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entertaining. Well, Opal, am I right? Isn’t that what you were doing? Please. Oh. Nobody is supposed to talk about it except you and your brother’s other enemies. He did murder Taylor! You see? And of course, your husband is going to print her accusation. Not that he believes Paul did the killing, but he’s in kind of a tough spot. Nick owns the mortgage on The Observer and he has to do what Nick says. Stop it, Beaumont! Shut up. And so, although your husband doesn’t believe Paul is guilty, he’s going to print the story tomorrow, and it’ll carry a lovely wallop. You can just picture it in black ink all over The Observer. Opal Madvig accuses brother of murder. Clyde, is that true? STAMMERING Well, I Games Here’s the funniest angle of it all. Soon as Nick frames Paul Madvig, he’ll let The Observer go bankrupt. You see, he doesn’t want to be a publisher. Does that mean you’re broke? I’m afraid it does, darling. I Games Five years. From riches to rags. It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? Will you have a drink with me, Mr Beaumont? Sure. All through, Ed? You’d hardly believe how through I am. Well, what does it amount to? It’s our turn to hang one on you and Paul and we’re doing it. The girl came here on her own. So did Matthews. So did you. Now, as far as I’m concerned, she and you and he can go wherever you wanna go. I’m going to bed. Come on, boys. Wait a minute. You mean, I don’t get to smack baby? What for? He’s through as soon as The Observer comes out in the morning. Good night, Snip. Aren’t you coming to bed, dear? Here’s how. Little Rubber Ball does all right, don’t he? Should we have another? Why not? Eloise, please come upstairs. Oh, throw something at him, Mr Beaumont. Why should I go to bed? It’s much nicer here. GUN FIRING Which room? What? His room. Which is it? In front. Ed Games Get your clothes on and get out of here. Was it Games Was it Clyde? Yeah. Dead as a mackerel. Where you going, Ed? Thought I’d get a little fresh air. It’s not a bad idea. Wait a minute. I was thinking it’s kinda funny that with an open ink well and a pen on the table, we didn’t find any writing up there. What, no writing? We’ll have to discuss that sometime. Rusty. This is my pigeon. Hiya, Big Brain. See what I mean? Hey, the party ain’t over. We’re going out of here, Paul. If you want to stop us, try. Thanks. Let him go. Beat it. Hey, take your Sleeping Beauty with you. Well, Ed, you ain’t the only one who gets action on our team, huh? Matthews just committed suicide. Matthews? Here? Yeah. Listen, The Observer is loaded with dynamite for the morning. Get Judge Thomas on the phone, have him appoint somebody close to us to administer the estate. He can do it because there’s no will. And have the administrator kill the story. Get it? Yeah. Come on, fellow. Don’t wait. But, Paul, I can’t make my boys vote the Reform ticket? Why not? Most of them come from a reform school. Paul. Hey, I’m good. How are you? MAN: Hey, we’ll give a stop to Murphy and Kelly. Hey, look, you’re not supposed to be running around like this. I thought you were supposed to stay in bed. I just got a tip from Farr’s office. He’s gonna bring you in for questioning. Take it easy, will you? What can that over stuffed pelican question me about now we got The Observer shut up? What about Sloss? Tutt. Yes, Paul? Donovan and Burns are out picking him up now. They ought to be in any minute. You got Sloss’ ticket? Yes, Paul. Good. I’m sending him up to Maine for a nice, long rest. I wouldn’t be too sure about Farr. We need to buy some more of those anonymous letters. He doesn’t think much of the ticket’s chances. Well, he don’t, huh? Maybe I better go down and give that beetle-nose a little pep talk. Hey, wait a minute. Look, you feel strong enough to come along? Sure. Let’s go. Oh, Tutt. Yes, boss. When Sloss gets here, put him in my office and see that nobody gets to him. Yes, Paul. Hiya, Sloss. Take him up to Tuttle. GUN FIRING MAN: Why, it’s Sloss. That came from your window, Paul. MAN : Let me get to him. MAN: What the hell? Paul! MAN : What’s the matter? No use, Paul. He could have gotten out six different ways. SIRENS WAILING Uh-huh. Yes, you’re right. I suppose they’ll pin this one on me, too. Why not? Sloss was a big witness. No one had a better reason to get rid of him than you. Paul, you got to go to Farr and tell him all you know about the Taylor Henry murder. Think up something else. Are you covering up for someone? No. Well, then you better talk. I can’t talk. Why not? I killed Taylor Henry. Would you tell me how it happened? It was an accident. He was at the house when I was talking with old man Henry about Opal and him. He followed me down the street and started the argument all over again. He took a poke at me. I smacked him and he fell and crushed his skull on the kerb. Certainly gummed things up keeping quiet all this time. Why did you? You had a perfect self-defence plea. I didn’t want that. I want Janet Henry. Ed, I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. What chance would I have with her if she knew that Games More chance then than you have now. More chance of beating the rap, too. Farr’ll never touch me. Listen, if he thought it would do him any good he’d arrest his own mother and get a conviction. And those letters have got him plenty worried. KEY TURNING IN LOCK I thought so. So you put up with Paul, be polite to him, for the sake of the political backing your father needed. That was easy. Then she decided Paul killed her brother, was going to escape punishment, but even then she played along. That’s splendid. Paul’s sister and his sweetheart, both trying to steer him into the electric chair. He certainly has a lot of luck with his women, doesn’t he? I wrote those letters. I’m sure Paul killed Taylor and I’m going to prove it. What do you think Paul’s going to do when I tell him about all this? You’re not going to tell him. What good would it do? Beside you’re too fond of him to hurt him. And there’s another reason. I’m asking you not to. Can’t you forget about Paul for a minute? I thought we’d settled all that. I told you once,

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