Thunder 92.7 Talladega

Thunder 92.7 Talladega, Online Thunder 92.7 Talladega Radio internet, Thunder 92.7 Talladega ABD Radio

What a surprise. Why wou d they question you? Why break into your p ant? I have bigger prob ems than persona. Baxter Stockman TCRI a ter video Radio but I bet there’s another copy that shows that working with Destructor Radio and Bebop and Rocksteady turn into mutants. ook Radio what do you want from me? I want you to be the hero that the city thinks you are. Excuse me. This is a restrict area. ¿Restricted? I know something that opens any door in this city. The key to the city. You’re the Fa con? You have not earn the right to say my name a oud. Do you want to earn that right? Go down and get me a “mocachino” secondary security survei ance. Where are you? Come on, Vern. You were cameraman before being famous. A camera, two cameras, three cameras. Why is there a fourth Radio ? Hidden Camera. ottery! Just in time. Do you think you stay out becomes a hero? You can not come on ike that! You were acting ike an idiot! You were going to ose that thing! He had it in hand, and act ike he was not there! My job is not to know where you are. Stop meditate and communicate! What are you waiting for? It’s pure ogic and zero ski ! He says that is pure instinct, zero restrictions. What do you know? You’re pure heart and brain zero. What saucy. Strategy know, but you know nothing about fee ings. You’re right. You want to know what I do fee ? We may be brothers Radio but we are not a team. Is working! We did it. When the porta is at its maximum potentia Radio the Tecnódromo can go piece by piece. It wi be crazy! Isaac Newton Ga i eo Radio Radio Steve Jobs. They wi name footer after what wi happen here. Chief Vincent. Soy Vern Fenwick. Maybe you know me as Radio Does not matter. I heard. It has to do this. Hey, Rock, who is that? O’Nei. Bring that cy inder! Sué ten os. Thank you Radio Ha con. ¿Head? You may ne this. We done. Great. Now I wi add a rhino and a boar to our prob ems. Thank you. Whenever you want. Announc an arrest warrant for Dr. Baxter Stockman. And make Radio What happens up there, Doni? Oh God. Destroyer succeeded. The porta is opening. This a ien ship is going piece by piece. I am entering the database. We , the name of the ship is Radio the Tecnódromo. The commanding officer’s name is Radio Krang. I do not know Radio but I hate that guy! If Krang’d just bui d that thing, it wou d not be just a ship. It wou d be a warship that wou d end ife here. It wou d be the end of the wor d. But we can do something. The atmosphere near the Tecnódromo is toxic to the cardiovascu ar system. What do you mean? We may be the on y one who can survive near the porta Radio and approach the Tecnódromo to disab e it. But how? We are pursuing. They think we’re monsters. We ne he p from the po ice. They’re trying to ock us up. Un ess Radio A sip Radio and we wi be the same on the inside Radio but humans wi seem out. His youth is coming to an end. They are becoming men. Radio The decision is yours. I’ do whatever you say. You. Decide. Po ice command post Are you sure they come? Yes, they wi come. Do not shoot. What are you? We do not ike abe ing us. Some te us eyesores. Monsters. et’s say we are four brothers from New York Radio who they hate abusive peop e and ove this city. And we are now the best hope for the city. Why shou d I be ieve you? You do not have to be ieve us. Be ieve it. Anda, Vern. Exp ain the arrangement. What arrangement? Oh, that Radio arrangement. The Fa con is sti the Fa con. Except that Radio Maybe I had a itt e he p from my friends. They are the ones who beat Destroyer the first time. I rather I rested. We’ve been protecting this city Radio from the shadows. And we have something to offer. We wi ne strategy. Instinct. ogic. And a ot of heart. To address now! Escó ten os to Pier. The e ectromagnetic force comes from there. I wi send the coordinates. Send a team! Take them to the Chrys er bui ding. We wi go to the ship and finish with Krang. Fast, O’Nei , hop! I insta a respirator on his he met. It wi he p them survive in the unique atmosphere of Tecnódromo. I made a portab e version of the apparatus te etransporta- ook what we did. This is undeniab e. We wi be gods for future generations. I wi be a god. You wi a ways be what it a ways has been. What have I been? A footnote on page. Take him to the faci ities of Tokyo. Do not! They can not do this! No, you Radio No! I did everything you asked! Whatever he promised! I’m a egend! I wi be a egend! You can not do this! The wor d wi know my name! Nobody wi ever know who you are. Missing seconds. I have tactica gear, weapons, communications pending. We just ne protection to get there. Upon arriva , we ook for the transmitter that is gathering the pieces. If we go back to their p ace of origin, and Apri , Casey and Vern c ose that porta Radio Goodbye, Tecnódromo. Goodbye, Krang. Team effort. Team effort. Be they are separating! Why do not we go with turt es? When there are prob ems, it is good to be with the turt es! Comandante Krang. You Destructor There you are! I thought I’d never get. As requested, the transmitter was insta ed. When the Tecnódromo is assemb ed, we wi ru e the p anet. Sorry.

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