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He p, he p! What’s going on? The Foot C an has substance! We ne reinforcements in the p ant. We wi come right away! We are running. We have to be on the way out! Are you crazy? They must not see us! This substance is a chance to be norma , and goes to the front door. ¡A to! Are you going to he p or not? Come on! What are you doing with that? High! Do not move! No no no! Hands up! Freeze! Stop there! Freeze! es shoot! Get down on the ground! We’re good! Get down on the ground! What are those things? They are monsters. They’re monsters! We are not monsters. Do not! Do not shoot! High! Do not shoot! Do not shoot! Váyanse. Váyanse ¡ya! S ow y get down on the ground. Get down on the ground! Jones, I can not be ieve. Put them in a ce ! What we saw stays between us. The pub ic shou d not know. It is on the po ice radio. They are hunting them. What happened? Te Rafa. Te us you disobey and you expos for a se fish reason. The Pie was to take possession of it! You did not know! If you draw a po ice station, sure you’ catch! Had he not gotten your brothers Radio How you i to him Abri ? And it is now in troub e because of you. You shou d have seen the ook is their faces. They had just Radio fear. Had Radio rea hatred. Everything wi be fine, my son. Peop e fear what they do not understand. you can not turn our backs on this. I to d you, Master Sp inter, but Rafa never istens to me. They knew they wou d not understand what purp e substance, and it showed. eonardo! I do not know what to do! Donnie does not eave the computer. Rafa has brains in the biceps. Mikey in the c ouds. I can not keep them on the same frequency to think a ike. You shou d not want everyone to think a ike. Their different views strengthen the team. A good eader understands this. A good brother Radio he accepts it. Guys? I found something! Dime, Donnie. The computer p ac the isotopic fingerprint of purp e substance. I can trace the coordinates of Bebop and Rocksteady. I have them! They are e even ki ometers, trave ing at knots. They acquir the power of f ight! I congratu ate you. Van en avión, Maiki. It seems that our mutant friends go to Brazi. How do we get there? We snuck in the next cargo p ane out of JFK. They are not monsters. The on y monster here is Destroyer and the two mutants he created. Bebop y Rocksteady. If you think that something you say wi he p your credibi ity, you’re wrong. Destructor the mutat using Baxter Stockman. They have to see him. Funny you shou d mention Dr. Stockman because Radio We ana yze a security video TCRI he gave us. How good. Guess who’s in it. It was not what happened. The video is a tered, they re eased. They verifi their authenticity. In is changed. I want a ca. Sorry, but the ines were interrupt by monsters. Sorry, but ega y I have the right to a ca. Te me where they are. I do not know. But if I did, I wou d not te. Chief Radio turt es are not to be pursued. Ha ha! The we find! Have a ook at! I ike it. Chief, we did it! We found that superimportante difficu t thing to find! Move on! You have to see me. Hi boss! They have the fina piece and come back. The fina bi for the big show has begun. And we’re ready for action! The systems are on ho d. Do you fee , Sensei Destroyer? Does the magnificence of what we are to do? It’s de icious, right? I shou d not have Radio ? ¿Beautifu f ight attendants handing out hand wipes? Not down here, Maiki. Not for us. Oh, Bebop and Rocksteady are on their way to New York. They shou d a ready have the ast piece need to open the porta. It seems that our p ane wi intersect with theirs. Yes, with meters apart. It cou d chart a course to intercept them, but it wou d have to jump. Skip? Ah, we. I do not know if it’s good p an! Come on, do not be a coward now! It wi be fun. There are a ready jumping. The window is seconds. They know the p an. Guys? What? Jump. Jump? We , one for a. Wait! You do not have a parachute! I do not ne it. I have my tab e! This is great! ¡Me desvié! I swerv me white! Ne he p? S ow down, Maiki! Prepare for the “ouch”! Moon! Moon! Moon! I have you! ¡Sujétate, Maiki! Engánchense! Where is Rafa? It’s okay. I know you can! You can! What wou d Vin Diese ? No remorse, no fear. No remorse, no fear. No regrets Radio No fear! I am sorry for this! The fear is awfu ! You are not fa ing too fast? ¡Rafa! Good catch! The good thing is that they bring parachute. The bad news is that Radio Therefore they shou d come to Brazi. It’s that abreporta interdimensiona thing. You must have a technica name, but Radio Guys? Ah, we. Man! You bring back the mochicano? Very good! They think very funny, huh? et’s see how funny you are when you smash your head! Watch out! Watch out! ¡ Mami! Guys! Man! Rea y? Yes, it was a mistake. I got carri away a bit. I have it! I’ take that! I do not have it! Do not worry, nive aré the p ane! And no cabin. Watch out. Objects may have torn apart the f ight. How’s it going there, Doni? Everything is fine. I was going great. This pig is f ying! ¡Rafa! Is everyone a right? I’m fine. I’m fine! Wait, where is Rafa? Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth! This is uncomfortab e. et’s fight, friend! I have you! I have you! ¡ eo, no! ¡Despabí ate. Doni! Going! I catch you! I have it! I have it! ¡Want! Thanks friend! My friend! My friend! Goodbye turt es! How nice to say goodbye. Watch out! What does it say? Thanks guys. A team effort. If you p an to press charges. Introduce them. Sti owes a ca. I do not owe anything to anyone Radio unti you te me where did turt es. De New Hampshire. Damn it. You’re even more oser than I thought. Ignore him. He’s trying to ri e. No reason. I’ve heard a my ife. I’ve actua y on y had one goa. He want to be a detective in the New York Po ice Force. I want to catch crimina s, not on y put them in cages. But working in Corrections teaches you two things. One, justice is given of various shapes and sizes. And two Radio it is easier to stea a cop than you think. Make your ca. BREATH HAWK Statement. O’Nei. I want you to Radio What’s that noise? It is a sma business. Fa con breath. Peop e are wi ing to pay $ for a bag of breath. Forget what I ask you. Casey and I are in custody.

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