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WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville, Online WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville Radio internet, WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville USA Radio

Wanna bite me? Cute ears. If Games it’s yours what would you name it? I will call it Little Lu then. Why? What do you think? Seriously? $ you guys already Games did that? So you get to the nd base, and try to go for the home plate? What the hell are you talking about? Honestly, did she ask you to be responsible? Can we change a subject? Fine Games I’ve always wanted to ask you. You’ve been working so much and getting so exhausted. And then you just had a kiss. Frankly, I think it’s kind of dumb. Whatever. I’ve made a bet with the roommates. A long distance relationship like this can’t last over months. But I know you very well, I bet you can endure it. I am not enduring anything. Yes you are. Zhi, you’ve been after Xin-Yi for years. Aren’t you tired? I am not like you. I am playing catch and release. Fine, you’re very good at it. Why are you studying English now? Because I would need it in the future. Need it in the future? What do you mean? There is a professional cafe in Seattle. I would like to go visit. Do you want to come with me? Seattle Games There was a Seattle cafe’ on the road. It’s close I am kidding. Not funny. So you Games really are going to Seattle? Hmm. I thought when you graduated, you will move back to Kaoshiung. Then we can be together everyday again. And we can open a cafe’ together. I wasn’t planning to go back once graduated. I want to go abroad and see the world. How long would it take? The world is only so big. You can stay home and watch Wonders in China or the Discovery Channel. Uh Games National Geographic. Why are you so serious? I mean it, Lu. I want us both to go to Seattle. So let’s go and work on our English, ok? I am not hereto practice English with you. Do you think we will stay at the same place for our entire lives? It is important to plan the future. Can you listen to what I am saying? And give it some serious thought. Instead of just making a joke and get by with it. Don’t you think you’ve changed? We’re different since the beginning. But I haven’t changed. Honest Games identify Games Coffee. Vitamin. Studying English. Do you want to be a foreigner? Here’s something you should know. The exam tomorrow is calculus, not English. It’s none of your business. Of course I know the exam is calculus. Then why are you reading English? Do you think I’ve changed? Ya, you’ve become much more stupid. Preparing for the wrong exam. Do you think that if I buy her a cat she would stop being so upset. Wow brother Iu after you have a girlfriend you have become so generous. What the hell are you saying? Hello? Hello. Oh, mom. How’s the school? I am studying for the exams. After the exam, when you are free, come back home. I want to talk to you about something. You can tell me on the phone. Well, it’s family matters. I can’t make it clear on the phone I’ll wait until you’re back. Do remember. Find time to come home after the exams. Oh. Yesterday, I asked him to buy chocolate. So I bought it. I want the dark one, not the milk one. Oh. What? Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Dark chocolate. Dark and milk chocolate. Idiots. Nice one. Last time, he wanted some black soybean milk. I used the same trick. Lu. A girl is crying and she’s asking for you. Hello? A ticket to Taipei, hurry Games It’s too late, the train is moving. What do you want? I am looking for Xin-Rui Li. Lu Games Are you ok? Is everything all right? Did you get hurt? No. Only the purse was gone? Yes, just lost the purse. How much money was in it? It doesn’t matter. Why not? Because you are here. Did you report to the police? I’ll go with you together, come on. I did, it’s already been some time now. So Games what do you want me to do now? You have no idea what to do? How would I know if you don’t tell me? Come on. Say something. Why are you being so quiet? What should I do if you keep saying nothing? Actually, there’s nothing to be said. And nothing to be done. I just have to be by her side quietly. I have only realized that later on. All she needs is me being there. I thought I was there but it was only my own imagination. If I had a cell phone that can reach her would these things never happened? Long distance relationship is hard. You want to solve it all by a cell phone. It’s not that easy. Hello, Xin-Rui Let’s have some chicken rice tomorrow, ok? What’s wrong? Are you feeling down? Oh, do you have time this weekend? Oh, I see. But on your birthday I think Games Oh. Having a cold shower to be tough. And got a fever with headache. It makes sense. Bo-Zhi Xiao. Huh? Are we bros? Huh? If so, go to Taipei with me. “Do you believe in destiny?” Typhoon rarely affects Taichung City. But the huge scale of Typhoon Webber is inevitable this time. The rain in Taichung keeps pouring. The trees behind me on the sidewalks are all bent down by the wind. The northbound lanes of Provincial Highway Games To all passengers, we beg your pardon, the tickets before : are all sold out. The tickets before : are all sold out. Thank you. Damn, how come the rain is warm? And it’s also yellow. You peed on me. What the hell. Lu thank god you didn’t get a cat. Why is that?

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