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All the pictures of you have come out so well. Here’s another one, darling. You’ve done a great job, Rosemary. I want you to know that. You can hardly blame me, darling. If you insist on asking a snotty-nosed little teddy boy ’round to your dressing room. Rosemary, darling, take it very easy. Because you’re in terrible danger of losing your livelihood. Good morning! May I come in? I’d advise you not to. Good morning, Gus. I salute you, my darling. What sensational reviews! I’ve done my best. For weeks now, I’ve practically been sleeping with the gentlemen of the press. Don’t be modest, darling. Do I detect a certain amount of tension? Dixie’s a little concerned about the space given to Bongo Herbert. Both Garrick stars! Both with records out this week! It’s marvellous. That’s what I always say, go straight to the horse’s mouth and you get a load of horse blossoms. Take it away. Let’s be big about this. Why? Associated Press. I’ll take it. Give it to me! Yes, this is Dixie Collins. Well, I’m a little overwhelmed, of course. Oh, I was delighted with Bongo’s success. He’s such a sweet, talented kid. I’m sure he’ll go far. Mmm. In fact, I’m giving him a little party to celebrate his success. That’s right. Bye. A party? Oh, what the hell, why not? He’s really a very cute boy. Let the breakfast in, Rosemary. You’re hired again. That’s what I call taking it like a real pro. Tell me, Gus, is the kid really that naive or is it an act? Six months of such naivete and he’ll be earning , a week! That’ll be a neat for that enterprising manager of his. How so? He’s owns % of Bongo. Fifty? This is monstrous! %? Have some coffee, Gus. No, thanks, I’m too upset. I’ll see you later, beautiful. %! I’m upset that you’re upset, Mr Mayer, but I have a completely legal and binding contract with Bongo. And so far, he’s not complained. I’m not questioning the legality of your contract. I’m simply suggesting that you are being a little unfair. So, poor little Bongo! Instead of making a fortune every month, he only makes half a fortune. I’m not talking about Bongo! It’s me you are being unfair to! Why should you own half of such a property? Are you suggesting perhaps that, um, you should have an interest? It could be to our mutual benefit. I feel the need to contemplate. If you don’t mind, not while I am talking business! You may be talking business, Mr Mayer, but I’m not! I’ve been beating a bare living out of this business for too many years to be of a generous nature! Look, Johnny, to me, money isn’t everything. How could it be, with one foot in the classics? You put me onto a good artist. And in return, I’m not going to be too small about it. Just how small are you not going to be, Mr Mayer? I’m arranging a show for the halls up north, featuring our recording stars. I want Bongo to top the bill. How much? a week on a week tour. Furthermore, I’m going to give you a back royalty on both records. So, charity begins in the Charing Cross Road after all! But there is a slight case of condition. How stupid of me. Naturally. There would be. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. With my delicate stomach? From here to eternity, Bongo will be on exclusive contract to record for Garrick. In return, we feature him nationwide. I get it. This way you both get it. Fair? As things go, Mr Mayer, very fair. It’s like I always say, my boy, in this business even us, in this world, nothing is for nothing. This I already noticed, Mr Mayer. Everything’s for everyone On the other side There’ll be free ambrosia Beyond the great divide Everything’s for everyone Where the living’s high There’s a little snag, Jack First, you’ve got to die Nothing is for nothing That’s the human plan Line up for the rat race Man must live on man Nothing is for nothing Nothing is for free I’ll look after you, Jack You look after me Now? Right. That’s it, boys, you’ve taken enough for a souvenir programme. Bye-bye boys, thank you. Off you go. Been wonderful having you, darling. Good night. Successful, I should say. Rosemary, you’re fantastico, just fantastico! Super! Absolutely topping, Miss Collins. Word of an officer and a gentleman. We’ll drop Bongo off for you. Bongo and I have a little business to discuss. Oh, goodness! Oh, well, I do hope you have the happiest possible business discussion, darling. Good night, Rosemary. Come along, celibate. Come back later, boys. See you in the morning, Rosemary. Dixie, about my account. In the morning, darling. Off you go. Nighty-bye! They’re gone. Bongo? High up, aren’t we? I’ve been higher. It was a smashing party, Dixie. Thanks a lot. You can’t half lay it on. Glad you enjoyed it, sweetie. They are some strange characters, though. And that Lady Rosemary. Funny to think that stuck-up Cynthia is her chicko. Rosemary’s perfectly capable of breeding, although naturally she avoids it whenever possible. Come over here, Bongo. Let’s talk about your future. All those cars look real squashed. Old Johnny’s doing very well for me. Old Johnny’s doing very well for old Johnny, too. What does he plan for you? Oh, this and that. A bit of variety. You know, the usual. So long as it brings in the loot. I know the routine. Beat all you can out of a singer for a year, then when the kids are bored, dump him. Johnny’d never dump me. Not while you’re getting bookings, he won’t. But a pop singer’s life is short. I’ve had three lives already, and I’m not that old. What’s he doing to develop your talent? Like to swing with me, Dixie? You can’t go on being a teenage singer for very far beyond your teenage, you know. Yeah, that’s right. What am I gonna do when I hit ? I’m gonna ask Johnny what I’m gonna do when I hit . He ought to be thinking about it. Bad things can happen to you in this racket if you don’t look ahead. Be terrible to be out of it, though, wouldn’t it? You’re infected, all right. Never had a day’s illness in my life. You’re full of health, are you? I’ll say. Good. Let’s go inside. It’s getting cold. You know something, Dixie. What? If I didn’t have my bongos to work it out on, I’d flip my lid. Isn’t there anything else you like better? Well Games

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