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about Taylor Henry? Have you been seeing him again? No, I just happened to mention his name. You don’t have to lie for me. Yes, I saw him tonight! After all I’ve said? Where were they? In a nightclub. We weren’t. I was at his apartment. You were Games And I don’t see what business it is of yours! You’re supposed to be my brother not a watchdog. No sister of mine is gonna be taken in by any cheap, chiselling, tinhorn, playboy like Games OPAL: He’s not a playboy. You know it. This the first time you’ve been to his apartment? No, it isn’t, I’ve been there dozens of times! PHONE RINGING Hello. Ed! Ed, Paul’s gone up to Mr Henry’s house after Taylor. He’s gonna kill him. Take it easy, Snip. Paul’s not that crazy. I’d be a chump to go up there at this time of night. Now you go to sleep. DOOR CLOSING I thought you went home. Did you find Taylor Henry? Opal phoned you, huh? Yeah. Did you find him? I found the old man. Had a long talk with him. Wasn’t Taylor there? No. Why? He’s lying outside the house in the gutter. He’s dead. Yeah, so? Didn’t you understand what I said? Sure. Well? Well what? He was killed. What do you want me to do about it? Bust out crying? Should I call the police? Don’t they know about it? There was nobody around when I found him. Thought I’d better see you before I did anything. Is it all right to say I found him? Why not? Ed, you’re a fool. One of us is. Hey, think I’ll ask Janet if she’d like a lift home. I wouldn’t. Why not? She’ll want to ride with her father. Oh, yeah. Hey, Nick. Yeah. I got an idea. What? Why don’t we knock off Madvig right here? What? Sure, then they don’t even have to move him to bury him. When I want your advice I’ll ask for it. I was sorry to hear about Taylor, Mr Henry. He was a friend of mine, and a nice boy. Thank you. Could I have a word with you, please? What is it? I suppose you realise that politically it don’t look so good for you. Why not? Because of Madvig. The Observer is already hinting he killed your son. And it won’t be long before half the state will believe it. Get a load of that. How do you like that? Varna butting in that way. He’s got a nerve. I think I’ll go over and try this out. Hey, keep your shirt on. But with me and The Observer you’re a cinch. Think it over. No, thank you. Just as you say. Good afternoon, Miss Henry. Where you going? I’ll meet you at the car. Miss Madvig? May I speak to you for a moment? You loved Taylor, didn’t you? I just heard something I think you ought to know. What about? About Taylor’s murder. ED: Hey, Opal! Ready to go, Snip? Miss Madvig and I were having a private conversation. A funeral’s hardly the place to talk about a murder. Even privately. It is if you’ve just heard Nick Varna say he had enough evidence to convict someone of Taylor’s murder. He said that? Who? Your brother. Why don’t you peddle your scandal to someone who wants to hear it? Don’t pay any attention to that stuff, Opal. It’s only Nick Varna’s way of Games What’s all the gab about? Hello, Snip. I know. It’s tough. Come on, move over and I’ll drive you home. SOBBING No! I’m sorry, Mr Beaumont, Mr Farr isn’t in. When’ll he be back? Oh, I don’t know, he didn’t leave word. Think I’ll take a chance and wait in his office. You can’t do that! Mr Farr’ll be angry. Don’t you like this job, sonny? Oh, it’s you, Ed! CHUCKLING That crazy kid. He never gets anything right. A Mr Bowman, he told me. You trying to give me the run-around now that Paul’s in trouble? No, Ed, you know it’s nothing like that. Here, have a cigar. You know, Ed, there are some people who think we’re pretty slow in cleaning this murder up. Yeah? What have you got? Here. Take a look at this. Tell me what you think of it. Now, I don’t attach any importance to that, Ed. Nuts are always writing in anonymous letters on every case. Ed, for heaven’s sakes, you don’t think I’d take that thing seriously, do you? I just wanted to show it to you. You said anything to Paul? About the letter? No. Well, don’t. What’s Nick Varna got? He’s coming in to see me tomorrow. Well, I’ve got to listen to him, Ed. There’s a lot of pressure on this case, especially from The Observer. And I can’t just sit here and Games If Paul tells you to, you’ll sit, stand or ride a bicycle. I’m District Attorney of this county! And I’ll Games Well, of course, if you Games If Paul Games If there’s any real reason why I shouldn’t. There isn’t any reason. And I wouldn’t like you to go around thinking there was. And tonight I’d buy that bicycle. YELLING Hey, get your paper. Hey, read all about it. “May call Madvig in Henry murder.” Hey, read all about it, extra, extra. Hey, get your paper. “May call Madvig in the Henry murder.” Hey, get your paper. Hey, read about that Henry murder! See The Observer, Paul? Yeah. Well? Look, do we have to go through that, “Well? Well what?” routine again? Not if you don’t want to. Oh, Ed, stop getting your tonsils in an uproar. I’ve had the newspapers after me for years and I’m still sitting pretty. You ever tried sitting pretty in an electric chair? What are you trying to do, scare me? The Observer’s already talking about a secret witness. No, fiddle-faddle. If Varna’s got something, he’s gonna give it to the paper. He’s the one that’s spreading all that dirt. Patch up your trouble with him, Paul. I’ll patch up nothing with that pop-eyed spaghetti-bender. He’s gotta learn that when I say things are closed down, they’re closed down. What’s good enough for the old Eighth Ward is good enough for anywhere, huh? Well, the system has worked pretty good up to now, ain’t it? Sorry I bothered you with my nonsense. Nonsense is right. And I don’t wanna hear any more guff about Nick Varna or Taylor Henry neither. Okay, I’ll see you don’t have to. KNOCKING AT DOOR Hello. What is this, a social service call? You don’t like me, do you, Mr Beaumont? I think I do. I’m pleased. Even with such qualified approval. Why are you pleased? For some obscure reason, I think you’re very nice. Say the not so obscure reason. I’d hoped you’d help me find Taylor’s murderer. Do I look like a guy that runs down murderers? You look as though you

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