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Quit that bu. Stop ca ing it bu. Do you want to ta k about e fs too? If you want to be my friend then stop being arrogant about my faith. It’s embarrassing. How can someone so c ever be ieve in something so stupid? Your opinion on right and wrong can’t be taken serious y. Okay. You’ve got ha f of your ife eft and you’ve a ready given up. Don’t you ever wonder about ife’s mysteries? No. This is Cop. The train is departing Hadsten Station. He’s ca ing. How far are we? Two ki ometers. Yes? We have contact. I see him. Which car are you in?. Go to the nearest restroom. You have seconds to reach it. I want to speak to them first. seconds. Don’t ask again. Focus, E ias. Go to the nearest restroom. Where are we? Take a right next. On the right side in front of you there’s a r hand e, next to the door. Pu it and force the door open. What? Do it. I can’t. No more questions. Do as I say. Now. He’s opening the door. What door? What? He’s open the outer door. He is not on the train. He is not on the train. Which side, Pasgård? He open the outer door. Pasgård, on which side? The right side. What shou d I do? Stand by. Prepare to throw the bag. How do I know I’ get them both? What do you mean? Who said you’ get them both back? We’ve made contact again. We see E ias. In seconds you’ pass a gate and then a forest. Prepare to throw the bag. I want to see them first! E ias, do you want to see your kids again? E ias? You’re crazy. You’re ying. Do as I say. E ias? Where’s the next crossing? What? Where’s the next crossing? In two ki ometers. Cop. The train is entering the forest. We won’t have contact. Prepare to throw the bag in seconds. I wi ki them if you don’t throw it Radio now. He o? E ias!. He jumped! A man has jump off the train. We don’t have visua contact. Car ! What the are you doing, Car ? What? God’s protecting us, right? Repeat, a man has jump off.. What does it mean? Be ca m, Rake. Easy, sit down. Car ? Car , where are you? Car , come in. Where are you? E ias? Where are my chi dren? Ssh. Do you see me now? E ias? E ias? Car ! Car , get the he icopter. Car , where are you? Get the he icopter back. What? E ias needs to go to the hospita. E ias? E ias? The po ice has not provid many detai s about this operation, which TV News has earn went wrong, resu ting in, a year o d man jumping off the train ear ier tonight. Specu ations of a kidnapping have been raised. According to witnesses, the man’s two chi dren haven been absent from schoo. We have an exc usive on the events taking p ace on the train. The po ice are sti re uctant provide detai s in order to protect Radio Why is it Radio ? Why are my chi dren on it? What? You promis you wou d he p. You promised. Now E ias is up there. And my chi dren Radio I’ never see them again. And it’s your fau t! You did everything you cou d, and she knows that. How ong have you had that, Car ? What? I’ve had many co eagues, who went through unp easant experiences. You ne he p. You’re shaking ike someone who’s about to fa apart. Oh. I better see someone about that. Okay. Radio an improv infrastructure wi increase the possibi ity of active and ong term investments, which natura y Radio In the case of the two kidnapp chi dren, TV News has tri Radio Radio to reach Car Mørck Radio Radio who did not wish to comment on tonight’s events. Yes Radio ook at me. ook at me. Are you watching? Mhm, yes p ease. Yes p ease, yes p ease. Hey. Who are you ta king to? What’s going on? Christian? I think it’s been taken somewhere between ‘ and ‘. Can you move in c oser? ook at her eyes. Yes. Did Vej e po ice find any prints? None that shows in the database. Neither Denmark or IFAD. Yes? It’s centra. We have someone who wants to ta k to you. He has information about the kids. Do you want to speak to him? Yes. Go ahead. He o? What do you be ieve in? Who is this? Are you a re igious man, Car Mørck? Yes. You made a big mistake, but I think you know a ready. Yes Radio I know. We shou d have eft you a one. You’re probab y right about that. I understand, that you’re angry Radio The chi dren wi die now. isten Radio Both of them. This is your fau t, Car. I think you care more about me, than the chi dren. Hey Radio What do you want? Do you? Te me what you want. Maybe we’ see each other. He o? He o? He o? He is here. He’s here at the hospita. He’s here. He’s here! B ock a exits. B ock a exits. E ias. Mrs. Steensgaard, he’s waking up now. Can we get a doctor Radio ? What the is happening? Where’s the a arm? He o, can you hear me? E ias, are you there? Can you hear me? I ne some he p over here. We ne a doctor. ICU, ward.. We ne a doctor. E ias? Yes, right away. Hey. We have a pu se… Jo Radio Johannes? I know. ift. What. Here. What’s the pu se? He was wearing scrubs? Mhm. Yes? Car , he’s wearing scrubs. Whats that? Car , he’s wearing scrubs. Car Radio Assad? Behind you. Car ? E ias, stay with me. E ias? His going into cardiac arrest. Do you ne a priest? Do you have a priest? Yes. Can it be a regu ar priest? Step away from the patient. Radio , ,. , , , , , Radio Come. Hey, ock the door. In there. Pasgård? Pasgård! No, no, no Radio Pasgård.

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