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could. I’m sure you can tell me one thing I want to know. What? Did Paul kill him? No. You’re sure? You know you’re Paul’s best friend, and you found Taylor’s body. All right, let’s have it. What? The letter. Come on, give. I got one just like this. Some half-witted crackpot. But if it’s not a crackpot, I’ve got to be sure. Won’t you help me? No. I see. You’re afraid. You think Paul’d misunderstand because you’re his friend. Don’t get any such corny ideas. If I want to help you, or I wanted to, it wouldn’t make any difference whose friend I was. But you said you liked me. Sure. You’re built well, got a pretty face, nice manners. But I wouldn’t trust you outside of this room. You’re slumming, and I don’t go for slummers. You think you’re too good for me. Well, sister, it so happens I think I’m too good for you. KNOCKING AT DOOR Who is it? Paul. Paul! In there. Come in. Hi, Ed. Doing a little packing, huh? Yeah. Where you going? New York? For a starter. When you coming back? One-way ticket. Hey, now, look, Ed, if I said anything Games Got to stop by the jeweller’s. Wanna come along? Yeah, sure. Travelling alone, huh? Let’s get going. New York. Kind of cold now. Sure you wanna go, huh? Tired of hick town stuff. Meaning me, I suppose. You know, Ed, you’re awful hard to get along with. Never said I wasn’t. How about a drink? Sort of a farewell toast. Okay. Hello, Paul. Hi, Paul. Hi, Ed. Hello, Paul. Hi, guys. Couple of beers. Well, Ed, I guess you don’t think much of me as a big time politician, do you? Figure it out for yourself. I’ve done all right. I don’t think I’m any Napoleon, but I’ve come a long way since the old Eighth. You think you have. What do you want me to do, write Nick a love letter and tell him all is forgiven? Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Look, Ed, all I know is, when you start a fight, you finish it. What are you sticking up for him for, anyway? I’m not sticking up for Nick. I’m just tired of everybody outsmarting you, that’s all. Who’s outsmarting me? All right, rubber-ears, come on. Okay, spill it. Who’s outsmarting me? Do you have to ask that? You’re backing Reform till you get yourself jockeying into picking a fight with Nick. And if that isn’t enough, you play ball with a guy who’ll dump you overboard as soon as he’s elected. All for a snooty dame that wouldn’t look at Games Cut it out! Well, I gotta be going. Oh, wait a minute, Ed. Take your hand off of me. Oh, now, cool off, will you? Come on. Let go. Sit down, Ed. Get out. Get out! Beaumont’s here. Good, send him in. Come on in. Thanks for trying to talk some sense into Paul. I thought he was wrong. He’ll know he was before I get through. Now let’s get one thing straight. Is this split between you and Paul for good? You sent for me, didn’t you? Yeah. I came, didn’t I? Okay. Got any plans? Ticket to New York. You can do yourself some good right here. How? You ought to know plenty about Paul Madvig. What’s your proposition? Thanks. Why did Paul bump off young Taylor? Nice pooch. How old is he? Seven. You haven’t answered my question. You haven’t made your proposition. I’ll stake you to the finest gambling place in town. Let you run it to suit yourself with plenty of protection. Why would you be getting any protection? You’re not so hot for putting in with me, are you? Wasn’t my idea. Sit down. I tell you what. I’ll give you grand in cash right now, more election night if we beat Paul and the gambling house offer still goes. What do I have to do? Matthews, the publisher of The Observer, is outside. I want you to give him the lowdown on Paul, and all the dirt on how he’s running the city. Most of it’s just routine. Nothing to it. All right. But there’s something in that Taylor Henry killing. We could start with that. Maybe. You mean, we ought to start with grand? Thanks. Now, I haven’t got much time. I’ll call Matthews in. Just give him the dope. He’ll put it in shape. Start off with the money you gave Opal that night. So you know about that? Sure, that dough was for me. I still have some of Taylor’s IOUs. Say, you didn’t bump him off, did you? Don’t be funny. Listen. You followed Opal to Taylor’s apartment. That’s an important point. Give Matthews all the details on that. Looks pretty good. You don’t think The Observer’s printing a lot of wind, do you? You know, I thought you were bluffing, especially by going to Farr. Not much. You know Sloss? Yeah, I know him. Paul tossed him out of the leagues downtown at headquarters last week. That’s where he made a mistake. Sloss came to me spouting. He saw Paul and Taylor arguing on the street that night. He only lives a couple of blocks away. That’s good. But you know Sloss, he’ll never stand up. He won’t have to. I got his affidavit. That’s the McCoy all right. Where is he now? New York. But he’ll be back tomorrow. First, I’m gonna have him talk to Matthews. Then we’ll go and see Farr. There won’t be anybody going to see Farr. And you can stick this in your ear. Haddock! GROWLING Jeff! Rusty! Let go, Haddock. If you want it this way, you can have it. Thanks. Jeff! What do you got? Two pair. That makes four bucks I owe you. MOANING Must be having bad dreams. Yeah, wonder what he’s dreaming. Well, how you making out, brother? Deal ’em. Sweetheart, you know what I told you. Take it easy, Jeff. Give me two cards. Look, sweetie pie, you ought to lie down. You don’t feel so good. Jeff, be careful. You’re liable to croak him. You can’t croak him. He’s tough. He likes this. Don’t you, baby? KNOCKING AT DOOR Hiya, Nick. Nick. Hiya, Matthews. The guy’s a pip. Every time he comes to, he gets up and starts something. Well, isn’t all this beating likely to be fatal? Not unless we want it to be. The water still in the tub? It’s getting a little dirty. He won’t know it. He’s okay, Nick. Can you hear me, Ed? This is Nick. Listen. You’re going to give Matthews the dope on Paul. All right, I’ll have you worked on until you do. Jeff. It’s a pleasure. Nick, please! Shut up. Okay. THUDDING It’s no good. He’s throwed another joe. All right. We’ll be back in the morning. Come on. You owe me four bucks. Okay, ain’t it? No potatoes?

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