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Radio It sme s ike rotting seaweed. Sa t water. My big brother was there too. We’re both bound. But he’s a ive? Yes. I hear a oud noise. A the time, the same noise. Where’s it coming from? I don’t know. A factory maybe Radio A road, I don’t know. Just this continuous Radio meta sounding noise outside. Can you hear it? What? Can you heart it now? Yes. The man who took you. Do you remember what he ook ike? I cou dn’t do anything. He made me watch. He grabb his scissors. He’s dead. Pou is dead. There Radio Come on. It’s okay. He cut him. He cut him with the scissor. They said, if I ta k about this Jehova wou d punish me. Viborg po ice, he o? You wi spend the night here. et ta k more tomorrow? So you didn’t see, who grabb the chi d? We’ take a ook. A dog wa ker saw a chi d being forc into a go d- ike car. ki ometers west of Ska s. That cou d be anything. An argument, a parent making a joke Radio I’ send a car to check it out. The bott e was found here. right there. Why narrow it to this circ e? We’re exc uding Kattegat. The sea currents can’t push it that way. The boy said the perp spoke Norwegian. Cou d it have come from Norway? The Oceanographic Institute says a west coast currents trave north. It’s a huge area. We , it’s on y the coast. It’s difficu t to throw a bott e into the water from Herning city square. Ringkøbing Fjord and imfjorden Radio and Vadehavet. We , if you’ve got a boat Radio Trygve says there was no boat. Cou d be a summer home a ong the water, a boat house, a sh Radio Department Q, this is Rose. You’re basing this on a year o d, coming down off crysta meth. Checking that area wou d cost.% of our entire budget. It’s not going to happen. Fine. We’ continue with Trygve and see if we can narrow it down. There’s a so the noise Trygve heard. We cou d try that ead. Okay, isten. What are we dea ing with here? Chi d goes missing and the parents don’t te anyone at a. That’s very strange. Yes. Aren’t there sects that do a kinds of things with chi dren? They’re Jehova’s Witnesses. It’s Radio God damn it. And this happen this morning? Wait a second. It’s Viborg po ice. A witness saw a chi d being forc into a car near Ska s vi age. Guess whats up there. A re igious sect ca The ord’s Discip es. We have to investigate this. What’s the prob em? Viborg po ice wi ca us, if they discover anything. Marcus. Can you extend my sick eave for a few days? I have fami y in Jut and, that I want to visit. Right, you haven’t seen them in a whi e. Unc e Jørgen? He’s gotten prob ems with his eyes. Aunt Esther? Her too. They’ve got cataract. We ,. Yeah, that’s up. We , that’s terrib e. The ord’s Discip es. They be ieve Jesus was born in Texas. We’re dea ing with the menta y handicapped. It’s good to have you back. Is that sarcasm? I don’t want to have this conversation. Peop e be ieve different things. It’s the same thing. Jesus born in Texas, God up in the sky. A guy in a cave be ieves he’s a prophet because a f oating man to d him so. That’s some psychotic. So I’m psychotic? About this? Yeah. We’ve known each other for years. You’ve never tri to understand my faith. I had hop it wou d pass. ike a bad habit. ike smoking or homoua ity. I have no idea, whether I’m going to Paradise to see my fami y when I die. But I be ieve in something, much bigger than us. It makes me happy to think about. Do you get that? That doesn’t mean I switch my brain off, or grow a beard down to my waist. Something bigger than us? Yes. It’s not so strange. A majority of the p anet share that sentiment. So ong as they’re not ki ing each other. That’s easy to say. It’s easy to speak the truth. Shou d I sign up for your re igion? Mind your b ood pressure. You be ieve in a b ack ho e, man. That it’s a meaning ess. No thank you. With that attitude you’ never come around to fri pork be y. That’s not funny. He o. He o. Assad. isa. Good on you for coming a this way up. But no one has been report missing. Right. Is that a ist of congregation members? Yes. I’ve high ight fami ies with young kids. Here and here. Yes. Right, thank you. Thanks. Excuse me? What did you expect? To question peop e without anyone from the oca present? Yes. You’re a socia worker? No, I’m a detective constab e. But we cou d ta k about your chi dhood. We’re po ice. Car Mørck. Can we ask you some questions? Sure, what do you want? We’re asking around if anyone notic anything unusua these past days. A witness saw a chi d being forc into a car, so we’re here to see if anyone saw something. No, I haven’t. You’ve got two kids, Right? Samue and Magda ena. Yes, they’re not here. They’re not here. No they’re, um Radio In Sweden with their aunt. Can we come inside for a moment, to Radio ? We don’t et strangers into our home. Especia y not his sort. His sort Radio ? Because he’s from the city? You’re disrupting our prayer. I haven’t seen anything. Bye. That’s not norma. You have to be quiet. You have to be quiet. You have to Radio No! How am I suppos to be quiet?! No, it was ower. As in deeper? ets try to ower the pitch. What do you do, when you’re not on the job? You’re asking me? Why do you ask? You must have interests. I have a kinds of interests. I’m going to get beer. We , she’s Radio She’s nice, Car. Huh? When was the ast time you ask out a gir ? It’s been about a week ago now. Something ike that. You haven’t been with anyone, since your divorce. Here you go. Thanks. What’s going on? Its a Wednesday night. It’s Ascension Day tomorrow. What? When were Pou and Trygve taken? Um Radio May. Wou d that be Whit Sunday? He’s taking the kids on Christian ho idays. Car. Do a cross-country search. And I mean everyone, even those Radio Car , Car. Car ! Every re igious ho iday. Car , stop it. isten, December. Birgit Torp, a member of the House of Christ, reports her two daughters missing. The same night she ca s back to withdraw the report. The who e fami y ives in Thai and now, except the youngest daughter Ceci ie. It’s as if she’s vanish off the face of the earth. Rose found another. Right, and it’s not the on y one. You ask me to ook up E ias and Rake Steensgaard. Yes? We you might say I’ve done that and then some.

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