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Natalie. Okay, Walt, let me know. What’s on your mind, uh game Laurence? Hobie Doyle cannot act! Hobart Doyle is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. On horseback! But this is a drama, Mannix. A real drama, it’s an adaptation of a Broadway smash! It requires the skills of a trained thespian, not a rodeo clown. I begged you for Lunt! Mr. Mannix, I’m sorry, but, you wanted me to make sure you didn’t miss your lunch at the Imperial Gardens. You never told me who with. Nuts. Look, no one wants to see Lunt. We’re not recasting, this came from Mr. Schenk himself, it’s Hobie Doyle. Is the boy game? Oh, he’s game. And gamey! Well, if he need help, it’s your job to help him. I’ll have a talk with Hobie and take a look at what you’ve shot, but right now, I’ve got a lunch. What truth to these mutterings, Sestimus. Quiet, Engels. How pleasant to see you, Mr. Mannix, your table is right over here. Thank you, Arthur. How ya doing, Mannix? Mr. Cudd y. They mix a hell of a Mai Tai. I like this place. Sorry to keep you hanging, it’s a tough decision. Nothing to apologize for, we said the deal was on the table for a week. Go ead. N , I’m game I’m trying to quit. I just wanted to visit again to see if there was some impediment we could help with, or if something in the offer isn’t clear? The offer’s very clear. And very generous. We want to make it easy for you to say yes. Look Mannix, we need a guy with your talents in management, problem-solving. And you need to think about the future. Lockheed is booming. Everyone is riding in airplanes, and we’re moving into jet airplanes. It’s a new age, Mannix, and we’re part of it; the industry you’re in, what’s the future there? What happens when everybody owns a television set? Will they still be going to pictures every week? Well, we like to think that family game I don’t mean to denigrate. I’m sure the picture business is pretty damned interesting. But it’s also pretty frivolous, isn’t it? Aviation is serious; serious business, serious people. You won’t be babysitting a lot of oddballs and misfits, shouldering a lot of crackpot problems. We have some kooks, sure, but game Of course they’re kooks, it’s all make-believe. I told myself I wasn’t gonna badmouth the competition, and look at me. Sorry, Mannix, I’ll stick to what we’re about. Let me show you something. Ever heard of the Bikini atoll? No. A test site, just a couple of rocks in the middle of the Pacific until a few weeks ago. When we blew the Aitch erino. Shouldn’t be telling you this. It’s the real world. Hydrogen bomb. Fusion device. Armageddon. And Lockheed was there. We had a game Call for you, Mr. Mannix. Thank you. Hello. Mr. Dubrow has a telegram on a kidnapping. He has it now? Yes, he does. Shall he bring it to you? No, have him stay on the set, I’ll go to him. Okay, good bye. Sorry, Cudd y, work emergency. Still do work there, for the day anyway. You make a good case. I’ll let you know. You one of the Hollywood people? Maybe. They’re in there. Please! Enter! All are welcome! ! Those things are a nuisance. Thank you. We’ll have sandwiches in a minute. Tea? Tea? Uh. Okay. Ye . And, uh game And what’s going on? Ye . Well, we’ve just read the minutes and Tom was about to bring up new business. I missed the minutes. I wouldn’t worry about it. They’re usually pretty boring. What kind of a meeting is this? Well it’s not a “meeting,” so much as a, a game It’s a game more of a, a study group. And you’re studying? Oh, all sorts of jolly stuff. History. Economics. Same thing, isn’t it? History, economics? Don’t you agree? Well. . . I’m. . . I’m not really a student of history. Quiet, Engels. So game Thank you. game man is split? Well, man’s functions are split. There’s the little guy, the regular Joe, who works for a living. He’s the body, uh. . body politic. Then there’s the brain, the boss, the owner game The boss is not the brain! No, no! The boss is parasite! Well it’s true that the boss doesn’t work, but he has a function. He controls the means of game game production, sure, but that’s not a function,

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