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along Paul’s known she did it and he’s been covering up for her. And all along she’s hated Paul’s guts and hated him for himself and for the stranglehold he had on the family. She’s the one that’s been circulating those poison-pen letters. Running off at the mouth to Matthews. Trying to shove Paul into the electric chair. I tell you, it’s got to be her. So get busy. Say, you’re not talking about just ordinary people, Ed. This is Janet Henry. I want no part of it. Better have, Farr. There’s only one guy that ever kicked Paul in the pants and got away with it. McCluskey, remember? And he jumped floors into Centre Street before Paul got at him. DOORBELL BUZZING INCESSANTLY KNOCKING AT DOOR What is it? I want to see Miss Henry. At this time of night? Yeah, this time of night. I couldn’t possible disturb her. Then I’ll do it. That’s out of the question, you can’t possibly Games I can’t Games You can’t come in here. What is it, Peter, what’s the matter? Beaumont. I wanna see your daughter. I’m afraid you are overstepping yourself. Get her down here or I’ll go up and drag her out of bed. I’d better call the police, Mr Henry. You don’t have to. They’re already here. What? You gonna get her or will I have to? Ed. What is it? Okay, Farr, there’s your party. Oh, I don’t know, Ed, now. I’ve Games Mr Farr, I must ask you to explain this intrusion. You see, Mr Henry, it was like this Games Ed, what does this mean? It means Farr has a warrant for your arrest. Arrest? What for? The murder of your brother. Why, man, you’re crazy. You’ll have to prove it. That’s absurd. On whose evidence was this preposterous warrant issued. My evidence, and brother, it’s hot. Ed? Okay, Farr, take her along. All right, go on up and stand by while she gets her clothes. Wait. I think, Mr Farr, you’d better prepare another warrant. I’m the one you want. I killed my son. I Games I followed Taylor and Paul after they quarrelled here at the house. I caught up with him in the street. I told Taylor that he was ruining my political career. He struck me. He was going to strike again. Well, we Games We scuffled. Somehow, he Games He fell, and his head hit the kerb. When Paul and I lifted him up, he was dead. It was an accident. And Paul? I made him promise not to say anything. I was getting worried. Afraid we’d have to hang the girl to make the old man crack. MAN: Excuse me, please. CLAMOURING I’m glad to see you beat it, Paul. MAN : Yeah, the whole thing was a frame, eh, Paul? PAUL: It’s good to get out of that cage, I can tell you. Well, I’ll see you later. Who you gonna run for Governor in place of Henry? I haven’t picked him yet. But whoever it is, you can bet on him for a winner. MAN: That’s right. ALL LAUGHING Take those first. Yes, sir. Ed, I had to come. I want you to take me with you. Ed, there’s no use pretending. You love me and you know it. No matter what you’d say to the contrary, there’d always be something inside of me that would say you were lying. But Paul? No, I Games You owe him plenty. Paul’s been fine. And in my heart, I’ll always be grateful to him. But if I’m married in gratitude, it would be all I’d have for him. The answer’s still no. Still leaves us on different sides of the tracks. Let’s dynamite those tracks. Take me with you. You two got it bad, huh? Well, what are you waiting for, you goon. Are you kidding? What do you want me to do? Run out and bring you a preacher? Come on, get going before I change my mind. Hey. I suppose you think I’m nuts? No, the other one. But if you figure on getting married with my rock, you’re nuts. was sentenced today to two consecutive life terms in a maximum security fashion prison for his role in the attempted assassination of the Malaysian Prime Minister. His co-conspirator, modeling agent Maury Ballstein, turned state’s witness Games I’ll give you anything you want on that fakakta fink. Games in exchange for relocation in the Witness Protection Program. Back in the news tonight, former model, negligent builder, now unfit parent, Derek Zoolander. This footage was taken by a neighbor across from Zoolander’s SoHo loft. D.J., how did Mommy make it soft? The Child Protection Agency removed Zoolander’s son, Derek Jr. late last night in a daring midnight raid placing him in the custody of the state. Which is why it pains me to say that effective immediately, I will retire from modeling and live alone as a hermit crab. I will now be anonymous and known only as Games Eric Games Toolander. And finally tonight, here’s something to make you feel old. Incredible as it may sound, of the over . million high school graduates this year less than % could tell you what a fax machine is, name a Caucasian President, or know who Derek Zoolander was. Was Games Was Games Was Games Go away. Derek! Open up, it’s me. I’m sorry, traveler, you must have lost your way. No one lives here by that name. Right. Sorry. I mean, Eric. I’ve got your mail. Billy Zane. It’s been years. Where’s my regular mailperson, Ingvar? He couldn’t make it. I was in the neighborhood, I thought I’d stop by. Got your Netflix. Whoa, Jack Ryan Games

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