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Paul wouldn’t make any difference if I wanted you. But I don’t. You still think you’re five points better than Paul and four better than me. You’re wrong. No, I’m not. Now that we understand each other, let’s get out of here. Extra! Read all about it. Extra! Paper! Hi, Al. Hi, Jim. Hi, Ed. Well, looks like you were right about that swivel-neck Farr. Really been putting it to you, haven’t they? CHUCKLES Did he get that indictment? Yeah, don’t you worry. We’re getting a writ of habeas corpus, there ain’t a judge in this town that’ll hold me. Any judge’ll hold you if you don’t come through with the truth. Oh, you too, huh? Did you have Sloss bumped off? No. What about Taylor? I told you about that. Yeah, you told me. You told me you were keeping quiet for Janet Henry. Well, that’s crazy. She doesn’t even like you. Don’t start that again. I’m telling you, she’s been trying to shove you into the electric chair by writing anonymous letters to Farr and everybody else. That’s enough. What is this, Ed? You trying to get her for yourself? I’m tired, go on, get out of here. I’ll get out when I finish talking. You’ll get out when you’re told to. This is the kiss-off. Okay, Paul. Say, Ed? Yeah? I took your advice. I got that bicycle. My kid’s riding it. SINGING I DON’T WANT TO WALK WITHOUT YOU Give me a fresh beer, Joe. Coming right up. Give me another one. Well, if it ain’t “Sock me again” Beaumont. Hello, Jeff. Hey, gang. Meet the swellest guy I ever skinned a knuckle on. We’re gonna have a little drink. Okay. Nah, not with these mugs. I got just the place for me and you. A little room upstairs that’s too small for you to fall down in. I can bounce you around off the walls. That way, we won’t be wasting a lot of time while you get up off the floor. Excuse us, gents. We got to go up and play handball. Me and Cuddles. Sit down. Go on, sit in any chair you wanna sit in. If you don’t like that one, take another one. I want you to consider yourself my guest. We’ll have a couple of drinks. And then I’m gonna knock your teeth out. Nothing wrong with this chair. You’re a liar. There ain’t a chair in this dump worth a dime. Look. See, Beaumont. You don’t know a cockeyed thing about chairs. My error. Ah, a wise guy. You think I’m drunk. No, you’re not drunk. I am drunk. I’m drunker than you are. I’m drunker than anybody in this dump. KNOCKING AT DOOR What’ll it be, gents? Where you been? I rung for you an hour ago. I bring the best friend I got in the world up here for a drink and we got to sit around waiting a half an hour for a broken down waiter. What do you want? Rye. Scotch. And don’t get the idea I don’t know what you’re up to, either. I’m not up to anything. I’d like to see Nick, and so I thought I’d find him here. That’s a lie. You don’t care where Nick is. It’s me you’re after. Oh. I know what you’re up to. You’re a heel, that’s what you are. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna beat the hide off of you. Here’s looking at you. I don’t wanna look at you. You’re a heel. All right, have it your way. You think it’s a smart trick coming up here and trying to get me to talk. About what? Sloss? You know what I think about that guy. You ought to get a medal. How’d it happen? Oh, no, wise guy. Little Jeff ain’t talking about that. Why not? A secret? Yeah. A secret. Between me and Nick and the lamp post. And you ain’t no lamp post. You’re a heel. Buy you a drink. Ain’t a bad idea. But you are still a heel. And I’m still gonna knock your block off. Don’t worry about me. Nick’s got everything fixed. ED: Rye. JEFF: Scotch. I wouldn’t bank too much on Nick. Remember he let McMurry fry. Well, I’m not McMurry. A swell chance with all I’ve got on Nick. What have you got on him? CHUCKLING He thinks I’m drunk enough to tell him. Go on, tell him, Jeff. Hi, Nick. Meet Mr Beaumont. He’s a heel. I told you to stay undercover. This whole joint’s undercover, ain’t it? Hello, Beaumont. Hiya, Nick. Get much out of him? No, not much. I think you’re a pair of heels. They’ve had enough. Scotch! You talk too much with your mouth, Jeff. I told you that before. What’s the matter with you? I’m talking to you, Jeff. Well, quit talking to me. You know, we’re coming to a place where I am gonna quit talking to you. Don’t be a heel, Nick. You’re just burned because I killed Sloss. Sit down and shut up. Don’t paw me. GRUNTING NICK GASPING Got the roscoe? Yeah. Now you see what we got to do? We got to give him the works. NICK GROANING Take it easy, Jeff. I’m just a big, good-natured slob. Anybody can push me around all they want to, and I never do anything about it. Let’s blow. Give me the roscoe. What kind of a heel are you? Sit down. Sit down. Remember I owe you something? Put your hands on the table. What a half smart guy you turned out to be. KNOCKING AT DOOR Get the cops. Better get a doctor, too, in case Varna’s not dead. Better get an undertaker in case he is. JEFF CHUCKLING All right, boys. Put him on ice. Hold it a minute. So long, sweetheart. Funny man, huh? Yeah. You’re gonna die laughing. Take it easy. All right, boys. The show’s all over, clear out. That was pretty slick, Ed. Pinning that Sloss killing on Jeff. Thanks for giving me those bobs. They tell me your wife’s folks live in Omaha. Yeah, they got a nice quiet little place up there. I like it. Better wire them that you and the missus are on the way. What is this? A rip? Uh-uh. Just a piece of pretty good advice. Well, I don’t get it. Why don’t you get smart? Tomorrow Paul’s gonna beat that indictment you hung on him and the first guy he reaches for is gonna be you. In a pig’s ear he’ll beat it. Okay. But when he nails your ears over the courthouse door, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hey, Ed. Ed, wait a minute. Ed, wait, wait. Now, look. I’m not arguing. See? All I’m asking, is how is Paul going to beat the rap? Will you listen to me or do I have to write it down? In the first place there isn’t a judge on the bench who’d dare hold Paul now that the Sloss thing is cleared up. Well, but Games And in the second place, and hold on to this one, it wasn’t Paul that killed young Henry. Hey, how did you figure that out? By that talk I had with him in the hoosegow. We got down to cases and he told me he did it. But Games But that don’t add up. Look, rummy, it adds up swell. If Paul had done it, he wouldn’t have waited till now to tell me. He’s covering up for someone. Taking the rap. Taking it for someone extra special. If you’ll do like I’ll tell you, we’ll make the pinch and you can postpone that trip to Omaha. Say, Ed, are you sure you know what you are talking about? I knew what I was talking about when I brought in Jeff, didn’t I? Yeah. Yeah. Well, what do you Games What do you want me to do? Swear out a warrant for murder. Who’s the party? Janet Henry. Janet Henry. Janet Henry? Why, that’s the old man’s daughter. That’s young Taylor’s sister. Why, that’s the girl Games That’s the girl that Paul’s been covering up for. Oh, well, I couldn’t do Games Listen to me. I got on her like a car load of bricks. It started when she jumped her brother about Opal and ended up with young Henry where they found him. All

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