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I’m sure you’ve always prayed for me. The face is familiar, but I can’t place the flattery. Johnny Jackson. Manager and friend Games I didn’t know the two went together. Games to the star of the future, Bongo Herbert. Well, stars of present and future, I must love you and leave you all. Late nights are hell for a man with a stomach condition. Good night. Sleep well, darling. I’ll let you know. Shrine is a masterpiece. Come to my office tomorrow. Pleasure. I asked you around for drinks, Bongo, to tell you, I think you’ve got an awful lot to offer, and I hope I can help you. Oh, goodness, Bongo, do say something. Yes, speak to Cynthia. She’s your generation. Something in Cockney. Apples and pears and things. I thought you was marvellous, Miss Collins. Ah. Now, isn’t that nice? It was nice of you to come ’round. So sorry to have to rush you, but Miss Collins has to get dressed. I’ve always thought you was marvellous, Miss Collins, ever since I was a kid. Funnily enough, so have I. I happen to have a photographer. No more photographs. We’ve had all the Games Just one for the kid’s album. Please, Miss Collins. I can’t think of a cuter album to be in. Go on, get your masterpiece. It may be royalty next. Flash them pearlies, Bongo. That’s enough. Just one for the album. Miss Collins, you have just brought a moment of happiness into the life of a deprived child. From now on, I’m personally going to see that he’s available for any show of yours at any time. Bless you. Home to beddy-byes, Bongo baby. Good night. Good night, doll. You really think I did all right tonight, Guv? You have done well tonight, drummer boy. So have I. All you need to succeed in this business is one success after another. Now, remember, on this battlefield, the only mercy shown to losers is to finish ’em off. But not to worry. Home, Bongo. See you in the morning. But I don’t want to go home. Well, what’s the matter, kid? Aren’t you comfortable in Beast’s flat? Well, look now, don’t let those girls of his get you down. Here’s a bonus. Stop off and buy yourself a sandwich. Taxi! This is better than beating your brains out at Leon’s. The Caprice. And don’t eat too much! Oh, sorry, miss. It’s okay, I’m just leaving. Would you like the flowers? Ohh Games They’re yours. It’s lovely having you back again, Miss Collins. I remember when you done your first show here. So do I. Oh, uh Games What’s the stage doorman called? Arthur. That’s right, Arthur. Good night, Arthur. You remembered my name. But of course. Good night. Could I have your autograph, Miss Collins, please? Of course, thank you. Like the show? Loved it. Good. You, too? You gave a divine performance. Could you sign ‘To Harry’, please? Yes, I’ll do that. Thank you. Bye-bye. Oh, Miss Collins. Well, hello. The photographers have all gone. Oh, I hate ’em. They try make you look a proper Charlie. You look more of a Charlie when they leave you alone! Well, good night again. Uh, Miss Collins, you Games You asked me for a drink. So I did. Well, you better come and have one then. What I have I got to lose? My virtue? Relax, let yourself go. Cor, what a place! Mix me a champagne cocktail, darling. Yes, of course, but I’ve never Games Oh, what am I saying? I’ll mix it. Maybe you’d like to wash your hands or something. Oh, no, thanks. I washed my hands in the dressing room, before the show. I know what that is. Good. Then, open it. I bet your manager gives you lots of that to drink. Johnny’s not too bad when you get to know him. He gave me a quid tonight to buy coffee and sandwiches. I’d like to see his face now, if he could see me. Gave you a quid? Oh, yes, he’s all right with money. He gives me wages every week. And even then, he’s always slipping me half a bob for this or that. Is he your manager or your owner? He’s my manager. I owe everything I am to him. All the best, then. I can see you’re used to champagne cocktails. Nice drink, innit? Very nice. Help yourself to another. Thanks. Don’t mind if I do. You mean this manager of yours pays you a salary? What do you mean? Wages, like? What do you do here? Drop of this, drop of that? That’s it. Not too much of that. Well, it’s not like wages exactly. Not like I used to get when I was working the Fun Fair. We go halves, see. Everything what I earn, we share and share alike. Very nice of Johnny, really. Cheerio, then. Cheerio. You’ve made a couple of records, too, I understand? Goes up your nose if you drink it too fast! Yes, The Shrine on the Second Floor number’s my second. How do you think it’ll go? I understand there’s a market, although personally, mothers leave me cold. They do? Me, too. I hate mothers. Do you know, when I was a kid in the war, my mother used to leave me to play on the bombsite all day, while she went out and worked in a munitions factory. I suppose we all had to do our bit. I know I did. Often. I think I’ll have another one of these. Take it easy, now. Have you eaten tonight? No, I haven’t eaten all day. Too sort of nervous. I bet you never get nervous, Dixie. I bet nothing in the whole world ever makes you nervous. You know, you wouldn’t think so to look at me, but I’m really a very nervous type. Ohh! Oopsy you, I think maybe you are. Sit down. I never, ever thought I’d ever have a drink with you, Dixie. If anybody had said I would, I’d have said, ‘Never.’ You’re looking a little pale. I think perhaps I ought to send you home. I’m never going home, never, not ever. I’ve got a headache. I’ll get you a hangover pill. Don’t worry, I’ll get it. ls it in there? I can look after myself. Don’t you worry. Look after myself, he says. Cor! It’s really lovely. Oh, dear. It really is very, very lovely. I shouldn’t have let you take those drinks so fast. How was I to know your manager starves you? Here. You’ve been a perfect lady to me, Dixie. Does that feel better? It’s the loveliest feeling I ever had in my life. Good. This is so comfy, so very, very comfy. Oh, dear. Are you awake, darling? Come in, darling. Only me. I hope you had a good sleep. Wonderful! Such a success, darling. They’re all raving about Games Really? Let me see. It’s a wonderful press

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