooster and rooster, hen, and hen, chicken and chicken Games I lost to a chicken. Do I need to drink this one for you? No need. I will drink for Min-Lu Guan too. Speaking of Lu, where is he? I told you to call him. I called like a dozen times, he wouldn’t pick up. That’s impossible. I called a dozen times too. If he didn’t show up, he’s going to die. Move over. Hey, hurry up. Xin-Yi, I am going outside for a while. Hi. Hi. Why aren’t you coming in? Because“. I only want to see you. You got a minute? I wanna show you something Now? Yes, now. Why aren’t you coming in? I have something to do. Where are you going? I am going too. No way. Why not? Because“. You will be the third wheel. Damn it. Fine, I’ll stay here then. I’ll be waiting for you. Sure. Don’t stand me up. Fine. A pinky swear. What? Are you still kids? I’ve imagined it for a long time. I finally make it happen. We should do this a long time ago. Of course. This is our first promise. I forgot about it, if you hadn’t mentioned it. I won’t forget it.

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