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If I had a way of helping you out, oh, believe me, I would. I’m glad you feel that way, my boy. I would hate to sue you. It’s better this way. Which way? It’s better that I, after all, an old friend, should take over the boy. Cable, Mr Mayer. Thank you. Oh, I get it. I follow. Oh, what the hell! If I can invent one Bongo Herbert, I can invent another. See you around, Mr Mayer. Just a minute. Get me Miss Collins at the Dorchester. Right away. I want you to sit in on this. It’s very kind of you, Mr Mayer, but I don’t want to do any arrangements for you. Sit down, please. It may cheer you a little to know that business losses, like death, come to all of us. No matter who. Miss Collins on the line, Mr Mayer. Hello, Dixie, darling, I just received a cable. From New York? That’s wonderful, Gus. What does it say? They want Bongo. His own show for weeks. That’s terrific! I can’t wait to tell him! When do we leave? Well, Bongo leaves next week. It might be smart to go with him. Why wouldn’t I go with him? You said we had shows? Who knows, Dixie, darling, if you play your cards right, you might get on two or three of them. Who was it, Dixie? An old man with a scythe. What’s a scythe? Sort of a very big knife. What did you do that was so wrong? You made Bongo, didn’t you? I made him, but I can’t deliver him. In this business, Maisie, If you can’t deliver, that’s criminal. And why are they all against you? They just don’t happen to share your eccentric taste, that’s all. They just don’t understand you. That’s right. Whenever anyone said you were a bastard, I always denied it. Good, kid, but don’t bother to deny it. Just explain that it’s a bastard world and I’m a fully paid-up member. How long will you be away? Only a few weeks, and don’t look so miserable. I’m only going on a band tour. Where’s me other brush? In the kitchen. Well, go on. Go on, get it. I’ve got a train to catch. You said you’d never go back to band work. We’ve got debts to pay, doll. You wouldn’t want me to, well, welch on all those delicatessen supplies, and well, there’s your singing teacher. You’d never welch on anybody. You’re so faithful, it’s heart-breaking. Things were never so bad. It’s not fair! Things are back to normal, and they were never fair. How could Bongo do this to you? For a blonde broad and a one-way trip to Broadway. And Mayer ought to be ashamed of himself. There’s no shame in this trade, Maisie. Mayer is a great flesh broker. When he cracks the whip, everybody performs! The whole world loves a big agent, Maisie, but a small one’s anybody’s whore. Come on, lover doll. What time do you have to be at the show? Drusilla’s walking on for me, but I’ve got to do the last one. Well, that’s all right. Being seen onto a train at night makes me feel like an immigrant. You’re so right, my friend. Johnny, I didn’t see you in a month of Sundays! Kakky, not now, Kakky. Not now. Johnny! When are we gonna get together again? I told you, it’s only a few weeks. It’s nothing. At last, I’ve got a proposition that is %! You remember my picture, Omar Khayyam? I was a schoolboy. I wasn’t even born. I’m sorry I was! Easy, doll, I’m not dying. They are making a stage musical with it. Look, Kakky. Kakky, we’re having a private conversation here. Here, I’m in business again. Here is what I owe you over the past five years. Plus sixpence. I always keep very neat accounts. Who said good deeds go unrewarded? In case the public interest in strip declines while I’m away. Go on, you better go now, doll. Oh, Johnny Games I’ll phone you from Manchester in the morning. I should never have spent so much on those singing lessons. Idiot! I love Games Your voice. Go on now. I happen to own the stage rights of Omar Khayyam. Good, good. You’ll sell out and retire. It couldn’t happen to a nicer pioneer of spectacle. Sell out nothing! I’m going to produce. I got only one problem. Who do I get for Khayyama? Khay-who-ma? Omar Khayyam’s girlfriend. She’s a sort of a period Judy Garland, you understand? You know something, K.A.? What? I just happen to have, under contract to me, an absolutely brand new, entirely gorgeous, all British, real, sensational Judy Garland! That’s impossible! K.A., in this business, nothing is impossible! Tell him if he wants to wait around, maybe I can find some time for him later. Maybe. Tell him. Paul. Yeah? You’re really going through with that crazy idea? What crazy idea? Backing old man Henry on the Reform ticket. That’s right. That’s wrong. “That’s wrong”? Yeah. As wrong as those socks. Wait a minute, what’s wrong with them? The clock. Yeah. Mmm-hmm, it ticks too loud. You know I thought they was pretty. Yeah, old man Henry and me is cooking up the deal tonight at dinner. At his house. And say, Ed, it’s his daughter’s birthday, what do you think I ought to give her? Want to make a good impression? Sure. Nothing. But why? Because you’re not supposed to give people things, unless you’re sure they like to get them from you. Well, maybe. But I’m not gonna pass up an opportunity like this. You see, I like Games All right. Give her a convertible or a handful of diamonds. Well, maybe you know more about it than I do, I guess. Think he’ll play ball after election? I know he will. Why, he’s practically given me the key to his house. Yeah, a glass key. Hmm? Be careful it doesn’t break off in your hand. Don’t worry. It won’t. How far has that dog got her hooks into you? Ed. I’m gonna marry Janet Henry. Course nobody knows about it yet, except you and me. Well, you’d better insist on the wedding before election day. Eh? Then you can be sure of your pound of flesh. But, Mr Varna, he left positive orders to Games Shut up, Oswald. Come on in. Have a chair. Cigar? Thanks. You know, Paul, they closed my places last night. Broke a lot of equipment. Yeah. We read about it in the paper. Rainey said the order came straight from you. Well, what do you think of that, Ed? I think somebody ought to give Rainey a nice long vacation. Business is business and politics is politics. But they ought to be kept apart. I bought protection, Paul, and I want it. Well, I tell you, Nick.

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