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APR-HD2 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa, Online APR-HD2 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa Radio internet, APR-HD2 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa ABD Radio

When I found this thing Radio I never imagin importance. Does Krang commander said this wou d open a porta to another dimension? And when we do together we wi dominate the p anet. We wi have a tota power. And indescribab e g ory. Be responsib e for opening the passage between two wor ds. Is Radio other parts are need to open the porta. If these four brothers are sti out there Radio we ne to create so diers that defeat in one fe swoop. This wi he p us do that. Must synthesise. That’s up to you. Here comes the brain. Hey, Rock, ook at this. I have to get me one of these. Imagine what we cou d do! I fee ike I’m back to science c asses. Now we just ne Radio test subjects. Candidates who easi y fo ow my orders. arge in size. ow Radio inte ect. That hurt! Unp easant y. What’s going on? What is happening to us? I do not know, but I fee great! This is gonna be great! It fee s weird. I fee ants in his pants! Great Ants! Okay, Bebob and Rocksteady Radio I know they are up there. I knew it! Omnus, scans subjects. Searching. Miracu ous. Humans have dominat gene that binds us to the anima ancestors. As if that purp e substance Radio the return to their rightfu p ace in the anima kingdom. Wow, Rock! You’re a rhino! And you are Radio I do not know what you are. et me see! I am a Radio I’m a pig. You’re a wi d boar. Hey, Beebs! Yes, Rock. Have you seen a rhino attack Radio ? That hurt! I ike it! Me too! Me too. Prepare the entire container. The more we be ieve the easier it wi ensure the porta. My friend! This is fantastic! ook at the horn! Yeah, man! Hey, ook, my tai ! EMERGENCY SWITCH It’s so coo “. Did I a so have one? Hey, who is that? O’Nei. EMERGENCY SWITCH Bring that cy inder! Stop, stop! They do not want to do this again, right? A most it never ends we for you. Because I have Radio four friends. They are green Radio Ninjas. Give us the substance. Hi. Where did he go? High! Freeze! The guy with the hockey stick Radio in the other a ey. I have nothing to do with it. Thank you. What is your name? What did you say? ¿Mans Stacey? Casey Jones. Hi. Get away from her! ie back! Radio No Radio we eat. We are not Radio food. The peop e of Earth are not Radio their enemies. Check this out! We were sent by our Supreme eader Radio de icious to eat human Radio and season with mayonnaise sauce. Just kidding. I’m vegan. But as meat and cheese Radio eggs. Casey Radio They are my friends. They are your friends. Yes, they are my friends. Must. Donate o, the purp e is a techno ogica genius. Technica y he’s a genius. Rafae , the red, is ike a big teddy bear Radio if teddies were very vio ent. He is eonardo, the b ue. fear ess eader. Si ent but dead y. And I’m Miche ange o, whose co or is orange. I’m a trip e threat: brain, muscu ar, and a great persona ity. The adies ca me Mikey. You finished? Yes. Sorry for the de ay. You wanna te me what happens? I went to see Baxter, but Destructor was there. He spoke of opening a kind of porta to another dimension, and then Radio purp e inject a substance to those two crimina s who f with him. He made one rhino and the other in a wi d boar. Are they watching Bebop and Rocksteady? Why are you interest in? Say I have an interest in bringing them to justice. Back to the burrow, Rafa Radio Friday brings and fo ow us. If we can he p find Bebop and Rocksteady, come. No, not dream. I’m staying here. I wou d agree, but you are wrong. We share a persona interest. I do not share anything with you. Friends Radio friends Radio For the peop e of New York, we must forget our differences and work together. Which brings me to a question: You. are two are boyfriends or Radio ? et’s go, move! If this purp e substance inject into the veins of Bebop and Rocksteady Radio It is possib e that if I find a unique isotopic fingerprint Radio I can use it to track your ocation. If we find them Radio we find Destructor. os end a. If we a wear masks hockey, what can go wrong? Rea y? Am I going to give fashion tips about Radio marsh dwe ers iving in an underground amusement park Radio and they have, excuse me, the most pretentious men in the wor d? Sorry. He put them on. Guys? Do not move, do not move! There is a giant rat back there. Yes, we had Radio seen here before. There is on y one way to get rid of it. You have to bend over. A ot! Yes. When the attacks, you must be fast and use a ot of force. We be ieve in you, Casey Jones. A up to you. Exact. You have to catch it. Three, two, one Radio run! Giant rat: a. new guy: zero. I can not be ieve it so easy. For a second I thought I wou d not. Good joke, good joke. We shou d have visits more often. You’re eaving now? If I can find the way out, yes. He trac to Bebop and Rockstady unti you ruin my ife. Now I find or die trying. They say: “If you want something done right, do not waste time at the zoo.” ¿ “Beautifu Tartaruga”? Is the Radio It’s the truck. It was them. Who are those guys? They four have done more for the city than you can imagine Radio and what they recognize. So if you want to fight to the end Radio They hit harder than anyone. We , Donnie, you know what to do. Disso ves inks quad he ix Radio and reverses cohesion. Wait. That wou d mean Radio You rea y possib e? It is confirmed, teacher. The substance is in the po ice station. Takes a team. Recover at a costs. I wi bring the first piece that is need to open the porta. How many men want? There shou d be common men. I wi take the next generation of train combat so diers. Whi e I want to ask you something. Do you think I’m fat? Fat? No, man, no. These Radio ! Tremendous y fat! Your be y shou d be je y because the je y does not move ike that! My friend! My friend! Oh God. I read. eo! Caramba. This is incredib e! you wi not be ieve. I made a samp e so ution to expedite the ana ysis of the isotope. But whi e expect to cata yze, it occurr to me that Radio if the purp e substances can convert humans into anima s Radio Maybe if you restructur proper y Radio Have a ook at. It cou d become to us Radio in humans. If we cou d get more Radio Maybe we wou d change ife! We do not ne that kind of change. Okay, you’re right. Go unnotic cou d affect

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