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He is a genius about to get into troub e. I think Baxter Stockman works with Destroyer. Destroyer. Do you ne us there? No. Baxter is easy prey. But, remember the birthday you did to me? The c ock, yes. I want to use it to enter Baxter mai s. Okay, but to get into their accounts Radio You have to be c ose. How c ose? Your watch shou d be one meter away from your device: iPad, iPhone, whatever. I do understand. Thank you very much friend. We’ ta k ater. Your tab e, sir. Thank you. OUT OF RANGE Sorry. Sorry. Is that Radio are not you Radio ? I wou d ove a gir ike you. I recogniz but I assure you Radio he does not know who I am. Is Baxter Stockman, PhD. He graduat from MIT at age. His innovations in robotics nano in the TCRI have been Radio an inspiration to me. I am sorry. I’m just Radio I’m a nerd. No P ease. Be a sappy. Rea y? If. Thank you. A though there is a big difference. I’m a nerd, not a sappy. It’s ike the difference between “The ord of the Rings and Harry Potter”. Or T ta ks and Radio Comic-Con. If! Dr. Stockman. It just confirmed. “The package” wi embark tonight. DISCHARGE Make sure the craw at each point of the route. And Trevor Radio and I end up working for today. DOWN OAD OBJECT INTERRUPT OUT OF RANGE I have to answer. Is my boyfriend. Sorry. Ah, you have a boyfriend. Of course. But does he know Radio ? The difference between the rd pi. ¿Decima decima power and power? It has been an honor to meet you. It is one of the greatest minds of our generation. Bye. ook, friends. I met a cowboy. ook what musc es. Is that right? Caramba. Smi e! COMP ETE % Defense! Defense! Hop between two! Nothing of that! There’s pizza in my Nike! It’s Pizza! ook at her! ook at her in my tennis! Exp ain that. There’s pizza in my Nike! We come to New York. He stopp short. We’ have to find another p ace to watch the game. ¡Mikey! What are you doing? It is the Ha oween parade. I a ways want to participate in one. The on y event that does not ca attention. A ways we ca attention. We are ninjas. We ive in the shadows. et’s move on. Yes et’s go. ¡Coo ! Good disguise, brother. Thanks man. Mikey. Mikey. What is the prob em? This is my city. These are my peop e. Are we in New York? What an incredib e thing! What part of “ninja move in the shadows,” you do not understand? Apri ! How did it go? I’m ooking at the data iPad Baxter. What did you find? Just a moment. The fi es are being de eted. Is a program of se f-destruction. B urring ¿? Before they erased, I read a coup e of emai s. I was right. Baxter works with the Foot C an. Destroyer wi be transferr to a prison north tonight. The Foot C an p an to rob the convoy. They are going to re ease it. It wi be free again. Who Donnie? Destructor. Beebs. Hey, Jones. They’re a yours. What’s up, Big Boss Break aws? On beha f of New Yorkers Radio we come to your grand farewe. You have meditat for a most hours. In seconds you wi attain nirvana Radio and tota spiritua en ightenment. Ten nine Radio three two Radio Excuse me. Ca m down. Does anyone want me to exp ain? Sensei, the Foot C an p ans to re ease Destroyer. If re eas into Destructor his reign of terror wi restart. Exact. I just have one question: Why waste time ta king to a grumpy o d rat? They go after him! Thanks Dad! We , do not get excited. It is a work in progress. TURT E hermanos Oh! This is a joke! I to d you! It acks many detai s. But when it is, it wi be amazing. We , “Seize tomorrow” Radio These cab es are tang ed. They are not organized. I have r wires, ye ow wires Radio There are sti some we ds. The seats do not rec ine Radio Donnie! The convoy Destroyer is about km. the estenordeste. Acce erate! They advanc the schedu e. Get in on the show! Sensei Destroyer is under way. The transmission is ive. transportation training standard. These guys are so predictab e. Hey, Destroyer! You have counts of first-degree murder. Got damn! You’re a very bad miserab e. Take it from someone who has troub e contro ing anger. You, my friend, ne a hobby. I ike to p ay hockey. I ike crashing on the ice. You ike hockey, right? No. I ike the fight cage. Cage fights, We. Is the. Hey, ta k with your heart. isten. Mr. Destroyer. I’m a fan of his work. On a of the initia period. My name Bebob. He is Rocksteady. I know it’s a crazy name, but their ancestors are from Fin and. He’s right. I’m Finnish. When I start a beating. A ways I give “end”! What? Yes, I said it! I said! My friend! My friend! Come on that foot! Hear! Shut up! The wor d has mysterious twists, no, Destroyer? You’ spend the rest of your ife behind bars with those two idiots. Or not. ook at those bikes. They come from the right and eft. Acce erate, acce erate! Come on! Faster Faster! Oh ord. Ca for backup! to ! We have ambush north give the ! Send in reinforcements! Make sure that the gate is c osed! Shotgun! Where are the cartridges? In the briefcase. What the he do in the briefcase? There’s fire on the roof! Just kidding? They send us a road with the p anet’s most dangerous crimina Radio And do not oad the shotgun! There are enemies in the truck! We ight the wick. Press the button. What button? Are there mi ions of buttons? The number

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