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Three, three, three! We have company. Mikey, c ears the right f ank. Ninchacus giganticus. Amiguito greet me. We done! Those things are great, right? If. They are great! Get them out of there! E iminate these turt es! I do not ike those guys. You’re not using my fu potentia , eo. Quiet. We are busy. Guys? They’re coming back! Stop! It’s time to take out the trash. So I ro. So you whee s. Can I do something for you? Attacker three advance! Take him to the extraction point. We are km.. Output interception, Prepare! What is that? It’s a giant magnet. Now we understand! Go back there. Ensures the prisoners! ¡Destructor! Dammit! He’s getting away! A no. If destructor does not reach the extraction point, we wi take the point to him. Faster Faster! Do not rush me! Hi. My name is Radio Be bop! Hi. A right. Your turn, Mikey! Time to show off. I am sorry! What a mess! That’s. This is sensationa ! It is necessary to carry TV before. But you said Radio That wou d be irresponsib y dangerous. We must bring Mikey! Pointing. Just you have a shot! Begin! Shoot, Mikey! Where did he go? Turn out! What? Does the ocation of Destroyer is unknown? Where I am? Does it matter? I know what you’re thinking. In a the ways you want to ki me. That wou d require beat me in cunning. And Radio No one and nothing Radio ! It’s smarter than Krang! I am sorry. Did you baba fe from my eyes tentac e, Destroyer? Then you know my name. Because I am here? You and your friend, Dr. Stockman, found something that be ongs to me. The te eporter. The te eporter had me out of jai. But it is capab e of much more. This device is part Radio a machine ca a condenser arc. A few years ago, I aunch the condenser arc Radio to the size of the Earth. But upon entering the atmosphere, he broke into three pieces. You and Stockman have a piece. Another is in the museum in New York. The third is in the jung es of Brazi. Attach the other two pieces. Dr. Stockman shou d be ab e to reset the capacitor arc. And then what? I’ open a porta through which to bring my war machine Radio the Tecnódromo Radio to the earth. Together Radio we can subjugate the peop e of your p anet. Yes I am interested. I’ he p you conquer the p anet Earth Radio if you he p me with my prob em. Four brothers try to stop me. Tortugas. I am aware of your past. Take this. So ve a your prob ems with these pests. See you Radio in the other side. Put me back! Put me, stupid robot! P us! Idiot! He Disappear and nothing e se? Wait wait. If you pass through an e ectrostatic fi ter, we may see what happen Radio A destroyer. Show me something, friend. ook, there! It ooks ike the residue of a te eportation. Yes, the residue of a te eporting. It’s the worst. Is there that kind of techno ogy? Baxter Stockman has been working is that techno ogy. The data on your iPad had a ot of information about Destroyer and the C an. A virtua manua. Must have a backup, I bet the TCRI. Donnie, I ne something. What do you have? Awaits. I know what you need. Ready to p ug. Perfect. I wi try to enter. We’ go with you to support you. Expect. It is Sunrising. They can not go out. You wi see them. The Destroyer infamous crimina po ice f ast night. They transport it in ower Manhattan, where he was serving a ife sentence. They began a statewide search. The po ice chief said that he wi stop at nothing to capture. Is incredib e. Broaden the search radius to bridges and ports. That Home and Security and Border Patro te me every hour. It is every ha f hour. Sorry? Now is my research, Vincent Chief, Organiz Crime. I have jurisdictiona authority. He ost jurisdiction. And it prov nothing and ose authority three convict in one night! Destroyer is the most infamous crimina ever seen here. And we had! Now it is free. And where they found the high security vehic e? It was under the GW Bridge.. abandon and ooted. Were there any witnesses? Unfortunate y. Everything went norma y. I fo ow the procedure, and sudden y Radio ninjas appear bikes Radio at fu speed. We were coming from a directions. Continue. Very good. I ook at the mirror and see Radio a garbage truck that comes fast on the warpath. What was the purpose of that vehic e eager for batt e? I ask the same question. He start throwing manho e covers from the grid. Manho e covers! Yes, manho e covers. As guid missi es. Take a break, Jones. I’ make payro. I am not crazy! I know what I saw! I can he p you catch them. I know these streets better than anyone. First ru e tracking fugitive. Do not accept he p responsib e for osing them. It was an ambush! Thank you for your statement, Jones. I’m Officer Jones! And someday, I’ be a detective. I’m waiting for the next round of app ications for the Academy. Good uck. For now, do yourse f a favor. et this search in the hands of professiona s. P aces where HORSESHOE BAR These idiots have a favorite bar. They wou d not be stupid enough to go back there. Yes they are. I gave him a good whack coconut guard. Did you see how he bounc his head? The I fe t, I heard! I heard the echo on the wa s! My friend! My friend! As did my mom. Waiter! Where are the sandwiches? Here you go. Specia ty of the house. It was time. And his pick es. You can not be traced? They are more difficu t to track than the same Destructor. We do not ook at the eyes. We do not take it serious y. Beebs know, I’m tir of being the messenger of others. Destructor as gone, maybe we cou d rep ace it. Take our part of the city. Yes Yes. Perhaps start our own Foot C an. Then move up in weight to C an eg. Honest y, how hard can it be? ord Destroyer! My friend. By coincidence, we watch conso idate crimina enterprises. We were thinking about sharing Radio the /. In its favor, of course, No is ooking for partners. I’m ooking messengers. I think that wou d be acceptab e. How about Drone? I’m not afraid. F oat ike butterf y, sting ike a bee. Every second here. Destructor is more powerfu and Mikey is more annoying. I heard you! We are training. Something ike that. As the sun sets, get to work. He o, Drone. You’re ta king to me? Because I do not see anyone e se. I fai ed, Master Sp inter. I put him in charge, and we destroyer s ipp through his fingers. They cou d not have done anything to prevent it. Do not et this setback distract you. Remember Radio whi e you keep the team together Radio a ways they succeed. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the fugitives, report to the authorities. I want to ask again. Are you sure these guys did not go through here? I do not know what are you ta king about. You know what? I ove this song! Do you mind if I borrow? What do you do? You know what? Forget this. It is scratched. Gosh! It may take a drink. You’ve gone mad? A most. Enough! Enough, okay? Are you going to te me where they are? I gave mobi e phones. It is a that I know! I imagine a responsib e entrepreneur ike you Radio not se a device without the means to track it. I am right? ook! Ten. I have a GPS. With this you can ocate the. Where are you? Where do you spit? Sensei Destructor. The escape p an worked. But not as you p anned. I made a ong trip and now Radio have to work. Neustedder, responde. ¿Neustedder? Neustedder, do you hear me?

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