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Pasgård. Easy, ca m down. What’s happening? What shou d I do? We ne paramedics in the parking garage. eve , now. Car , where the he are you? Car ! Car ! , ! He didn’t do anything. Have you done nothing wrong? We didn’t do anything! God doesn’t want you! We didn’t do anything! Where the he is he? That’s the ast trace of him. After that he’s gone. Neither eve or in the basement. Have you check the cars? Where the he are you, Car ? There. The convertib e. It’s not register to any of the staff. We have a registration number. YJ. Mia Hansen. The address is ha f an hour away. Okay. We want a of you to isten to this. Trygve, who was taken years ago, has identifi the noise he heard, when he was he d captive. It’s the on y ead right now, that points to the chi dren’s ocation. And I know that Radio Radio there’s a chance we won’t find them Radio Radio or Car a ive. Various factories have been exc uded. A generator? No, they run in a faster tempo and have a more constant sound. He might not remember exact y Radio Um Radio You said a boat house, so it’s by the water, right? Right. I think I know what it is. Hey, Rose. The sound cou d be a windmi. We’re making a ist of addresses, where you can hear windmi s. It’s more than possibi ities Radio Good job, Rose. “Becca”. Rebecca Henriksen? My name is Assad. I’m a po ice officer. Did something happen? Can I come in for a moment? My brother speaks Norwegian Radio Radio but his name is Thomas. Do you know where he ives? He trave s a ot Radio He’s iv in Germany for a few years. He’s an executive. He bought this Radio house for me. He a ways took care of me. We’re ooking for someone who kidnapp two kids from The ord’s Discip es. He’s done it more times before that. Yes Radio A ways sib ings who come from very re igious fami ies. It was in the news this morning. Rebecca Radio Do you think it might be your brother? Rebecca? He doesn’t ive in Germany. He has a p ace in Denmark, by the water. She says he has a boat house. By the North Sea. Begin with areas c ose to windmi s. Continue a ong the coast and go north west. Don’t worry about her now. It’s just you and me. Do you know what I am? You’ve done this before. One thing at a time. First answer my question. Do you know what I am? No. I’m the son of the Devi. I know how it sounds. No no Radio I know how it sounds. I don’t be ieve I am the so e chosen son of the Devi. Because I’m not. I’m one of his many sons. We’re his so diers, one might say. The Devi ‘s? Satan’s? So that’s why you’re doing this? He o. He came to me, when I need him the most. He o, mom. He made me strong, when I was weak. And then I was his. From that moment on. So you ki chi dren? To sacrifice them to him? Does he get their sou s in he ? This has nothing to do with chi dren. I understand how it might seem ike that, but it’s not. I found the purest way to serve his sacr wi. Enough of that. We ne to beat God. I take their faith away. From the chi d, the parents, the fami y. Everyone oses their faith, and it spreads. And now Radio And now Radio I’ take away your faith. You’re wasting time. I don’t be ieve in God. I don’t be ieve in anything. Johannes. Johannes. isten, Johannes Radio No, no, no Radio No! No! Do you hear me? isten to me. Take me instead. Take me instead, Johannes, take me instead. Samue. You’re rescuing peop e you’ve never met. Of course you have faith. Samue. I’ve never met anyone, who’s had as much faith as you.. Johannes, Johannes. It’s just a itt e boy. He didn’t do anything. Oh yeah? He is just a itt e boy. So why is no one he ping him? Take me in his stead. Johannes, take me instead. Samue , ook at me. Samue ! No, no, no Radio Johannes. Johannes! Take me! Do you wish God wou d make you powerfu enough to stop me? Johannes Radio Get him up. I think you wi remember this day. Get him up. isten to me. You were here Radio Radio and it chang nothing. And God Radio never showed. Johannes, what Radio ? Johannes? Don’t do this. Take me instead. Now you take this Radio Johannes. And then you get your revenge. Then you wi be his, then you wi be free. Stab me. Stab me, and you’ be free. You disappoint. Now you’ve seen. Now you must ive. I see a house on the water. Assad, put down the machine. Find Car and the kids. I have to and on the beach, Assad. Magda ena. Magda ena! He p me. Find something over there to cut these strips. Come, come Radio Here, here. Samue ! Samue ! Hurry! Just put me down here. P ease come back. Samue ? Samue ? Samue Radio Samue ? Samue Radio Car ? He’s out there somewhere. Are you ok? I’ stay here. Hm, yes Radio You and the others must go on iving in gratitude of a the things Radio Radio you got from Pou. Short as his ife might have been, you receiv something very va uab e. You must ive, Trygve and trust that he is with God now. Just as we are with God. God reaches across the border that is death, giving a sense of community between the iving and the dead. He gives us hope that ife is stronger than death. Amen. Amen. ove y is the Earth! g orious is God’s heaven! wonderous are the sou s pi grimage! Through the great kingdoms on earth we go to Paradise with song.

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