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No, et me. Yes. I have to button your Radio Your eterna servant. Your servant. Your eterna servant. Hear our prayer. We ne You, oh ord. We ne You. I’ve ook at your magazine a itt e. ook at it. ook at it. What do you think mom and dad wou d say about his? ook at me. On y God can he p you now. Pray God that He sha come and he p you now. Pray! Your servant. Your eterna servant Radio Your servant. Your eterna servant Radio Stop speaking ike your dad! I don’t want to hear it. Again! Our Father Radio In Danish, I said. Again. Stop it! E ias? We ne to ta k. I have to go to work. You transferr everything to your account. Your pensions, the company, Rake ‘s parents.. tota. What’s the money for? isten. We ask a neighbor to check on your sister in und. There weren’t any chi dren, E ias. isten. Stay out of it! How the do you know a this? Who are you? Easy. We just want to know what happen to Samue and Magda ena. You don’t get it! If he finds out I ta k to the po ice Radio Stop, E ias! It’s not his first time. ast time on y one of the chi dren returned. We , ets ta k. Speak! I’m not ta king to him. They’re here for the sake of the chi dren. Can’t you see? Come inside. Both of you. Car. What? The shoes. So this is the chi dren’s room Radio Magda ena s eeps here. And Samue. We didn’t even notice they were gone unti he ca ed. He ca here? Yes. And he spoke Norwegian? Yes. Yes? Yes, he said he had Magda ena and Samue , and that Radio We had to cash out a our money. He Radio He knew exact y how much we had. How did his voice sound on the phone? Was it young? O d? No, we know him. His name is Johannes. You know him? Yes Radio Yes. He visit the church a few times the ast coup e of years. He said that he was a missionary for the congregation. We had dinner with him two nights ago. Right where you’re sitting now. Johannes is probab y not his true name. Do you have a photo of him? No. How is the money being hand over? I have to put it in a bag and get on a train to Hamburg tonight. He wi ca and te me where to hide the bag, and then I have to get off at the fo owing stop Radio When he has the money, he wi re ease the chi dren somewhere fami iar to them. If we don’t do as he says, or te somebody Radio Radio he wi ki them. But first he wi make sure, they can’t enter Paradise. He wi Radio do things to them. So Radio you can see why we can’t et you get invo ved. Good. You have hand over the money, but we have to be there. No. You can’t. If he sees you. He won’t know we’re there. No. We won’t do anything unti we have an open opportunity. This isn’t his first time. I said I won’t a ow it! He’s ki at east one chi d. I won’t a ow it. The other chi dren’s parents have et him get away with it, because they put their faith in God rather than the po ice. So I’ ask again. Cou d you ive with the fact that you did nothing to save your chi dren’s ives? Car , Car Radio Take it easy. Cou d you? Easy, Car. E ias. It’s your kids. Your ca. But Car is right. If we don’t stop him, you’ never see your chi dren again. No Radio No. Yes, E ias. Yes. Yes. No. We can’t do it a one. If something goes wrong Radio Radio and you’re to b ame Radio I promise we’ do everything we can. There’s stops to Hamburg and we ne two p ainc othes officers at every station. To officers are on the train from Randers, another wi board a ong side E ias, and we’ve got to cars a ong the route, in case he s ips past us. That’s p ainc othes officers. True p ainc othes. No windbreakers or tight jeans. I’ change to a b ue suit. We’ve got five and a ha f hours to get everything in p ace, those with the argest distance to cover, shou d go now. We ne a he icopter, in case we ose sight Radio Radio or if he’s got someone he ping him. Wi Car and Assad be on the train? No, you’ take one of the cars. Sorry, have I miss something? officers and a he icopter for a sing e arrest. This is kidnapping for ransom, and we don’t even know if he’s armed. We don’t be ieve he’s doing it for money. He’s toying with the fami ies. He spends years to get to know them and takes their chi dren on Christian ho idays. He forc a year o d boy to witness the murder of his own brother, and we know of the sib ings case in , when a year o d gir vanished. He’s not a kidnapper. He’s a seria ki er. If we ose him, we risk osing one the chi dren. Maybe both. Anything e se Radio before we head out? We know he speaks Norwegian. Other than that, this drawing is a we have. We have no trace of him, not today or back in. He ca them from a sto en phone that’s been recover from a ditch. He’s not stupid. Radio a arge sca e aid-effort on the African continent Radio I’m afraid I have to go now. Yes. See you. Yes. This is Cop He icopter. Are we in touch with Mørck? Yes, this is Mørck. Did you check the route? In some p aces we’re further than ki ometers away from the train. You’ve got to say: “He i, Bravo, Whiskey, over and out.” What? E se he won’t get it. “He o, Bravo”, what the are you ta king about? They won’t know you’re addressing them. It’s very important. “He i, Bravo, Whiskey, over and out.” Sure thing, Car. I was just kidding. Dia it down a itt e down there. Right, sorry. Can I he p, Rake ? You can put the books down over there. The train’s arriving. E ias? Are you ready? E ias? The train for Hamburg wi be arriving short y on track. I repeat: The train for Hamburg wi be arriving short y on track. Can I he p you? What? You can get your tickets over here. Right. Stop ooking around. Thanks Radio I’m g ad you’re coming with me. I don’t get the kind of peop e the po ice force accepts. I know, it’s. Stop ooking around. There’s a chance he’s getting on the train with us. From this point we don’t ta k. Safe trave s. Why do you think the bott e found us, Car ? I mean, why now? Right before this goes down. Otherwise we wou dn’t know about Samue and Magda ena. We might save two chi dren because of a etter, that was in the water for years. What are you trying to say? That God sent us a message in a bott e? What if it’s true, Car ? What if some force is watching us. Standing by in car , seats and. eading us a towards good. A we have to do is isten for it.

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