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No. Where did you learn how to cook? My first wife was a second cook in a third rate joint on Fourth Street. Oh, yeah? What’s the matter? Don’t you like your steak medium? When I bite a steak, I like it to bite back at me. Rusty! RUSTY: Bust it open! There goes the baby. Get him! Crazy fool! Step on the thing like this. RUSTY: Turn it over! BOTH SHOUTING GLASS SHATTERING WOMAN SCREAMING Please, we’re trying to help you. You’re badly cut. Get Paul Madvig. Oh, you’ll be comfortable by the time Mr Madvig gets here. Get Madvig. Hey, what’s this all about? Who wants to see me? You can’t come in here. Look out. Oh. It’s you, huh? Paul, it’s Sloss. New York trade for Varna. Big witness. Passed out? Look, if that guy dies, I’m gonna turn this place into a warehouse. Come in, please. ED: Hello, Snip. Oh, you’re Games You’re better. Yeah. I’m glad. Ed, what was wrong between you and Nick Varna? We just had a little misunderstanding. Have anything to do with Taylor’s murder? No, it didn’t. Do you know who killed Taylor? Did Paul kill him? Shut up! Ed, did he? If you must be a nitwit, don’t go around with a megaphone. Then he did kill him. It would be nice if somebody else in this town besides me thought he didn’t. It would be especially nice if that somebody were his sister. Today’s Observer practically said he killed him. It wouldn’t dare print that if it weren’t true. Listen, Snip, you know a lot about newspapers. Matthews is in with Varna. They don’t want Paul to win the election. What you saw this morning is only the start of what’s coming. They’re gonna rattle Taylor Henry’s bones until the final vote’s cast. You shouldn’t mind. Paul doesn’t. After all, he’s a politician. Matthews wouldn’t print it if it weren’t true. He wouldn’t! Snip, he would! I don’t believe you and I never will! DOOR SLAMMING Are you awake? There’s a lady here to see you. What kind of a lady? Miss Janet Henry. Tell her to go away. I can’t do that. She knows you’re better. When are we gonna be alone again? Never, if I can help it. I suppose I’ll have to see her. No wonder people beat you up. Come in, please. Paul says you’re feeling much better, Mr Beaumont. They say I’ll be able to sit up by the first of the year. Paul said you’ll be out in a week. Sounds like you’ve been seeing a lot of Paul. Let’s don’t talk about Paul. What do we talk about? You. Comfortable here? More or less. No fun? No fun. Hasn’t your nurse been treating you well? Not as well as I’d like. Poor boy. If I’d known you were being neglected, I would have come sooner. DOOR OPENING What’s this I heard about coming sooner? I said if I had known he was recovering so rapidly, I would have come sooner. Way I figured, Ed’s lucky for you came at all. Oh. Hey, Ed, Janet made me buy these for you. Huh? Oh. Well, how are you? Fine. How do you like that? See what comes from having brains? “Use your brains instead of your fists,” he’s always telling me. Look what happened. I go about my business, he winds up in a hospital. Yeah, but think of the rest I’m getting. Yeah. Hey, look. How do you like that? G’s. Congratulations. Thanks. We’re not announcing it until after the election. Oh, no? How’s everything else going, Paul? Oh, fine. Keeping Sloss under cover? Sure. I’d get him out of town. Hmm? Paul, don’t you have to pick up Opal? Opal? Oh, no. Opal went to the country for the weekend. Where in the country? I don’t know. You know, she acted kind of mysterious about it. I guess maybe it’s just a party or something, you know. JANET: You better run along anyway. You have to change for dinner. Yeah, yeah. Are you coming? I’ll be along in a minute. Okay. That is if you don’t mind my staying. Why should I? Well, Ed, do you need anything? No. Not a thing. I’ll take these. Guess you don’t at that. Well, I’ll see you later. Keep punching them. Do you hate me for this? Why should I? You’re not dishing it out to me. You’re a strange man. Tell me, why did you take such a beating from Nick Varna? For Paul, on account he pays me. That’s no reason. Suppose I said he pulled me out of a river once? I wouldn’t believe you. Okay. I did it because he’s my friend and he’s square. Remember? And because he would have taken the same beating for me. That’s what I felt about you. A stubborn loyalty. That’s why I want you to help me. Will you? No. I don’t want you around because I’m liable to start making passes at you. Besides, that crummy brother of yours needed killing. What did you do to her? She was as near crying as anybody could be without crying. I must be losing my grip. I used to put young ladies into hysterics. Hey, find out if a guy named Matthews, who owns The Observer, has a place in the country, will you? All right. Thank you very much. Where are you? Here. Matthews has a place near Pine Lake. Thanks. You’ve got your clothes on. Well, I can’t very well go out without them. People might talk. But it’s raining out. You’ve got a temperature. Dr Redmond will never allow Games Send that to Dr Redmond. Isn’t it kinda wet for you to be out, Ed? Hey, Rusty, little Rubber Ball is back. I told you he liked the way we bounced him around. I was wondering where you boys were. What do you suppose gives me such a boot out of slugging you? Jeff, you talk too much. Sit down. Won’t you take your coat off and dry yourself, Mr Beaumont? Thanks. You’re Mrs Matthews, I take it. Yes, I am. Sit here, Beaumont, where it’s nice and warm. NICK: You feeling all right again, Ed? ED: I’m fine, Nick. That’s good. You boys can go back to town tomorrow. You see, we were playing safe as long as we didn’t know for sure you weren’t gonna die. I’m glad you’ve come, Mr Beaumont. It’s been so dull around here. Nobody talking to you and Opal weeping. Now, Eloise Games Well, you know she’s done nothing but weep since she talked with you. It’s been awful. Want me to tell you what they’re eating their hearts out about? Sure. Opal thinks her brother murdered Taylor Henry. GASPING That’s what she’s been talking to your husband about. She’s been telling him Games Ed, don’t! Baby, you’re sure one for getting beat up, ain’t you? Let him talk. It’s kind of

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