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that’s game Parasitism! On the body! Shut up! On the body politic! Of the regular Joe! It’s game Man is oddity, a simple economic agent. Man’s institutions are split, expressing contradictions that must be worked through. And they are worked through in a causative, predictable way: history is science. This is the essence of the dialectic. You see, if you understand economics, you can actually write down what will happen in the future, with as much confidence as you write down the history of the past. Because it’s science. It’s not make believe. We don’t believe in Santa Claus. Another finger sandwich? Oh game thank you. But if I follow this correctly game Who’s that guy? Mr. Smitrovich takes pictures for our newsletter. Our understanding of the true workings of history, give us access to the levers of power. Your studio, for instance, is a pure instrument of capitalism. As such it expresses the contradictions of capitalism, and can be enlisted to finance its own destruction. Which is exciting! It can be made to help the little guy, the regular Joe. The body politic! Shut up! Even though it’s purpose is to exploit the little guy. And the body politic. You are for the little guy. For the little guy, against, it doesn’t matter, history will be what it will be, and we already know what it will be, but, yes, we’re for the little guy. Aren’t you? Shut up! Are you joking? Me, for the little guy? Of course I’m for the little guy! Is this guy a comedian? Listen. I better get back, the studio’s got to be going nuts. Can we cut it off now and pick it up right here at the next study session? Okay, well, See. I’m afraid it’s not that simple. And so Baird Whitlock found himself in the hands of Communists. Meanwhile, far from the crashing surf of Malibu, Eddie Mannix, torn from his lunch with the Lockheed man. hurries back to the vastness of Capitol Pictures, whose tireless machinery clanks on, producing this year’s ration of dreams for all the weary peoples of the world. Hey, numbskull, didn’t you see the “Rolling” light was on. Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Mannix. Can I help you find someone? No. Autolochus. Ye ? Why do you present yourself in my chambers in such humble fashion? Do not look upon me, Ursulina. The fires of the brasier of Sestimus have latterly burned my face! Though the unguents of Arkimideus promise shortly to undo the damage. Autolochus, you knew that my love is for you, not for your station. And my ardor for you is yet as warm as the embersh of thish bras game this game this ember game I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You know, I’m sorry. “We are the future.” What does that mean? Beats me. Somebody slipped it under my door some time after we broke this morning. You mention it to anyone? Nope. Okay, Walt, let’s keep it that way. Hey, by the way. Chunk sounded good in there. EDWARD MANNIX HEAD OF PHYSICAL PRODUCTION Natalie, could you please get me Stu Schwartz, Accounting? Stu Schwartz on two. Stu, how are you? Good, Eddie. I need some petty cash. Okay. A hundred thousand. A hundred thousand? I’m sorry, did I say “petty”? You did. Well, it’s a long story and I’ll tell it to you sometime. You have that much in the office? Ye . How much space will that take up? Mr. Mannix. Okay, this might do it. Uh. Thora Thacker just came in, wonders if you have a moment? Thora Thacker. Tell her I’m stuck on a call. I’ll leave through the patio. Call didn’t take so long, then. Yes game no. Fast talkers. What can I do for you, Thora? Well, I’ll be fast too. I only wanted to notify you as a courtesy that I’m running my very Whitlock story. Ye ? What’s the story? The story. I have a credible source and I’m going to run it, and I think you know what story I mean. I have no idea. There’s nothing going on With Baird. I would know, wouldn’t I? Don’t play dumb, Eddie. I’m talking about game “On Wings as Eagles.” What? Running it tomorrow. First of all. First of all, there’s nothing to that story. I’ve heard it, it’s been around forever, and it’s never been confirmed. And secondly, you can’t print that. Even if you could print it, you couldn’t print it.

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