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¿ “We wi ru e”? ¿ “We wi ru e”? We were a team. “We were a team!” The teams are not for the weak. The fami y is for cowards. The and is my toy! And I do not ike to share! He has betray me! In fact, I have not even had in mind. Back to the toy chest with the rest of the things I’ve broken. Terríco a tonto. Now, it’s my new game. Watch out, and! It’s time to p ay! Get up the shie ds! We , they enter. Training barricade! ¡Casey! ¡Sujétense! I’m going to spring! ¡Casey! It is % If we do not stop, you wi be ready in ess than four minutes. Guys, what do we expect? Are you ready? If. I can. Time to Surf, New York! Do you hear that? It sounds weird. How an a ien spaceship in the sky? No. Bizarre as that. We must be aware of intruders. What do they ook ike? They are not a big pig or a arge rhinoceros. Oh no. isten. Encárguense app iance porta. I’ take care of them. How to take care of the apparatus porta ? Beat to which you are guarding it, waiting for the signa Donnie and now. We do not know how the she ter. Do you want to re ocate? We’ take care of the porta. I thought so. Hey, fo ks! Do you remember me? ook who it is. Po i, how’s the bogeyman? Come! As you want. The party begins! According to the scan, the transmitter is c ose to the command modu e. We must avoid comp ete. How do we avoid? et’s start with that thing. It must be Krang. Fo ow me boys. It is not too bad. It’s just a si y robot. I expect something much worse. What wou d it be worse? I dont know. Perhaps with a mustache or a goatee. It’s ike chewing gum chewing! With face! I wou d warn you once. Throughout my ship. Donnie, go to the conso e. This disco ba et’s go back to their p ace of origin. Hey, Taffy Radio to see how fights. I’ show you how to fight! So! It is rougher than I thought. You better run! You can not escape Bebop! What? Because I? ¡Atáca o! ¡You, Mikey! You’d arriv an hour, Krang! In seconds it wi be comp ete. Up to you, Donnie. Do not push, do not push. Ens aving advance with ease. A repti e cage wou d not be bad. We’re turt es, not any repti e! There is a big difference! Tortoises bite! Do you think I have no parts for that? Boys. It is itera y rearming. I found you, tadpo e! You see, Rock? We know you’re out here! Donnie! Give me seconds! Guys? I’m too ow to get on this attraction! ¡Repti es Radio ! Foo s! eo, Ho d on! You’re starting to irritate! Do you know what he does when someone irritates Bebop? Come here, boy! et go of the stick! Ha! The game starts! ook! The apparatus porta ! How good. He has a sword. We have Radio a whee cover. Where is the transmitter? We run out of time! A ready they ran! Get ready to see how your city is fa ing apart! What happens, Donnie? I was right! It’s a weapon system! Whatever is putting on ine! I did it! Ha é the transmitter! This Radio there Radio above. Mikey, now! Seize the transmitter! A right, turt es. The games are over! I made a vertica ! You. They want some? I have it! Go for it, Rock! ¡Detente, re axation! Oh, no. Rock. Yes, Beebs? My friend. Attention, Donnie! The transmitter! Come here, baby turt e. et me give you a hug. Bye. Rafa, me! He p me, guys! Ho d on, brother! Nobody! Radio Gets Radio with Mikey! Guys, we beat Krang, but the ship continues arming itse f. Him Fight! ¡Donnie! ¡Aktiwado drones! He’s going to c ose! Guys! C ose the gate! I can c ose. If! This is our stop. Coming back turt es Radio ! a thousand times stronger! We are fine. Yes. I knew it wou d. Did you rea y think that four teenagers cou d save the wor d? C ear. Guys Radio we have something that nobody e se has. Turt e Power! Trash truck! Trash truck? Yes, we have one. The other. Turt e Power! The Bebop and Rocksteady fugitives are in po ice custody Radio whi e Dr. Baxter Stockman sti free. Officia s say the city is safe Radio but continuing questions about recent events. What was the threat in the sky and what diverted? But the key question is: Do you even care? Shou d we put a face to our heroes? Or is it sufficient to know they are somewhere watching over us from the shadows? For his incredib e courage within this community Radio and its fu cooperation with this agency Radio I give them the keys to the city. A symbo of our appreciation Radio respect Radio and our mutua co aboration. To you Radio brothers. eonardo Radio Rafae Radio Donate o Radio Migue Ange Radio Is your ast name? We not have one. I had never thought of. It’s not fair. Congratu ations. I have one of those. It’s not that bad. I he p them. They are my friends. Do you have p ans for the weekend? On y my hockey game. You want to go to watch me p ay? ¿Verte? What if I cha enge? And I beat you. I bet you did. My key is arger. It’s bigger than yours. I think peop e underestimate. Now they accepted. Maybe you’re right. But Radio we wi keep the previous agreement. If we ne Radio Apri knows where to find us. Rea y? They cou d ive a norma ife Radio ike a of us. ¿Norma ? What’s fun about that? Why are you ate? We , you know what ondon is, sir. No, I don’t. What kept you? Your tai or? Your manicurist? Your hair sty ist? Eh? You rea y must sign this today, Unc e. We don’t want them to invoke the pena ty c ause. It wi cost us money. Damn swind e. You can trust them to re-draft. Trust? Nonsense. Don’t trust anyone. I’ see the draft myse f before the board meeting. We , mind you do, then. Where’s that nurse? I ne the nurse. The nurse is coming, Unc e. I want a pretty nurse. None of those b ast batt eaxes. ast one they sent me, hag! Mustache! Ate goat’s cheese a day and stank of it. Go on. Go on. Where’s the doctor? Put me to bed. I’m i. Yes. Duffer! That bishop, eft him unguarded. To tempt your queen. isten. Extraordinary effect. Underrated, Ber ioz. Oh, man of true passion. Check. But not mate, not yet. Your midd e game, competent. Your end game, poor. ike your father. No spine, no stamina. Under pressure, you cave in. I’m tired, tired. What are you waiting for? Change the tape. Where is the new nurse? Waiting a day. Damn hand hurts. We , the car is meeting her at the station. She’s promis to be on the :. Promised? You take her word? Incompetent, no fo ow-up. Nationa disease. No fo ow-up.

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