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You don’t bring clients. But I look after them. It’s not the same. I think it’s just as important. But it’s zero or one. I think it’s zero. So do I. Point against. And the clients come for my ideas. Yes. No, no, no, no. Let’s be objective. When did you last create something we could sell? Look, Carlos, my work takes time, too. How much? Four years? Five years? Carlos, come on! Third, the family. Well, we all have families. But who is really needed by them? I’m not. My father could die any time. With Alzheimer’s you never know. I’d like to be with him as long as possible. Yeah, yeah, a point in your favor. Hey, I’m sorry. When do you visit him, Carlos? What? When do you visit your father? When I can. He thinks you visit him every week. I said, when I can. No. No, what? It’s not true. What the do you know? What’s his nurse called? I don’t know. They keep changing them. What are you doing? Her name is Rosa. She’s been with him for three years. You visited my father without telling me? You were to tell me when you went, and you didn’t. I’m his son. Yeah? Yes. Carlos, please. I spent every Christmas in your house. Not anymore. Why? Because. Are you going to hit me? Hit me again? You know he often thinks I’m you? As if I were you. Triple draw. Yes, triple draw. Well, Veronica, Luis, have you finished your argument? Yes. If there’s nothing more to add, we’ll proceed to the vote. Very well. Let’s go. It really suits you. It’s what we said. What? You did a good job. Clever bastard. I did nothing. Right, she does it for you. Does what? What did you do in the washroom? What? Will you screw her again? Wait Games What are you saying? Are you two involved again? No. For God’s sake, they never stopped being involved. Still, Vero? That’s still going on? Wait, wait, this changes things a lot. They’re together. No, that’s all in the past. I wasn’t even married. Yeah, sure. You know what he told her so she’d have an abortion? Shut up. It wasn’t the right time, the firm was more important. Shut up! Do you know what he said to me? That you were the kind of girl to screw but not to have kids with. No, that’s not how it was. And how was it? It was your decision. Mine. You don’t say. Do we have to talk about it now? Yes, why not? I’d like to talk about it. So you never asked me to do it? We did it together. So you never told me you wanted a partner, an equal, someone as committed to the firm as you? I sacrificed myself for you, Marcel. Yes, I gave everything for this firm. You said, “This isn’t the time,” but within a year, you’d married and had your daughter. Very coherent. Very coherent. Circumstances were different. And? It was a different time. Why? You know perfectly well. You loved her and not me. That’s how you explain it. Right? You tell me. Chloe wanted to be a mother, to have a family. And you were more ambitious. You had no maternal instinct. That’ll do. Forget it. You wanted Games Forget it. You’ve said it all. Can we finish this now? If you are all in agreement. We are. Are you in agreement? Yes. Very well. Marcel? Yes. In that case, each one of you take a paper, put the name of one of the four of you and give it to me. I’ll now read the result. “Luis.” I maintain what I said. “Marcel.” I’m sorry. “Luis.” I said it. “Marcel.” Well, we have a draw between Luis and Marcel, with two votes each. Yes, Natalia. No, not yet. We’re working on it, Natalia. Natalia, I said not yet! Well, it’s between you two. Yeah? that. That’s the result. Now what? Now what? If you want, you two could have a draw. A draw is no good. It’s different now. Now it is? We’ve gotten nowhere. I don’t agree. It’s like at the beginning. No, there were four candidates to make that transfer. And now, through a system you all agreed on, there are only two. So we’ve made some progress. Luis, have you ever thought what you’d be doing if we hadn’t set up this? If we hadn’t met, all this wouldn’t exist. Honestly, would you be doing well? The rest of us would. I’m sure the rest of us would. But you? I don’t know. Sure, you may be a genius, and you had a brilliant idea that made millions for us. Yes, a lot of money. Okay, but that’s it. Now what? Now what will you do? You’ve got no initiative. You’re pulled along. You’re , and you’ve got kids of under you who run rings round you. So what are you saying? You were indispensable, but not anymore. The company is about to take off, and we have to shed weight. At any minute, we can be bought out for heaps of money, and I’m the only one who can pull it off. All you have to do is relax and pick up the chips while we take care of this. The question is, how many chips do you want? What do you mean? What do you want for spending seven years in prison? Luis, listen to him. Would you? Yes. Yeah? Why not? And what would you ask him for? Money. How much money? Lots of money. How much are seven years worth for you? How much are seven years worth? Let’s settle on a price. How much? Fifteen million. ! I’d have said ten. Fifteen is fairer. How is that measured? Why not Games twenty? You think is right? Twenty million. And ? It sounds better, a rounder figure.

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